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e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Northern Sold 11:07 Sun Nov 13
Hurst: the First and Only
Documentary on SKY.... a brilliant watch and a brilliant story... pretty emotional in places... well done SKY (clap clap clap)

I remember Wembley.....

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Pagey 12:48 Thu Nov 24
Re: Hurst: the First and Only
I’ve just watched this and it was simplistic but a great watch. I can only imagine how proud any Hammer must have been on that sunny day in ‘66.

I did meet Geoff Hurst once when I was in the ‘66 club at Upton Park (I think it was the day Abou scored his hat-trick against Barnsley). I was chatting to my cousin who worked there and Hurst was kind of politely hanging around, waiting for us to stop our conversation so he could join in! “Be with you in a second Geoff, cheers mate!”

I never knew of the family heartache he’s gone through. On the pitch though, what an incredible legacy to have.

tanman 11:19 Wed Nov 23
Re: Hurst: the First and Only
I have only met the guy once but he seemed ok to me. Just like any other normal bloke.

Dudley Moore 2:52 Mon Nov 21
Re: Hurst: the First and Only
Thanks for the tip, NS.
Really enjoyed this. Had a nice West Ham all round feel to it with Lorenzo on board.

zico 4:59 Sun Nov 20
Re: Hurst: the First and Only
I'll keep this on here as it's still re West Ham documentary. I watched "Bobby" again last night and still can't believe that he was stuck at Southend or Oxford City as a manager. Even if he wasn't cut out as a manager it's baffling how he wasn't used in an ambassadorial role like Germany or Brazil used Beckenbauer and Pele. Several theories persist as to why, certainly his relationship with Ron Greenwood, or lack of it probably stopped him getting a role with Ron's England. Naming a stand and giving him a statue by club and country after he died still sticks in the throat considering both West Ham and England ignored him when alive. Redknapp is quite scathing of both but I always wondered if Bobby had survived would Harry had given him a job when Harry was at West Ham?

BeauLarkyBuff 3:54 Sun Nov 20
Re: Hurst: the First and Only
Met Sir Geoff back in '67 in the car park at UP. I was 13 at the time. Got his autograph which my brother swapped later for 10 fags.
He was charming and recognised that I wasn't a local due to my thick Gloucestershire accent and I said please and thank you. Bobby Moore told my little brother to fuck off which wasn't very nice.
Met Geoff several times since at UP boxes and around Cheltenham where he now lives. Always a gentleman.

ted fenton 8:28 Sat Nov 19
Re: Hurst: the First and Only
Sir Geoff was on Nigel Farage last night and yes he looks amazing for his age and said the day after winning the world cup he did as he always did on a Sunday which was clean his Ford Anglia and cut the lawn.....

cholo 3:18 Wed Nov 16
Re: Hurst: the First and Only
Agree an absolute legend, don't care what he's like off the pitch, not everyone can be a people person. Ideally should've been able to stay longer and not have to slug it out in fucking Stoke.

zico 3:08 Wed Nov 16
Re: Hurst: the First and Only
Have to say as well Sir Geoff looks bloody incredible for 80. He looks younger than me!

New Jersey 2:25 Wed Nov 16
Re: Hurst: the First and Only
Absolute 100% legend, superb centre forward, had it all really. I would put him up with Sir Bobby, Sir Trev and Billy Bonds as true WH legends. I would much rather lose a WC final than see Kane get a hatrick.

Tomshardware 12:09 Wed Nov 16
Re: Hurst: the First and Only
Nice story pents.

wd40 10:59 Tue Nov 15
Re: Hurst: the First and Only
Recall him opening a sport shop in Shenfield back in 68,

shop was in the row of shops way pass the station on right.

Pushing to get in and being told to go to the desk and getting my booked sign then saying thanks Geoff! then running home on a high telling every one in the family I stood next to the man who won the World Cup.

Sure I was Hurst next day playing football over the park.

