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CanningTownWA 3:07 Sun Nov 13
Relegation battle
I haven’t seen the relegation thread get bumped but a lot has changed in a few weeks and I thought it would be worth seeing if people have also changed their picks for relegation?
Rodger’s has got Leicester going again
Villa ditched Gerrard and now have Emery
Wolves have a renowned new manager
Bournemouth are doing a lot better even with a caretaker manager
Forest are improving and picking up points
Southampton have a new manager so could improve
It seems us and Everton are getting worse an they beat us
A long season and all that but there doesn’t seem to be dead certs like there normally is so I think it’s going to be hard pick the 3
We are among 3 teams who have lost 9 games already and the other 2 got new managers this week, this should be a message to the Dave’s
I can’t honestly pick 3 but I think we are playing the worst

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zico 6:19 Mon Nov 14
Re: Relegation battle
Well, I wouldn't make much of a manager, as I thought we should have gone for Torino's Andrea Belotti but since he signed for Roma he hasn't scored in 12 games!

Sir Alf 5:28 Mon Nov 14
Re: Relegation battle
We need goals and another striker is a must but there is also a lad at Torino that is scoring for fun and making assists every week.? Can’t remember his name began with a “V” I think. Eastern european sounding name?

whu 4:46 Mon Nov 14
Re: Relegation battle
there is nothing inaccurate in that piece apart from a few typoos


COOL HAND LUKE 4:00 Mon Nov 14
Re: Relegation battle
Interesting read:


nychammer 2:35 Mon Nov 14
Re: Relegation battle
Rodgers turned it round

Moyes has not (yet) and a bit of a gamble hoping he might.

pdcwhu 2:28 Mon Nov 14
Re: Relegation battle
Rodgers getting the Sack not so long ago...

nychammer 2:16 Mon Nov 14
Re: Relegation battle
per the OP

"Rodger’s has got Leicester going again"

Yes that much is true and i thnk this is what the owners are looking to Moyes for, as is the right thing to do to a point, but i think its clear that he's either not for changing or he's out of his depth. He's no Brendan Rodgers, the guy who took Liverpool to within a hairs breadth of the title, and i think a decent manager.

11MDE 2:11 Mon Nov 14
Re: Relegation battle
We're going back into the best league in the world.

whu 1:56 Mon Nov 14
Re: Relegation battle
been shocking all year, papered over by results against inferior teams in europe

if people investing in this good a squad accept where this old fashioned stubborn manager is taking us, well - it makes no logical sense

the writing is on the wall - it very much smacks of behind the scenes bullshit to me

put this in a pot and mix it up - welcome to wet wednesdays at errrrr.... wednesday

nychammer 1:52 Mon Nov 14
Re: Relegation battle
"The fact that Moyes target now is to keep us up tells you why he should be sacked"

Yes exactly, I know our squad was threadbare but you dont buy the likes of Scamacca and Paqueta to "Just Stay up". Thats ridiculous!. Not to mention he bought them and hasnt a clue how to get them into the game.

Cant believe he's still here. Looks like "Just Staying Up" is acceptable for the club despte forking out 180 million on what was considered top talent. Run like a corner shop we are.....

Manuel 1:41 Mon Nov 14
Re: Relegation battle
Interesting take on missing 6th spot last season, but I'm really not convinced he would be THAT pissed about missing out on a bonus, never heard anything like that before at this level, even though he is Scottish. Also note the point about Pearce and Irvine leaving won't go away, I didn't read much into it at first, but maybe it is a factor after all.

As said, this is a real sliding doors moment right now, as it stands we can still sell the club as a club on an upward trajectory to a top manager, but if we keep Moyes then sack him after inevitable defeats in Jan then the whole dynamic changes and instead we would only be looking for a firefighter, stay up and then probably end up keeping him and we've then gone full circle back to shitness. Surely the club must be thinking this, they are taking a big gamble keeping Moyes, as looks likely.

COOL HAND LUKE 1:11 Mon Nov 14
Re: Relegation battle
master 12.59

Nobody on the planet wants 'more money' more than the person who already has plenty. It's usually how they got there in the first place.
It wasn't just the money, though. There was a lot riding on the Brighton game, especially with United failing on the same day. Sixth was clearly in our sights, so I can understand DM being angry, but he appears to have carried his feelings about it into the new season which, along with staff departures, has put the club in a bad place.

Russ of the BML 1:09 Mon Nov 14
Relegation battle
The fact that Moyes target now is to keep us up tells you why he should be sacked. There's no time for sympathy and living in the past. Clubs have to move quickly to survive. And with Pochettino available the club won't have a better chance of securing a manager most suited to getting us in the CL.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 1:00 Mon Nov 14
Re: Relegation battle
Because football is greedy?

master 12:59 Mon Nov 14
Re: Relegation battle
He's a multi millionaire already surely. Why the need for the greed?

PwoperNaughtyButNot 12:53 Mon Nov 14
Re: Relegation battle
If he didn’t get the bonus for finishing 6th then he is working toward getting the bonus of a massive pay off and walking straight into the Everton job.

This is his Jordan Hugill moment - rinse the club during his dying moments.

COOL HAND LUKE 12:47 Mon Nov 14
Re: Relegation battle
Texas Iron 7:29
*lost the plot after Brighton*

What we are hearing is that DM had a substatial bonus riding on making top 6, hence him getting rancid when we capitulated.
Ever since, as many have noted, he has been unpleasant, jammed in first gear, stubborn and acerbic, and without the buffering provided by Pearce, Irvine and Noble, the players are getting the full in your face version of Moyes, which is undermining morale.

He should've been removed six games in when it was already abundantly clear that he was in meltdown. When a team starts to fail, it is ironically almost always the simple things that have stopped happening. Our passing is shocking - players are not keen to receive the ball because they know there may not be options for moving it on. Then frustration / panic sets in, and we start banging aimless 40 and 50 yard balls around and playing 'get rid of the ball / responsibility' passes, from which we constantly lose possession. All the back / side passing is also indicative of a lack of positive outlets...
Perhaps some of the players might feel insulted by such basic training as 'pass & move / 3 options', but the fact is they ain't fucking doing it so it has to be drilled until they do.

Helmut Shown 1:02 Mon Nov 14
Re: Relegation battle
We've been here before. We are at the moment the worst team in the league. We beat Villa away when they were shit. We had two very contentious wins against Bournemouth and Fulham. The other shit teams have done something about it. We haven't

british is best 9:29 Sun Nov 13
Re: Relegation battle
This team would still finish top half even now under a semi competent manager . They have lost confidence in themselves and more importantly Moyes . It's an absolute replica of the Geordies under Bruce last season difference being Moyes has vastly better players at his disposal .

Texas Iron 7:29 Sun Nov 13
Re: Relegation battle
Moyes will relegate us...

Lost the plot after Brighton...

Owners are cheapskate Ex Barrow Boys...
Hope Kretinski sorts them out...

nychammer 7:23 Sun Nov 13
Re: Relegation battle
this time last year i would have been relishing going to the emirates with the real belief in thinking we could actually get a result and give thme a game.

Now on Boxing day we'll be going there with hope, as always, but little belief and zero expectation.

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