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Joe C 9:48 Wed Nov 30
Christine McVie RIP
Brilliant singer, brilliant band, one of the best albums of all time

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munkyfunk 10:49 Mon Dec 5
Re: Christine McVie RIP
Lovely lady, used to bump into her occasionally walking by my old kent carp syndicate.

Iron Duke 3:33 Sat Dec 3
Re: Christine McVie RIP
Talking of Peter Green, I saw a documentary on him and he seemed one of the most genuinely nice people I’ve ever seen. Top bloke.

Iron Duke 3:31 Sat Dec 3
Re: Christine McVie RIP
Quite a few bands have completely changed their style, usually after losing important band members, or discovering drum machines and synthesisers in the 80’s.

Genesis with Peter Gabriel was very different to the 3-piece band of the 80’s.

Jeffersen Airplane morphed into Starship.

Iron Maiden with Paul Di’anno or Bruce Dickinson.

ZZ Top 70’s v 80’s.

Far Cough 3:09 Sat Dec 3
Re: Christine McVie RIP
Yes indeed but later on their manager, Tony Secunda pushed Roy Wood to the front which kind of messed up their dynamic and of course Carl Wayne wasn't too pleased either

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 3:06 Sat Dec 3
Re: Christine McVie RIP
Early Move is fantastic. Four lead vocalists. What could possibly go wrong?

Far Cough 2:47 Sat Dec 3
Re: Christine McVie RIP
Early Move, anyone?

Flowers in the Rain

Another group who one of it's members, Ace Kefford fell foul of rampant LSD usage, bloke ended up very much like Syd Barret

Come On You Irons 2:38 Sat Dec 3
Re: Christine McVie RIP
Muswell Hillbillies is a strange album. There is some brilliant stuff on it like "Oklahoma USA" (one of my favourite Kinks tracks), "Skin and Bones" and "Complicated Life", but I don't much like some other filler like "Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues", "Holiday" and "Uncle Son".

"Have a Cuppa Tea" is a decent enough ditty.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:26 Sat Dec 3
Re: Christine McVie RIP

Totally agree, except, funnily enough, Muswell Hillbillies is my favourite Kinks album.

'Have a Cuppa Tea' and 'Uncle Son', which I suppose might be most easily described as dross are lyrically essential to the album, which is supposed to be about being brought up as a Londoner in the mid 20th century. Or something.

It's definitely their most 'London' album. I make that a good thing.

Which reminds me - Raw and the Cooked.

the coming of gary 1:19 Sat Dec 3
Re: Christine McVie RIP
maybe Dexys Midnight Runners ?

Come On You Irons 1:17 Sat Dec 3
Re: Christine McVie RIP
The Kinks have three unique styles. Their early period pre "theatrical shit" as Surface calls it. Their "theatrically shit" period and their post-"theatrical shit" period where they developed a more classic rock style.

Most of it up to Muswell Hillbillies is excellent (though I think there is quite a lot of dross on MH too, to be honest). Their "theatrical shit" albums are awful and their output after that is decent, though very hit and miss.

Kaiser Zoso 1:04 Sat Dec 3
Re: Christine McVie RIP
'Cant think of another band with two completely different styles'

Journey, with or without Steve Perry

Doobie Brothers, with or without Michael McDonald

a bit more feeble is Pink Floyd and Sid Barrett

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:50 Sat Dec 3
Re: Christine McVie RIP

I think you mean, 'Dire Straits', not 'Sultans of Swing'. No such album as far as I'm aware.

I agree with you on principle, but not necessarily your choice. Hotel California sucks, imho, (especially the title track) and I prefer the first half of 'Making Movies'. Clearly, I'm not a huge admirer of either band (Eagles boring, Knopler pretentious), though obviously they both did some decent stuff. Time has been particularly unkind to the Eagles, I feel.

I'd say 'New Boots and Panties', 'Lexicon of Love', 'In the Court of the Crimson King' and 'Let it Bleed' were better examples, but, heh! Opinions/arseholes etc.

It just goes to show how good the Beatles, Who and Kinks were, though the latter two did some shit, also.

Sven Roeder 11:59 Sat Dec 3
Re: Christine McVie RIP
Rumours was a moment with the band relationships but with the fall out, the excessive success & the drugs it was downhill from there.

My memory of that period (in late high school) is that a few bands had one classic album that they never matched .... FM (Rumours), Eagles(Hotel California) & Dire Straits(Sultans of Swing)

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:46 Sat Dec 3
Re: Christine McVie RIP
I think Tusk is shit, too. I was giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Sven Roeder 11:44 Sat Dec 3
Re: Christine McVie RIP
To be honest I wasnt terribly keen on Tusk
Cant think of another band with two completely different styles than FM1 (Green etc) & FM2(Rumours version)

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:34 Sat Dec 3
Re: Christine McVie RIP
Many would argue that FM's 'classic line-up' was Green, McVie, Spencer, Fleetwood and Kirwan.

The fact that you can also argue for a much different 'classic line-up' reinforces what I said about Green's naming of the band.

It doesn't really matter though, they haven't made a decent record since Tusk and are completely irrelevant - and have been for 40 years. A cabaret act, really.

None of that detracts from Ms McVie's achievments, though.

Sven Roeder 11:25 Sat Dec 3
Re: Christine McVie RIP
There is a point when its effectively a new band
Loved FM in their Rumours period but would only want to see them with the classic lineup Fleetwood McVie Nicks Buckingham & Christine Mc

Rolling Stones have crossed the line too for me despite still having Jagger & Richards with Charlie now gone. They survived Brian Jones going early & didnt particularly miss Bill Wyman

Extremely talented lady & very underated maybe partly because of all the dramatics with other members

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:37 Sat Dec 3
Re: Christine McVie RIP
White Pony

Whilst I agree with your general sentiment, whilst the band has (Mick) Fleetwood and (John) Mc(Vie) in it, it's still Fleetwood Mac.

Peter Green named the band that for this specific reason. God rest his sweet, mad soul.

the coming of gary 2:50 Sat Dec 3
Re: Christine McVie RIP
. I just got back from the charity concert at the Festival Hall -

Noel Gallagher dedicated 'Live Forever' to her

White Pony 2:34 Sat Dec 3
Re: Christine McVie RIP
Very sad, she was the understated heartbeat of that version of Fleetwood Mac. Seemed a good sort too, down to earth, and funny.

I don’t agree with the way bands just replace key members with other people, so I hope they don’t go down that road. Already they’ve replaced Lindsey Buckingham with that melt from Crowded House. It’s actually not FM anymore. Maybe they’ll try to stick Miley Cyrus in as a replacement for Christine. The band is gone now, leave it alone.

Same goes for Queen, The Cult, Alice in Chains. Fuck off with that.

pdcwhu 12:33 Sat Dec 3
Re: Christine McVie RIP
Fab .......R.I.P.

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