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twoleftfeet 11:22 Wed Jan 11
Carabao cup.
Kalvin Phillips is dog shite.

As you were.

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Northern Sold 3:41 Thu Jan 12
Re: Carabao cup.
Lingard was not even on the bench last night..

cholo 2:35 Thu Jan 12
Re: Carabao cup.
Is lingard even playing? I'm not sure but I don't think he got off the bench last night and hasn't been a regular pick for some time?

Charoo 2:11 Thu Jan 12
Re: Carabao cup.
That cunt Henderson and one other Forest player went and celebrated in front of the Wolves fans to goad them, so the Wolves players got the arsehole and rightly kicked off.

Our lot would have walked off without a whimper with Moyes blaming Benrahma for the opposition celebrations in front of our fans.

Lee Trundle 2:09 Thu Jan 12
Re: Carabao cup.
Lingard is no way the answer to our problems, Nicey.

The problem is the manager.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 2:05 Thu Jan 12
Re: Carabao cup.
Serious reevaluation of Lingards move now.

Called out for chasing the pound rather than football success by choosing Forest over us.

Now only a game away from a major final and West Ham looking like relegation fodder and Forest 2 points above us despite being early doors laughing stocks.

Maybe Lingard had enough of Moyes and saw the cracks in his short spell with us?

Maybe, some of us were a little precious that he dared look at other suitors and shunned our advances.

daveyg 1:29 Thu Jan 12
Re: Carabao cup.
He's just showing his lack of football knowledge again.
Still thinks Moyes is the man, pathetic.

pdbis 1:08 Thu Jan 12
Re: Carabao cup.
I think Man City not getting one shot on target says it all.

only1billybonds 1:05 Thu Jan 12
Re: Carabao cup.

What happens then if there are upsets in the semi's and we end up with a Forest/Southamptin final?

Northern Sold 12:37 Thu Jan 12
Re: Carabao cup.
cholo... highly entertaining pen shoot out... it was like Allardyce cupping his ear apart from that every pen taker was doing fingers in ears after penalty.... highly comical !! Anyway I think it stemmed from that... that and Wolves had the most blatant pen ever (ripped off players boot) not given..

cholo 12:33 Thu Jan 12
Re: Carabao cup.
What was the aggro after the forest v wolves match about? All I saw was that little gimp Lingard in the middle of it, did he do one of his cringey tik tok dances in someone's face or what?

twoleftfeet 12:29 Thu Jan 12
Re: Carabao cup.
The competition couldn't risk a one sided final.

Fifth Column 11:59 Thu Jan 12
Re: Carabao cup.
Northern - We do give it a go but Moyes' version of "give it a go" is 11 men behind the ball at all times.

That won't win a cup.

Kaiser Zoso 11:58 Thu Jan 12
Re: Carabao cup.
We are targeting a cup like that though

Northern Sold 11:38 Thu Jan 12
Re: Carabao cup.
Didnt know any of the results from the quarters so just watched the highlights as if they was live games... really enjoyable... apart from City and Man U every team started their top whack out and gave it a real go... not an empty seat at the Durham Bumpers...do feel we miss a trick not targetting a cup like this... I mean Saints and Forest can get semi finals giving it a go???

PwoperNaughtyButNot 9:48 Thu Jan 12
Re: Carabao cup.
The league cup

The cup that outdated managers bow out of and pretend it doesn’t matter.

The cup that fans of losing sides say is a cup that nobody cares about.

The cup that the big teams can’t be arsed with.

And yet, every year for the last 20yrs the cup has been won be either Man City, Liverpool, Man Utd, Spurs or Chelsea bar 3yrs.

They should call it the lazy cliche cup

only1billybonds 9:31 Thu Jan 12
Re: Carabao cup.

What, like City and Liverpool avoided eachother in the last round or Chelsea and City avoided eachother in the FA cup last weekend?

twoleftfeet 12:42 Thu Jan 12
Re: Carabao cup.
Man Utd and Newcastle avoiding each other, shock.

Grumpster 12:32 Thu Jan 12
Re: Carabao cup.
Would hazard a guess that they're more than happy to be out of it.

And I'd be amazed if grealish is still there next season.

The Stoat 12:28 Thu Jan 12
Re: Carabao cup.
Nottingham Forest vs Man Utd
Southampton vs Newcastle

Charoo 12:27 Thu Jan 12
Re: Carabao cup.
Stars are aligning for the barcodes to win their first trophy in forever.

Charoo 12:25 Thu Jan 12
Re: Carabao cup.
That Dean Henderson is a bit of a cunt isn’t he.

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