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Declan Rice

Dec mate your an amazing player and one of the top players at West Ham we have ever seen BUT MATE......

If you are backing Moyes and telling people to get off his back I am now losing respect for you, easy for you to say all that bollocks because you will be moving on regardless so do yourself a favour and as club captain ( for now ) tell the dinosaur jock if he is going to stay to fuck off Soucek, Coufal, Cresswell, sorry for this Antonio, Johnson and Fornals as they are just a combination of Slow, talentless, plodding non Premiership quality players that will not just not get us out of this SHIT we are in

And Dec if you can't see that yourself then your not the intelligent guy I thought u were

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SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:16 Tue Nov 15
Re: Declan Rice
Gary Strodders shank 12:56 Mon Nov 14

It would be Cresswell. He's not out of form and no more in and out of the team than Declan.

Anyway, the captaincy is the least of our fucking problems.

Don Ravioli 1:12 Tue Nov 15
Re: Declan Rice
Know a fella that knows him and he said rice said the players are asking Moyes to play more attacking but he wants to keep playing the same way. Also said need to drop soucek.
He ain’t happy at all.

Jasnik 11:49 Mon Nov 14
Re: Declan Rice
nychammer 10:31 Sun Nov 13

except Ronaldo just did?

Northern Sold 2:39 Mon Nov 14
Re: Declan Rice
Dec MATE??

oi... mind my turf fella....

whu 2:26 Mon Nov 14
Re: Declan Rice
ALL current players playing, back the manager. These are futile interviews with the player in a classic 'no win'. You can see in Decs face he's not happy. He wants to say more. He cannot.

Ronaldo can. He's a several hundred times over millionaire about to hang his boots up.

I've see WHU players backing a useless manager the day before a sacking. As I say, totally futile interviews and I don't think you can slate the player. Totally cornered.

11MDE 2:10 Mon Nov 14
Re: Declan Rice
He (and we) deserve a lot better than the shit we've dished up this season.

Takashi Miike 1:05 Mon Nov 14
Re: Declan Rice
watched a video on yt a few days ago with declan in his 'kit room' where he has all these signed shirts hanging on the wall. yaya toure unexpectedly (probably rehearsed) joins him and dec gets all gushy, then talks about how much he loved being around top p!ayers. you can only imagine how desperate he is to get away at this stage 😁

Gary Strodders shank 12:56 Mon Nov 14
Re: Declan Rice
It speaks volumes that if Rice was to leave in January we would be scratching around to find anything like a suitable candidate as captain.
Most players out of form and in and out of the team so would only leave Fabianski and Zouma imo.

Manuel 3:25 Mon Nov 14
Re: Declan Rice
Rice very well knows he is playing in an absolutely shit side that is going nowhere, he has hinted that several times already this season.

Re: Declan Rice

master 11:54 Sun Nov 13
Re: Declan Rice
Love Declan, easily our best.

We do have a slight issue which management should be picking up on. He's far far too left when he plays. It's leaving huge gaps.in our midfield. See his heat map here against Leicester. He's essentially in exactly the same position as Cresswell. Soucek is over to the right predominantly. The centre is basically left to Paqueta alone.


Needs to play a bit more centrally to cover that area and leave the full back and Benny to do their jobs out left.

bruuuno 11:43 Sun Nov 13
Re: Declan Rice
Op is a mong. DEC is just doing his job as a captain

mallard 11:05 Sun Nov 13
Re: Declan Rice
‘intelligent guy….’

*throws up*

twoleftfeet 11:05 Sun Nov 13
Re: Declan Rice
Another Moyes out thread, very much needed 👍

nychammer 10:31 Sun Nov 13
Re: Declan Rice
No player EVER comes out and slags his manager publicly - he's being diplomatic. Managers are usually publicly backed until they are sacked.

So.....believe your eyes and not what the players are saying or not saying. Moyes has lost control of this situation and he will (eventually) have to be sacked.

goose 10:19 Sun Nov 13
Re: Declan Rice


Fucking hell.

Keep dreaming 10:16 Sun Nov 13
Re: Declan Rice
Don't be stupid. Never ever will a player go public with critics or calls for a sitting manager to be sacked, and especially a captain. It's Rice's job to go out in public to calm fans and to say what he did. It might also be an order from the staff!

Takashi Miike 9:40 Sun Nov 13
Re: Declan Rice
he's only doing what the board puppet/pet noble did throughout his career, and is still doing with his 'expected slump' horse shit

Re: Declan Rice

Get what your saying mate but he is no Kid at 23, I am not knocking him as a player and is a legend in my eyes regardless but don't come out with bollocks about not getting on Moyes back it would be more professional to stand up in the dressing room and be counted like Mr Average as you call him did

LJC 9:36 Sun Nov 13
Re: Declan Rice

Jose+ 9:35 Sun Nov 13
Re: Declan Rice
He's just a kid trying to do what he thinks is best / professional / honourable.

Remember Mr Average is his father figure so he'll be getting pressure to tow the part line from our Sporting Director.

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