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LeroysBoots 5:07 Mon Jan 23
Lampard Sacked
Hopefully. Will come calling for Moyes

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SurfaceAgentX2Zero 4:29 Fri Jan 27
Re: Lampard Sacked
Good manager syndrome.

SullyHammer 4:21 Fri Jan 27
Re: Lampard Sacked
Watch them climb the table now, new manager syndrome.

Sir Alf 4:18 Fri Jan 27
Re: Lampard Sacked
Dyche will turn them around? Highly likely.

Running out of teams that might be worse than us :-(

CrowleyHammer 4:07 Fri Jan 27
Re: Lampard Sacked
Dyche Confirmed

joyo 7:30 Wed Jan 25
Re: Lampard Sacked
Glad to read few posts saying someone else is going down rather than us.
Would hilarious if the scouse scum went down

Manuel 6:05 Wed Jan 25
Re: Lampard Sacked
It's looking like they could finally go down, last season they stayed up mainly to the support getting massively behind them on the run in, but that won't happen this time.

mallard 11:51 Tue Jan 24
Re: Lampard Sacked
They’ve had long enough in the top flight - now it’s their turn

kylay 11:35 Tue Jan 24
Re: Lampard Sacked
Hadn't seen this posted elsewhere, but Moshiri has put the club up for sale.

It don't make for good reading if you're an Everton fan. Sounds like they are in pretty dire straits financially:


Steady 11:20 Tue Jan 24
Re: Lampard Sacked
Everton are actually surpassing us for being a shit show, maybe we got lucky swerving Onana. Now if Everton truly want to win the crown of ‘comedy club’, all they need to do is make an approach for Moyesy

Charoo 11:13 Tue Jan 24
Re: Lampard Sacked
Not looking good at Everton, Danjuma pulled out last min and has gone to Spurs.

Anthony Gordon not reported for training trying to get a move to Newcastle.

Onana also not reported for training to try get a move to Arsenal.

They are rivalling us for being the biggest circus in town.

The Stoat 9:52 Tue Jan 24
Re: Lampard Sacked

Matthew Holmes 9:01 Tue Jan 24
Re: Lampard Sacked
I think Barton looks a decent prospect for future..improves most teams he's been at and able to manage at lower level than he played, unlike a lot.

Lampard. I don't mind him now he isn't scoring against us every season.
Said some shitty things back then but fuck it. No hatred now

zico 6:47 Tue Jan 24
Re: Lampard Sacked
Does prove one thing though and that's throwing money at the problem doesn't necessarily solve it! We aren't the only club who have suffered from horrendous recruitment.,

WHU(Exeter) 6:09 Tue Jan 24
Re: Lampard Sacked

WHU(Exeter) 6:09 Tue Jan 24
Re: Lampard Sacked
He isn't everyones cup of tea, and no fan myself, but sort of impressed with the way that Joey Barton has managed Bristol Rovers. They'd reached a real low point (whilst under him), and at the same time he was under self-inflicted stuff outside of football, looked nailed on for the sack.

His taken them on an upward projectory ever since.

Think there's a lot to be said for ex-famous Premiership players cutting their teeth in the 3rd and 4th Divisions, before even trying to take on a job like getting Derby County out the 2nd.

stewie griffin 6:02 Tue Jan 24
Re: Lampard Sacked
Would have been almost as impressive as nearly putting Derby out of business

WHU(Exeter) 5:56 Tue Jan 24
Re: Lampard Sacked
Wish they'd kept him on and he took them down.

No mean feat relegating Everton.

Jim79 4:11 Tue Jan 24
Re: Lampard Sacked
Doesn't Bielsa like to sleep at the training ground of the clubs he's managing so he can immerse himself in the job. Unless he wants to sleep in a tent or one of the the demountables/caravans at Rush Green highly unlikely we'd get him!!!

Gary Strodders shank 3:50 Tue Jan 24
Re: Lampard Sacked
They could be set to replace Big Fat Frank with Big Fat Sam.& if that dont work it could be Big Fat Steve Evans in a year or so.

Westside 3:49 Tue Jan 24
Re: Lampard Sacked
rarely stays anywhere longer than a few seasons.

Neither do most managers. Currently only 6 Premier League managers who have been in post, longer than
3 years.

One of them is Moyes.

JayeMPee 3:44 Tue Jan 24
Re: Lampard Sacked
Be careful what you wish for, whoever is appointed Everton manager will not need to do very much to make them a stronger outfit than us! The trash in the boardroom really fail to see what most others can.

European football two years in succession with a small squad, injection of £170m to bring in new players in order to reach the top six. We now sit below the likes of Palace Brentford, Fulham, Nottingham Forest etc and must be favorites for relegation. How in Gods name can this not be seen as abysmal failure by moyes and the clueless rubbish that work alongside him? He cannot even attract decent players, who the hell would want to play for him. Our world turned upside down by stubborn, arrogant, couldn't give a damn idiots!

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