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Pub Bigot 12:56 Tue Nov 29
Noble interim boss?
Well, he could be, according to Claret and Hugh.

First off, I think it's bollocks; secondly, it's a big no from me, and I love Noble; thirdly, Noble has said publicly he has no desire to manage.

If you want to waste your time, you can read the article here.


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marty feldman 6:21 Thu Dec 1
Re: Noble interim boss?
I can't see this happening. No doubt the fact he will be cheap will appeal to the dwarf . But I'm pretty sure he hasn't got his coaching badges anyway . One thing is for certain Moyes is finished.

LJC 12:40 Thu Dec 1
Re: Noble interim boss?
No money available? All I can see is us being linked with our 800th CB and Dia?

Sir Alf 8:45 Wed Nov 30
Re: Noble interim boss?
A manager with a clear, modern philosophy based on keeping the ball and attacking. Experience of doing at more than one club too.

You may have to pay for that. I like what Thomas Frank at Brentford has done but really not proven outside of this which is his first senior role. So a risk and we need immediate results. No money for players according to C&H so Sullivan’s repeating his mistake thinking it only takes one big window to rebuild a squad?

Must be someone other than the losers C&H suggest?

goose 5:34 Tue Nov 29
Re: Noble interim boss?
the saddest part is that you can see it happening.

El Scorchio 5:26 Tue Nov 29
Re: Noble interim boss?
Haha probably. Who would be CHEAP and absolutely over a barrel due to his love for the club?

Has he even got all the prerequisite qualifications though? That said I do think he's got a very good football brain and will probably make a good manager one day, if he ever decides to give it a go. Now seems far too soon.

whu 5:24 Tue Nov 29
Re: Noble interim boss?
CnH feeling the water for someone?

WHUDeano 5:13 Tue Nov 29
Re: Noble interim boss?
I’d rather have Brooking back.

Pub Bigot 5:07 Tue Nov 29
Re: Noble interim boss?
Did you read the opening post, or just fancied going off on a tangent?

boleyn8420 5:01 Tue Nov 29
Re: Noble interim boss?
Oh, right a fishing thread, we haven't had one of those for a while. After all what fucking idiots would want someone with absolutely ZERO managerial experience to manage a West Ham team based solely on the fact that he is Mr West Ham, bleeds claret and blue etc. Nice try

LJC 4:48 Tue Nov 29
Re: Noble interim boss?

Lee Trundle 4:12 Tue Nov 29
Re: Noble interim boss?
I seriously struggle to see what others see in Parker on here. He wouldn't even be mentioned if he never played for us, I reckon.

And I don't know why people see Pochettino as someone who is out of reach for us, considering who Wolves and Villa have employed.

factory seconds 3:20 Tue Nov 29
Re: Noble interim boss?
i think we should get slav back to continue the palindromic trend. he'd actually probaby get a decent tune out of this squad for a season before it all went up in a blaze of fags and coffee mug smashing, only for the walrus to then make his triumphant return annoucing "i told them to be careful what they wished for" in his first presser while sticking nolan back in the XI.

El Scorchio 3:08 Tue Nov 29
Re: Noble interim boss?
Should Moyes leave, the next permanent appointment will speak volumes about the direction the club is headed in.

It doesn't have to be Tuchel or Pochettino and indeed it would be arguable that either of those is completely unrealistic, but someone like Dyche would be a kiss of death for any real aspirations.

An 'up and comer' would be ok and I like the cut of Parker's jib but he's going to have a short lived managerial career if he calls out his employers (however admirable that may be) like at Bournemouth, or rubs them up the wrong way behind the scenes. Especially at West Ham where you know the owner values his public perception over virtually anything else on or off the pitch.

On The Ball 2:58 Tue Nov 29
Re: Noble interim boss?
Don't forget that C&H makes up a LOT of stuff as well as getting bits from Sully.

claypole 2:36 Tue Nov 29
Re: Noble interim boss?
I am worried that the article mentions Dyche

goose 2:32 Tue Nov 29
Re: Noble interim boss?
the telling bit is the last few sentences which basically say 'you can forget about tuchel or pochettino'.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 2:24 Tue Nov 29
Re: Noble interim boss?
I think Parker in with Noble as assistant would be the better situation.

I believe Parker will mature into a great manager. He has experience of winning and losing under his belt and is smart enough to have learnt from both.

If we are not going to get a Touchel or Pochetino level manager then I’d rather go with Parker than just another conveyer belt PL manager.

El Scorchio 1:40 Tue Nov 29
Re: Noble interim boss?
No chance.

Also this is just Sullivan using his mouthpiece to lay the ground for Moyes being sacked if we don't come out of the blocks like Linford Christie after the WC break.

But you'd bloody hope that if that's the case they'd at least done enough due diligence that they wouldn't need an interim manager and would have someone lined up.

Stepney.Ammer 1:36 Tue Nov 29
Re: Noble interim boss?
Maybe my heart ruling my head but I would love it if he stepped in.

I'd give him 5/6 games and if he does well I'd let him have the rest of the season.

The bloke bleeds West Ham and could just be what is needed to rejuvenate our season.

Unfortunately I can see the dour jock scraping enough points to keep his job and ensuring we have to endure the shit, negative football for the rest of the season.

Hermit Road 1:17 Tue Nov 29
Re: Noble interim boss?
He tried impersonating Cloughie a few years ago but got a different response.

I reckon that should be the end of his dream to follow the great managers.

Far Cough 1:15 Tue Nov 29
Re: Noble interim boss?
Does he have his badges yet?

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