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the straw 11:52 Sun Nov 27
Peter Shilton
I'm too young to have seen him play. Spoken about as one of the best we've ever had in goal. But every time I see that shootout in '90 against West Germany it just looks like he is diving after the ball has been kicked. He was never close to saving any of them. Apparently he only saved one penalty in his entire career. That's abysmal.

Their goal in that game, the deflection off of Parker, Shilton was totally crap on that as well.

Can anyone who used to watch him tell me why he was so good? Was it just because he was old that he looks so bad in Italia '90?

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El Scorchio 12:32 Thu Dec 1
Re: Peter Shilton
Just watching an Italia 90 doc with shilts in as a contributor. Not football related, but he surely wears a hairpiece, no?

What was once curly is now dead straight. And quite wig like…

El Scorchio 6:30 Wed Nov 30
Re: Peter Shilton
Ah yes- that's it. It's absolutely mental to jettison someone who's just done that. They clearly had that grand plan but he simply massively defied their expectations. And what a signing Ronaldo was. A bargain even at that price, at that time.

Takashi Miike 6:18 Wed Nov 30
Re: Peter Shilton
no, the weird thing is that he was asked to stay on in a sort of general manager type role (much like they offered to john lyall when he was sacked) and he did this job for a year before going to psv. imagine bringing in brazilian ronaldo, winning three trophies, being awarded european manager of the year and then asked to step aside. that's why you can have no sympathy whenever they go through a bad spell

El Scorchio 6:07 Wed Nov 30
Re: Peter Shilton
Yes- exactly that! I was watching a doc about him a few years ago about how the club were really crap to him. Didn't they try to tell him he couldn't/shouldn't leave for another opportunity promising him a new contract and then just went back on that and told him to do one at the end of the season, or something like that?

Takashi Miike 6:06 Wed Nov 30
Re: Peter Shilton
...and to be fair to van gaal. he won two consecutive titles after replacing robson and left himself after finishing.......2nd 😂

cholo 6:04 Wed Nov 30
Re: Peter Shilton
To be fair the bloke played 125 times for England and every minute of all of those games. You're going to get some mistakes in there and unfortunately in some big games.

Takashi Miike 6:01 Wed Nov 30
Re: Peter Shilton
scorch, by the hierarchy/board? yes. I'm convinced they just used as a place sitter while they waited for van gaal, and it wasn't easy going in there after a trophy less season but he still delivered three trophies in that one year (spanish cup, spanish super cup & the european cup winners cup). sadly second in the league left him short of a clean sweep

wansteadman 5:59 Wed Nov 30
Re: Peter Shilton
Shilton dived over the ball v Poland in 73
Lost a ball in the air to a dwarf who even though he handled it his hand was level with his head. Shilton should have put the cunt in hospital
For the German goal he only had to take a couple of steps back when it went into the air and he would have caught it
3/4 play off was dalying with the ball when a player ran from behind him, took it off him to score
Decent keeper but career peppered with mistakes for England

El Scorchio 5:49 Wed Nov 30
Re: Peter Shilton
They treated him like absolute shit, didn't they?

Takashi Miike 5:29 Wed Nov 30
Re: Peter Shilton
a really good book about Robson is 'Bobby Robson : High Noon - A Year At Barcelona' by Jeff King. it's currently just £4.65 for the hard back on amazon

The Mercernary 5:17 Wed Nov 30
Re: Peter Shilton
I think you're doing him a disservice sbbb.

It wasn't very staid and English to bring in Thijssen and Muhren, for example. Winning the UEFA cup with Ipswich was also an amazing achievement - my memory isn't good enough to know for sure, but I don't think they'd have done it with a strictly English 442 formation.

El Scorchio 4:16 Wed Nov 30
Re: Peter Shilton
Sven Roeder 6:58

A good goalkeeper is worth a huge amount. I'm convinced Middlesbrough only stuck around for so long in the premier league because of Mark Schwarzer. They went down the season after he left. Difference maker between title/cup winner or runner up and relegation or survival.

Cortois won the Champions league final for Madrid

ted fenton 4:13 Wed Nov 30
Re: Peter Shilton
I've seen a few interviews with Shilton recently and doesn't seem his old self let's hope it's not the onset of the dreaded Alzheimer's.

southbankbornnbred 4:06 Wed Nov 30
Re: Peter Shilton

Yeah, ironically. Robson going abroad after the England job was in many ways the real making of him as a manager.

