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Hammer Oz 11:58 Mon Jan 30
Go fund me pages
What the hell is the world coming to? Some one I know started a 'Go fund me' page because their missus had a baby and they had Covid....
It had crap like 'baby powder is expensive'...

Maybe I am a different generation but when I had kids I went to work, when i didn't have money things like cigarettes, beer and even football went out the window

Not aiming this at any particular thread that may or may not be on this forum but... wanting people to give you money as you can't work and you are self employed..
FFS, you put money aside when you are working
No one in the UK will starve if they have no money, they may not be able to drive flash motors and spend all day iin the boozer though
FFS get a grip

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Gary Strodders shank 1:01 Mon Jan 30
Re: Go fund me pages
Kaiser Zoso

By the look of his boat race i think someone had already taken him up on that offer.

Kaiser Zoso 12:42 Mon Jan 30
Re: Go fund me pages
You never slapped him twice for an Ayrton?

Bargain, no?

Gary Strodders shank 12:40 Mon Jan 30
Re: Go fund me pages
There was a scotch fella begging outside Euston Station a while back & he approached us shamelessly asking for a fiver for a couple of cans, upon refusal he started to follow us swearing and cursing calling us tight bastards etc, but when told in no uncertain terms to fuck off else he might get a smack he quickly responded ill let you hit me twice for a tenner.
He got a fiver in the end for his front.

Hammer Oz 12:02 Mon Jan 30
Re: Go fund me pages
That I would donate to.
There is a bloke who begs for money where I live, he has a sign that says 'Need money for drink and drugs'
He said he wrote it because people kept giving him food he didn't want

Northern Sold 12:00 Mon Jan 30
Re: Go fund me pages
'baby powder is expensive'

Yes think of all those Northern Soul dancers out there...

*starts up Go Fund page *

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