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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

isolated hammer 6:09 Tue Nov 22
The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)
All the talk about the (GOAT) is about Messi and Ronaldo. But neither have ever lifted the World Cup. In fact, neither are the top two in terms of trophies lifted.

So how do you measure the greatest footballer to date?

Messi has never won a World Cup for his Country, Neither has Ronaldo.

Not disputing they have had glittering careers, and I respect their achievements. But neither are the greatest in my humble opinion.

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Nutsin 10:00 Wed Jun 7
Re: The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)
George Best and Maradonna are top two.

cholo 6:25 Wed Jun 7
Re: The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)
Now the two supposed goats are playing in footballing backwaters, who's ready to take the mantle of worlds greatest footballer? Considering his age and achievements already the obvious candidate is Haalend, anyone else in the frame? Bellingham could be in the next few years?

Mr Anon 5:17 Wed Jun 7
Re: The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)
world cups or not, they're clearly top three with Maradona,

Manuel 4:59 Wed Jun 7
Re: The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)
Off to Join Beckham in the US.

nerd 9:54 Mon Nov 28
Re: The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)
After maradona I cannot think of another player who has blown me away like ronaldinho, for the 4-6 years he was the best he actually was unreal and create new skills every other game. Now the game is ultra professional Messi and Ronaldo are the rightful banner bearers but against defenders pre 2006

dax47988 8:40 Mon Nov 28
Re: The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)
one of the way to measure how good a player is against his peers is if he has won any major tournaments? Ok, seems reasonable

Does that make Darren Fletcher better than Le Tiss?

Dr Matt 8:21 Mon Nov 28
Re: The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)
-David Moyes - Tim Cahill was a superlative player. He was like a DaVinci and a Picasso combined. Best there’s been.

Far Cough 5:37 Mon Nov 28
Re: The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)
Everybody knows "that save" at the 1970 World Cup, but there were so many great elements to it, I don't know who it was, who made a great pass from the outside of his boot to Jairzinho, who made a great cross to Pele who made that wonderful header that all goalies fear, the downward header that hits the ground first and then ultimately the save of the century by Gordon Banks.

The Mercernary 4:42 Mon Nov 28
Re: The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)
Only Pele could score that goal in Escape to Victory too (with a broken arm)

arsene york-hunt 4:24 Mon Nov 28
Re: The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)
collyrob 11:27 Mon Nov 28

""Pele who played his career in regional leagues in Brazil. Lol""

THIS Pele:

-Bobby Moore: "Pele was the most complete player I've ever seen, he had everything. Two good feet. Magic in the air. Quick. Powerful. Could beat people with skill. Could outrun people. Only 5ft 8in tall, yet he seemed a giant of an athlete on the pitch. Perfect balance and impossible vision. He was the greatest because he could do anything and everything on a football pitch. I remember Saldhana the coach being asked by a Brazilian journalist who was the best goalkeeper in his squad. He said Pele. The man could play in any position."

-Ferenc Puskas: "The greatest player in history was Di Stefano. I refuse to classify Pele as a player. He was above that."
-Sir Alex Ferguson: "Question: Best player you ever saw? -AF: Pelé, di Stefano, Maradona, Cruyff. -Q:In that order? -AF: Yes, I think so."
-Romario: "Messi has all the conditions to be the best, but first he has to beat Maradona, Romario and then eventually Pele."
-Michel Platini: "There's Pele the man, and then Pele the player. And to play like Pele is to play like God."

Claudio Caniggia: "The best player of all time is Pele"
-João Saldanha(Brazil's coach in 1969): "If you ask me who the best fullback in Brazil is, I'd say Pelé, if you ask me who the best half-back or winger is, I would say Pelé. He is prob­ably even our best goalkeeper. He is like no footballer ever has been, or is ever likely to be."
-Jose Mourinho: "I think he[Pele] is football. You have the real special one - Mr Pele."

-Johan Cruyff: "Pele was the only footballer who surpassed the boundaries of logic."
-Marcello Lippi: "Pelé had no imperfections!"
-Nevio Scala: "Pelé was the player that impressed me the most. He will always be number 1 for me"
Alex Ferguson: "For me Pele is the greatest of all time"

-Eusebio: "Pele played in an era which had so many great players and in that atmosphere he stood out above the others. He was the complete player in every aspect as well as being a kind human being. Cristiano Ronaldo is young yet, and has many years ahead of himself. But as of now, I do not see anyone who can compare with Pele"

-Alfredo Di Stefano: "The best player ever? Pele. Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are both great players with specific qualities, but Pele was better."
-Sir Bobby Charlton: "I sometimes feel as though football was invented for this magical player."
-Tostao: "Pele was the greatest -- he was simply flawless. And off the pitch he is always smiling and upbeat. You never see him bad-tempered. He loves being Pele."

