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Sydney_Iron 4:53 Sat Jan 7
Prince Harry
Misunderstood nice person treated badly by his family or got a massive chip on his woke, whining and entitled shoulders?

Also rather stupidly IMO has put a massive target on his back by claiming he killed 25 people in Afghanistan, Taliban have already labeled him a war criminal.

tick tock?

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bigfrank 1:22 Mon Jan 16
Re: Prince Harry
Our late great Queen, Phillip and Diana must be turning in their graves at what ginger pubes has become

Boycie 7:46 Sun Jan 15
Re: Prince Harry
Even the wokie dokies that screamed racism when the Ofat Winfrey interviews took place are now saying they never said racism. Ok so asking someone where they “really come from” is racist but raising concerns about how dark your bubba would be was never?we have friends that had mixed race babies and they used to come out white then their skin would darken. They used to joke about it in a healthy way they thought it was hilarious. People are just fucked up these days being histerical. I would still fuck Meghan though she’s hit although I would not bum Harry.

Pentonville 8:52 Sun Jan 15
Re: Prince Harry
Funny to read they will try and reconcile before the coronation..imagine that, they do a book and documentary, make over a 100 million then the Royal Family welcome them back with open arms and continue like nothing happened. Almost like the public have been conned again isn't it.
I won't accept anything less than charges of treason amd a public hanging personally.

Woden 6:11 Sat Jan 14
Re: Prince Harry
Not really got any time for the royals but Harry is total wanker. Megan will dump him in a year or so.

El Scorchio 3:00 Sat Jan 14
Re: Prince Harry
You can tell he’s really trying to goad them into a response but they just aren’t going to dignify him with one. And the more and more he keeps shouting things into the ether, he’s just making himself look like that sad old bloke in the corner of the pub arguing with the wall.

GreenStreetPlayer 2:07 Sat Jan 14
Re: Prince Harry
‘Popularity’ apparently below Andrew now.

arsegrapes 1:40 Sat Jan 14
Re: Prince Harry
He's got another book in him, says this one was edited by half, loads of stuff on his family omitted as they would never forgive him. Can't wait.

Northern Sold 1:17 Sat Jan 14
Re: Prince Harry
Loving the silence from the Palace.... yes you have your little outburst... we will just carry on ... you know with our public duties... with a smile and a hand shake and a thank you.... the deafening silence must be killing the pair of them... loving it...

Far Cough 11:08 Sat Jan 14
Re: Prince Harry
Bloke's a Barley Lane candidate, won't be long before Meghan ditches him

El Scorchio 11:07 Sat Jan 14
Re: Prince Harry
And don’t worry. He has enough stuff for a while new book. Which he’d ‘never put out there as his family would never forgive him.’

Next time he needs more money, then…

What a holier than thou cunt.

twoleftfeet 10:54 Sat Jan 14
Re: Prince Harry
Both of which are clearly true.

Kaiser Zoso 10:44 Sat Jan 14
Re: Prince Harry
"But the way I see it is, I'm willing to forgive you for everything you've done, and I wish you'd actually sat down with me, properly, and instead of saying I'm delusional and paranoid"

Ha, ha, so they've ironed him out, cut him off financially, refused to take his phone calls, called him a Lone Ranger, and called him delusional and paranoid.


twoleftfeet 2:09 Sat Jan 14
Re: Prince Harry
In his latest interview with the telegraph he demands the royal family apologise to Meghan and that eventually the family will thank him for what he has done.

This idiot is deluded.

Texas Iron 1:54 Sat Jan 14
Re: Prince Harry
Him and his Baitch…

All about the Money…

120Million and counting…

Sir Alf 12:48 Sat Jan 14
Re: Prince Harry
Likes a spliff, weed and class A.. allegedly?

Needs rehab ?

northbankboy68 11:49 Fri Jan 13
Re: Prince Harry
Another royal on the make

Willtell 1:53 Thu Jan 12
Re: Prince Harry
I loved the way British tv were visiting book sellers and reporting that a couple of shops only had 1. buyer at yesterday’s book launch morning…

This morning they have to report that record sales of 1.4 million book made it a real best seller.

J.Riddle 1:32 Thu Jan 12
Re: Prince Harry
ew Jersey 11:41 Thu Jan 12

I know someone who dated Diana before Charles and he said that she was pregnant, although didn't say she was murdered obviously.

Mr Kenzo 1:28 Thu Jan 12
Re: Prince Harry
I acrually admired Diana, she came across as someone who really cared and was sincere, tragedy what happened to her, the only royal i quite liked. Then again she never had German blood running through her veins like the others

Lee Trundle 1:25 Thu Jan 12
Re: Prince Harry
He was proper desperate for attention yesterday, Ex.

Going from thread to thread rowing with people and then his new thing is to find "common ground" with that person.

WHU(Exeter) 1:16 Thu Jan 12
Re: Prince Harry
H&P, so in answer to my saying that you stereotype people, you reply that I post "like a typical Sun and Mail consumer"...

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