True gentleman and he did win us the World Cup.

zico 10:15 Tue Nov 15
Re: Hurst: the First and Only
Well said Pent, lovely story. I've heard the stories as well but when I have seen him on tv or read an article he always comes across fine. He is very matter of fact, but he certainly doesn't put on a facade. You don't build up a customer base over 19 odd years as a salesman if you are an arsehole. It would soon get out. I find it unusual that he doesn't seem to be held in the same esteem than the others by some. It has to be remembered that Hurst was in fact the only one of the three who didn't want to leave West Ham. Bobby was close several times and was in dispute with Greenwood before the World Cup, and of course Peters went to Spurs at his own request. Hurst said in the doc that he didn't want to leave West Ham.

On one of the documentaries on 66 I thought he was hilarious when he did an impression of Alan Ball in a high voice, when Ball was apparently shouting for the ball just before Hurst scored his third goal.

Think it was Greenwood wasn't it who turned Hurst from an average wing half to a to class striker and as said below he had it all. Both feet, heading, decent pace, power, how many strikers have all that today?

What I did note about the final that I have never really thought about is this. Greaves obviously wanted to play but it was clear he wasn't 100%. No subs in those days so far too much a risk. Can you imagine if Greaves had started and not lasted 15 minutes as I am pretty sure the Germans would have targeted his leg. Down to 10 men in a WCF would have been a disaster.

panamahat 4:04 Tue Nov 15
Re: Hurst: the First and Only
Well said Pents .

Far Cough 3:40 Tue Nov 15
Re: Hurst: the First and Only
Sir Geoff makes a major ricket in the studio with Garth Crooks and Bob Wilson:


62Hammer 1:55 Tue Nov 15
Re: Hurst: the First and Only
Really enjoyed that. I started going to West Ham just after he'd got into the side, and saw him grow from a hard-trying workhorse into a truly world-class player - a strong centre forward who could hold it up, lay it off, take people on, score with both feet, strong in the air, able to withstand the tackling that went on in those days, and without complaint, and he could do all this in the most mundane of league matches and on the highest stage. What more could you want?

ted fenton 1:43 Tue Nov 15
Re: Hurst: the First and Only
Pentonville 12:46 Tue Nov 15
Re: Hurst: the First and Only

Great post Pent !!!!!

The Stoat 1:24 Tue Nov 15
Re: Hurst: the First and Only
Repeated tonight at 9pm on Sky Documentary Channel 121

Coffee 12:58 Tue Nov 15
Re: Hurst: the First and Only
Northern Sold 12:54 Tue Nov 15

Yep, brilliant post.

Northern Sold 12:54 Tue Nov 15
Re: Hurst: the First and Only
Nice post that Pents...

Pentonville 12:46 Tue Nov 15
Re: Hurst: the First and Only
My old dear was driving down the road when I was about 10 or 11 and I saw Sir Geoff and his wife walking down the road from the train station. I got my mum to stop, jumped out, chased them down and said excuse me are you Geoff Hurst. He turned around and with a big smile said "indeed I am" to which I asked for an autogprah. I had no pen or paper but his wife pulled out a scrap bit of paper and a pen. I said sorry for bothering them as he was signing and she said dont be silly, its lovely that someone so young recognises him isnt it Geoff and he said yes, he was genuinely surprised and very polite. Walked me back to my car and poked his head in the car at my mum and said what a lovely boy I was and she should be proud. Years later, when working at West Ham, i was fortunate enough that he came into our office alot and he was always lovely and humble. I have heard the rumours and think its sad that a hero of West Ham is bismerched my supposedly his own an yet we all moan about how Bobby Moore was treated when he was alive by the club. Respect one of our historic heroes cos he wont be around forever. Even the great Billy Bonds has off days, ive seen them but still think he is a great guy and a hero. My dad loves Geoff Hurst and thats enough for me!

Colchester Sid 12:39 Tue Nov 15
Re: Hurst: the First and Only

Any Old Iron 1:52 Tue Nov 15
Re: Hurst: the First and Only
...He's talking about the man who has scored far more goals in the top flight for us than any other player****...

****That would be any other player apart from Vic Watson who scored 203 goals for us in the top flight, 23 more than Geoff Hurst

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