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bruuuno 1:11 Fri Dec 30
Jigsaw puzzles
Anyone else into these ? I’m addicted to the fuckers, have to tear myself away to go to bed at a reasonable hour


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only1billybonds 11:57 Fri Dec 30
Re: Jigsaw puzzles
Used to do them, more often than not when i was out of my nut after smoking some of Jamacia's finest. Not advisable!

Last one i did waw a 1000 piece ariel pic of the Boleyn Ground.

Russ of the BML 10:41 Fri Dec 30
Re: Jigsaw puzzles
They are interesting and fun for a while....But then frustration gets the better of me.

I don't mind if they are interesting but, Jesus, some of them are a joke. I see one just before Christmas which was a ship on a horizon so the majority of it was sky blue and sea blue. A few clouds and waves separated the two blues and, of course, the ship.

But, bloody hell, you either need to be a serious puzzler to do something like that.... Or of course insane.

Manuel 10:14 Fri Dec 30
Re: Jigsaw puzzles
Blimey, I mean each to one's own an' all that, but this is all very tragic. I can't stand the poxy things.

sanfrancis-co-uk 6:40 Fri Dec 30
Re: Jigsaw puzzles


Jasnik 6:17 Fri Dec 30
Re: Jigsaw puzzles
Wife loves them. Can't stand them. Just want to use a hammer to get the pieces to fit.

ironsofcanada 6:10 Fri Dec 30
Re: Jigsaw puzzles
Get my wife one every Christmas.

Do it together and talk while we have holiday time.

I am Mr Excitement, of course, but we enjoy it.

jfk 6:05 Fri Dec 30
Re: Jigsaw puzzles
I succeeded in doing a few bigerns with the the help of the now grown up saucepans during lockdown out of desperation as there was almost fuck else to do at times.
You should knock the puff on the head and get out a bit more often,there’s a big world out there you tedious cunt.
jigsaw puzzles are designed for half sane elderly’s.

arsene york-hunt 3:04 Fri Dec 30
Re: Jigsaw puzzles
When Mr Hardy was getting married Stan brought him a jigsaw as a present as he said he wouldn't be getting out much so he needed something to do. What followed as an increasing group of people were helping with the puzzle was comedy genius.


Nurse Ratched 1:38 Fri Dec 30
Re: Jigsaw puzzles
Not jigsaws - my thing is Magic Eye/stereogram pictures.

gph 1:14 Fri Dec 30
Re: Jigsaw puzzles
I expect I will be into them, when I get to the stage of filling in hours while I wait to die.

I hope this won't be for a couple of decades.

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