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happygilmore 1:14 Tue Dec 20
Sad News - RIP Irish Hammer
Many here will know, Irish Hammer (Philip Dunne) was battling a serious medical condition. Sadly, I discovered only today, that he passed away on 11 August (one month after his last WHU post)

For anyone who was not familiar with Philip, a quick run through the “anxiety/depression” thread will show you details of the terrible medical condition he battled so bravely. And all throughout on that thread, despite his personal suffering, he took time to reach out to many posters who were suffering on that thread.

He first came to my attention on here as the cheeky fella posting “Grrr Threads”.

I met him once, but he didn’t know I had. A mate who supplied a service station Philip owned with coffee and he mentioned to me the owner was a mad Hammer season ticket holder and was the brother of an Irish celebrity Chef. It didn’t take long to put two and two together, based on Irish Hammer’s posts. I used the petrol station a lot, and one morning on the way to work he served me. I wanted to say, “you’re Irish Hammer” but thought, that might sound a bit stalker-ish and we just exchanged smiles and thanks as I paid him.

As well as West Ham, he loved his Rugby and I was surprised he didn’t post on the thread about Ireland beating SA. Then I noticed he was missing entirely from the WC thread. I sent him a whomail last week and when no response I became concerned.

Sadly, on checking out the matter further, it came to light that Philip had passed away, without us knowing.

I know some on here met him at games years ago (when he was in good health).

His death notice is linked below:


There is a post about the eulogies:

“The beautiful eulogies this morning captured his spirit so well and I know he would have especially loved those bubbles floating in the air and the West Ham jerseys on display. The humour, decency, love and affection that was expressed was a perfect reflection of the man himself.”

The condolences speak volumes of his generosity and kindness (and worth a read although very sad). I have posted one of the latest condolence from a lady who was an early employer of him (before he went on to become a very successful entrepreneur). Her words below say more than I could ever manage:

“It's 7th October today and I only just heard the news about Philip. Many years ago in the mid '90s, Philip worked as part of my team in CompuStore. He was an absolute dote and I became extremely fond of him.
We worked together for a couple of years and when he was leaving, he handed me one of the most beautiful resignation letters that I ever received. It touched me so much that I cried.
This evening I'm crying again, just thinking of his beautiful soul.
Rest in peace dear Philip!”

Another Hammer gone too soon. RIP Irish Hammer

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Gentile 1:51 Fri Jan 6
Re: Sad News - RIP Irish Hammer
RIP Irish.

Meerkat 11:18 Thu Jan 5
Re: Sad News - RIP Irish Hammer
I came across Pub Bigots remembrance thread the other day and saw his reference to Irish Hammer , but have only noticed this thread now .
As a fellow Irish Hammer , I would like to extend my deepest condolences.
Always noted the effort he put into to posting those articles , but of course never acknowledged it at the time .
Very sad at only 48 , rest in piece .
Many thanks Happy Gilmore .

slartibartfast 9:43 Wed Jan 4
Re: Sad News - RIP Irish Hammer
RIP Irish

AKA ERNIE 9:27 Wed Jan 4
Re: Sad News - RIP Irish Hammer
Absolute top bloke irish ,very sad news proper west ham

ludo21 9:07 Wed Jan 4
Re: Sad News - RIP Irish Hammer
Sad news… always a positive presence on here!

WHU(Exeter) 6:58 Wed Jan 4
Re: Sad News - RIP Irish Hammer
Nice one happygilmore.

swindon hammer 6:51 Wed Jan 4
Re: Sad News - RIP Irish Hammer
chim chim cha boo,

thanks for sharing that.

So sad that he was battling this horrible thing for over 4 years and yet still came on here without any fuss and started up a number of threads and engaged with so many of us.

Billy Blagg 6:05 Wed Jan 4
Re: Sad News - RIP Irish Hammer
Really sad to lose these people and just makes you appreciate how long many of us have been lurking about here. RIP IH

chim chim cha boo 5:36 Wed Jan 4
Re: Sad News - RIP Irish Hammer
Here's Phil's last WHOMAIL to me, last September.

'I’ve been battling it for 3 years now. I’ve kind of come to a peace with it. I won’t go down easy. Everything in my life is geared towards keeping going. Took a long time and a lot of therapy and help to get here but I’m in a good place now.

Appreciate the nice words'.

Absolutely gutted about this. My sincere, heartfelt condolences to his friends and family.

Son of Sam 5:56 Sun Jan 1
Re: Sad News - RIP Irish Hammer
Much appreciated Gilmore, Thanks for the update

Matthew Holmes 11:20 Sun Jan 1
Re: Sad News - RIP Irish Hammer
Really Sad, seemed to be a top bloke.
RIP Irish

Crassus 2:24 Sun Jan 1
Re: Sad News - RIP Irish Hammer
As Swindon says - thanks gilmore for the update

Good to hear that in a small way our warm remembering may have provided a moment of support

swindon hammer 12:10 Sun Jan 1
Re: Sad News - RIP Irish Hammer
Thanks for the update gilmore.

Condolences to all his family & friends.

happygilmore 10:24 Sat Dec 31
Re: Sad News - RIP Irish Hammer
Just as a quick update. I had contact with some of Philip's family by email.

I gave them a link to this thread and site. It was quiet moving how much your words of condolence have been appreciated by them.

!'m forever blowing bubbles was played at Philip's funeral service.

Although some called him "an old school WHOer" he was just 48.

Thanks to all again for responding on here and hopefully the New Year will bring you more ups than downs.

Mex Martillo 3:35 Mon Dec 26
Re: Sad News - RIP Irish Hammer
It is very sad news, I really appreciated all the articles he put up.
Condolences to his family and friends
Rest In Peace

norwaytips 3:30 Mon Dec 26
Re: Sad News - RIP Irish Hammer
Sad news, indeed. RIP, Irish, one of WHO’s more amusing posters and a genuine fan.

Sydney_Iron 5:53 Sun Dec 25
Re: Sad News - RIP Irish Hammer
He WHOmailed me about this time last year to remind me to put my sunscreen on for Christmas day!

He lived and worked in Sydney for a while and loved the place, turns out we both used to frequent the same Pub, the Oaks in Neutral Bay, maybe even around the same time.

He worked for the state debt recovery in Sydney amongst other things.

RIP Phil

JLAP 8:59 Sat Dec 24
Re: Sad News - RIP Irish Hammer
I’ve just seen this, that’s terrible news.. RIP Irish Hammer such a great old school poster.

The bouncy happy grrr is cemented in WHO legacy..

God bless x

Billy Blagg 12:22 Sat Dec 24
Re: Sad News - RIP Irish Hammer
Really sad news. RIP.

Norman 1:35 Fri Dec 23
Re: Sad News - RIP Irish Hammer
RIP 🙏 ☘️

defjam 8:26 Thu Dec 22
Re: Sad News - RIP Irish Hammer
Oh damn!
RIP Irish Hammer

Old school WHO'er!

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