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Q: 2014/15 Arsenal (a)
a/ Arsene likes a whinge, we're going to give him something to whinge about. Last Team At Highbury, First Team At Emirates... We can do Arsenal.
b/ We should have gotten something from the Chelsea game, we will get something here. A draw will be a good result.
c/ We we just can't seem to get the rub of the green. So what will go worng, player wrongly sent off? Off side goal? Wrongly given penalty? What ever happens, Arsene won't see it. Defeat.
d/ If it all clicks, we're a match for anyone. If it all clicks. Fingers crossed, eh!
e/ Ah, Arsenal, everyone's second favourite team. I'm expecting an entertaining game either way. Who will win? Well sport will win of course! Hoorah!

Couldn't find the thread - it may have been deleted.