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OneAll 3:38 Fri Jan 13
Not guilty on six counts of rape , when i read a few of the articles it said one of the girls consensually had sex with grealish and another male but mendy apparently raped them , these girls were looking for a nice pay day it seems. his now got to wait till june for a retrial on of the counts , career ruined by money hungry hoes

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threesixty 2:29 Sat Jul 15
Re: Mendy
H Weinstein. R Polanski.

Not exactly lookers are they?

Footballers not only have a lot of money, they are generally famous, very physically fit people and young. They also have a lot of free time.
For your average working class girls I don’t think it’s a hard sell.

twoleftfeet 2:12 Sat Jul 15
Re: Mendy
I sense these girls associate sex with love.

They, maybe, thought that it would lead to something and Mendy was their meal ticket but for him it was just another day with another girl.

They then decide to try and ruin him.

El Scorchio 2:00 Sat Jul 15
Re: Mendy
SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:48

Completely agree. Power, money and entitlement makes you believe you can have whatever you want

Clearly not in this specific case though.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:48 Sat Jul 15
Re: Mendy
I don't buy the 'a footballer doesn't need to rape anyone' theory.

H Weinstein. R Polanski.

El Scorchio 1:31 Sat Jul 15
Re: Mendy
As already mentioned, the accusers need to be named and shamed, hauled over the coals and harshly punished. Not only for what they’ve done to an innocent man, but essentially for a crime against fellow women.

People like those are the reason so many genuine rape and abuse victims never get believed or get justice, and why so many abusers get to walk away free.

The media should be as a whole unequivocally castigating them.

ray winstone 12:11 Sat Jul 15
Re: Mendy
A free man. Career over? Worth a punt?

Sydney_Iron 4:37 Sat Jan 14
Re: Mendy
Will this woman be charged or face any consequences for her out and out lie? Agree that Mendy is maybe bit of a sleaze but at that age i bet we would all have been balls deep in.....................


Several weeks into the trial, the judge ordered the jury to find both Mendy and Matturie not guilty of raping a 19-year-old woman, after a video emerged showing her having “enthusiastic and obviously consensual sex” with Matturie.

“What you have actually seen with your own eyes in this case is – I hesitate to use the word – a real-life liar,” said Eleanor Laws KC in her closing speech to the jury. “Someone who has made serious criminal allegations against two men. And you have watched it play out, unusually, in front of your eyes. Because when ever does a defendant have a film to prove their innocence? Hardly ever.”

Manuel 4:27 Sat Jan 14
Re: Mendy
I doubt he's the nicest bloke in the world somehow and is probably a bit of a sleaze, BUT it's truly shocking stuff if innocent of all charges. Mud sticks and he's fucked now, can't not feel for the bloke.

grasshopper 1:51 Sat Jan 14
Re: Mendy
So are we signing him on a loan with an option to buy?

On The Ball 1:31 Sat Jan 14
Re: Mendy
Indeed, and I never get why they would - but it does happen. I suppose it was the weight of accusation - that's quite a lot of women who've made the same accusation, so it never felt likely to me that they were all lying. But I was wrong, they were.

bruuuno 1:15 Sat Jan 14
Re: Mendy
On The Ball 1:08 Sat Jan 14

Don’t know why you’d expect him to have been guilty - a footballer hardly needs to rape anyone do they ? Even most footballers aren’t that stupid (different matter when you get that Manc prick the other year who’s name escapes me abusing his mrs)

On The Ball 1:08 Sat Jan 14
Re: Mendy
Hands up - I had him guilty as fuck and sent down forever. Really surprised, but pleased.

joe royal 12:39 Sat Jan 14
Re: Mendy
Link to the CCTV evidence please.

bruuuno 11:05 Fri Jan 13
Re: Mendy
He’s not just lost his reputation and a few years of his life he’s spent time in prison which must be traumatic and he’s career is fucked.

Sydney_Iron 10:51 Fri Jan 13
Re: Mendy
Fuck me! Im all up for justice being served but imagine losing not just your reputation but basically a few years of your life based on someone not totally being honest with the Police?

The jury was made up of 14 jurors – eight men and six women – including two alternates, all of whom had to certify that they had no connection to Manchester City, Manchester United or the police.

The last sentence made me laugh..........


Serious Drinking 8:34 Fri Jan 13
Re: Mendy
So are these women going to be tried for their false allegations? They should face a jail sentence equivalent to the rape itself. Aside from trying to ruin an innocent man for greed, they undermine the plight of all genuine rape victims.

Not punishing them gives a green light for others to carry on attempting the same thing with impunity.

BRANDED 8:23 Fri Jan 13
Re: Mendy
Justice isnt justice if you are tarnished by cuntery

twoleftfeet 8:16 Fri Jan 13
Re: Mendy
That guardian article is damning of these women.

His life is ruined, they remain anonymous. That’s shocking

twoleftfeet 8:11 Fri Jan 13
Re: Mendy
These girls knew what they were doing when they went back to his house, they were expecting a pay day either by becoming his girlfriend or selling their story to the papers.

Like some have said he has a vast fortune and could get any woman he wants.

I guess in the cold light of day these ladies felt used but that’s not rape.

Is he a bit of a sleaze? Absolutely but he is not married or in a relationship so he was just filling his boots like most men of his age would do.

Hopefully he will learn from this and have a long and successful career as West Ham’s left back 😂😂

bruuuno 7:56 Fri Jan 13
Re: Mendy

Predictably this article completely skips over the part that a group of women cuntspired to ruin the blokes life and instead focusses on his perceived immoral behaviour. Utter wankers the BBC

threesixty 6:02 Fri Jan 13
Re: Mendy

Quite an interesting write up of events.

I’m convinced that a lot of the public do not believe women like this exist in that world. So they judge the men in that world like they’re all out of control rapists who use rape as a weapon of power and control.

Instead of the reality that there are a section of women that don’t see sex as some “sacred act” and will literally beg to have sex with famous or rich men. Men like Mendy don’t really need to rape anyone because so many women want to sleep with them anyway.

that’s why it’s always intrigued me about this concept that rape is about power. These men already have the power, so what power are they projecting by raping women that want to sleep with them anyway?

A lot of famous people rape does seem to be more “buyers remorse” than objectively someone did something to you against your will. That’s what it seems like anyway.. I’m sure people will disagree.

What scares me more is that the without the cctv evidence and other videos they are all going to prison. I just think that’s crazy.

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