-Zico: "This debate about the player of the century is absurd. There's only one possible answer: Pele. He's the greatest player of all time, and by some distance I might add."

-Franz Beckenbauer: "Pele is the greatest player of all time. He reigned supreme for 20 years. All the others - Diego Maradona, Johan Cruyff, Michel Platini - rank beneath him. There's no one to compare with Pele." -

-Tarcisio Burgnich: "Before the match, I told myself that Pele was just flesh and bones like the rest of us. Later I realised I'd been wrong."

-Cesar Luis Menotti: "The best of all was Pele, who is a mixture of Di Stefano, Maradona, Cruyff and Leo Messi."

-Cesar Luis Menotti: "It's ugly to compare but the greatest was Pele. If we believe that God made ​​man, the "black" Pelé he made him perfect. He gave him everything. He lacked nothing, header, physical power, dribbling, finishing, inspiration, genius, temper, vision, goal. Everything."
-Gianni Rivera: "However, I do think there's someone who was even better(than Messi) and that's Pele. He used both feet on the pitch. He was as dangerous with his right as he was with his left. He was strong in the air as well, and created a lot of chances."

-Hugo Gatti: "Pelé had the skin of a player, head, pace, everything. He was a panther dressed in white, I played with him. He entered to play in the last minute and he could turn the match. And the big difference is that Pelé on the field created fear, Maradona not...For me, it is Pelé, Alfredo Di Stefano and Maradona, in that order. I appreciate Diego, he is a great player. But from another planet was Pelé, not him."

-Teófilo Cubillas: "I confronted him several times on the pitch and I think there will be noone like him."

-Mario Zagallo: "Pele represented everything in soccer because of what he has done on the pitch."

-Cristiano Ronaldo: "Pele is the greatest player in football history, and there would only be one Pele in the world."

Razzle 3:18 Mon Nov 28
Re: The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)
IZidane and Ronaldinho just saying

cholo 2:38 Mon Nov 28
Re: The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)
Give someone like Stanley Matthews modern footballs, boots, kits and pitches and they'd be like walking on air. Would love to go back in time and watch someone like him or George Best in the flesh.

The Mercernary 2:11 Mon Nov 28
Re: The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)
Council Scum - fair comment, although Keegan gave it a good go until he came off his bike!

Not sure they picked the best ones for the programme, fitness wise - Trev was on it, for example, whereas perhaps Bonzo would've done better.

They're definitely better looked after now, but they're still young and getting up to all sorts just like back in the day, whether it's Sterling with his balloons, Foden with his fillies or Kane with his speech therapist...

, 12:09 Mon Nov 28
Re: The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)
I think that it is also fair to say that if today's top players had been at their peak in the sixties they would have been less fit and less lean in comparison with today.

Not only has the technical side of the game vastly improved but so too has the overall fitness. Players are much more regulated in terms of fitness, BMI and overall lifestyle than yesteryear.

Council Scum 12:01 Mon Nov 28
Re: The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)
The Mercernary 11:19 Mon Nov 28
Re: The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)

All you need to know about footballers fitness back then was, despite being professionals, they were shown up by amateur rugby players, week in, week out on Superstars.

collyrob 11:27 Mon Nov 28
Re: The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)
Pele who played his career in regional leagues in Brazil. Lol

The Mercernary 11:19 Mon Nov 28
Re: The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)
Ah the debate about fitness again!

I'll take 17 year old Pele against any modern defence you like - he'd get even more goals now.

The very best players all seem to have so much time on the ball, so the opposition's fitness levels aren't really going to make a god's grain of difference.

The other thing to remember is the old training used to be all about running - they'd do miles and miles every day. Do not assume they weren't fit.

1966 World Cup Final:120 minutes on that Wembley pitch - all 22 players played the entire game, with no subs. Not fit enough? Really?

Far Cough 11:15 Mon Nov 28
Re: The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)
Didn't Der Kaiser himself say that Mooro was the better defender, or was he just being modest?

Alwaysaniron 11:12 Mon Nov 28
Re: The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)
Here's a question, purely because I never saw either play live. Bobby or Beckenbauer?


I was blessed to have seen both of these play in their prime. Bobby for me read the game better than the Kaiser but probably a healthier lifestyle and more succesful career meant that Beckenbauer might just edge it. How good would it have been to have both in the same team though.

Northern Sold 4:03 Mon Nov 28
Re: The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)
For me there are better athletes now... no question... but does that always make a better footballer.... not being funny but you telling me Pickford is a better keeper than Banksy? Or Maguire a better defender than Mooro?? Or Mason Mount a better attacking midfielder than Bobby Charlton?? Also id like to add that Alan Ball would probably out run any of the players in the current squad... stick your bleep test up your arse

zico 1:59 Mon Nov 28
Re: The Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)
Here's a question, purely because I never saw either play live. Bobby or Beckenbauer?

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