He'd taken his fixation with a very British style of 4-4-2 (pros and cons) into the England job and became extremely inflexible until change was forced upon him by poor results when it became clear that other national sides had worked out England and the predictability of that system.

Everybody remembers the 0-0 draw with an absolutely shite Saudi Arabia side and the 'In the name of Allah, go!' headlines etc. He was sometimes on the verge of the sack from the England role.

The 1990 World Cup forced change upon him, and it appears he realised there were other ways to set teams up, coach etc.

Interestingly, he said later that his immediate temptation when he found out that his England contract was not going to be renewed after the World Cup in '90 was to look for a managerial gig in England or one of the two big Scottish clubs. But none of the big five or six clubs looked likely to come up.

It wasn't until Eindhoven came knocking that he changed his mind and went abroad.

Definitely the making of him as a coach, because he showed he was more flexible and could adapt. He also showed he was bright and could learn languages (or some elements of language) quite quickly. In a few short years, he had to get his head around Dutch (although he mostly coached in English), Portuguese and Spanish.

We'll never know, but I'm quite sure if he'd been offered a role in England immediately after the World Cup, he probably would have remained a staid, and very English, 4-4-2 bloke. Horses for courses, innit?!

He was also quite fortunate that, at Eindhoven, he inherited from Hiddink a (four successive) title-winning side with Romario in it.

Russ of the BML 11:15 Tue Nov 29
Re: Peter Shilton
cholo 4:07 Mon Nov 28

"I think at the time dropping Shilton for Woods would've been seen as almost sacrilege to a lot of the press, Robson was maybe on a hiding to nothing looking back."

Very good point.

hammer205 9:10 Tue Nov 29
Re: Peter Shilton
Peter Shilton wasn’t very tall for a keeper but made up for it by positioning and shot stopping. I always preferred Ray Clemence but he was tainted by Dalglishs goal through his legs!

Shilts was very lucky to still be picked after joining Southampton and later Derby as he was clearly not the peak of his game. I do wonder if being the protege of Gordon banks when at Leicester.
Due to being picked regularly he stifled the development of our other keepers really and they all became too old together and inexperienced

Robson was an extremely frustrating manager. There was no doubting his credentials as club manager but at international he would continue to pick the flat footed donkey Butcher of Fenwick instead of Alvin.

Sven Roeder 6:58 Mon Nov 28
Re: Peter Shilton
Shilton was superb at his peak in the late 70's with Clough's great Forest side .... Clough reckoned he was worth 10 points a season
But as others has said by 1990 he was past his best.

My recollection is that Alvin Martin kept a clean sheet in the game before and was dropped for Terry Bloody Fenwick.
I know Fenwick had been booked but his waving a leg at Maradona for his second was pitiful

cholo 4:07 Mon Nov 28
Re: Peter Shilton

Rangers had a decent side, unfortunately 90% of the teams he faced weren't great, would've possibly been better off playing for a competetive English club but their gk spots were probably taken and I can see why he opted to win trophies north of the border. I don't think Beasant could be trusted to not fuck up and Robson would've been slaughtered had he dropped shilts and Beasant dropped a clanger.

That doesn't mean I can't see your point, Shilton was way past his best and was one of Robsons favourites for sure but again, I think at the time dropping Shilton for Woods would've been seen as almost sacrilege to a lot of the press, Robson was maybe on a hiding to nothing looking back.

The Mercernary 3:57 Mon Nov 28
Re: Peter Shilton
I can highly recommend the Bobby Robson documentary - he had a phenomenal record in Europe after leaving the England job:
PSV - 2 years there and 2 league titles
Porto - 2 league titles in just over 2 years
Barcelona - brought in Ronaldo and won 3 trophies in 1 year (then he got the chop!)

Then on to Newcastle who he took from disarray into successive seasons in the Champions League .

Russ of the BML 3:51 Mon Nov 28
Re: Peter Shilton
cholo 2:48 Mon Nov 28

Well, ok, if you think that a very competitive Rangers side is non-league then that's your call. But in 1990 Woods was in his peak at 31. In better athletic and physical shape than the 40-year old Shilton.

Personally I think either Woods or Beasent would've been the better choice for that tournament.

cholo 2:48 Mon Nov 28
Re: Peter Shilton

Not sure we had a better keeper unfortunately, Woods was playing amateur football (see Scottish leagues) at the peak of his career and Beasant, although he could be excellent and certainly had the height and build of a modern keeper, was prone to hilarious gaffs (see Chelsea career).

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