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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Annony 12:30 Sat Feb 4
Gary Glitter

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cholo 9:51 Mon Feb 6
Re: Gary Glitter
Random memory of a Leroy Rosenior interview probably from the late 80s, he said as a school boy he was friends with Gary Glitter's son (also named Paul Gadd) and used to go round his house.

I expect the tone and context of relaying that story has completely changed since then.

Mike Oxsaw 4:20 Mon Feb 6
Re: Gary Glitter
joyo 10:32 Sun Feb 5

How can I go back to somewhere I've never been?

Oh! Right!. YOU'VE said I've been, so that must be the gospel truth.

Another pathetic deflection attempt, cripple-fucker.

Justin P 12:31 Mon Feb 6
Re: Gary Glitter
up the ritter

wansteadman 11:05 Sun Feb 5
Re: Gary Glitter
Years ago GG mate was the DJ in the green gate in Bethnal Green. He invited a load of people back to his flat in Hackney. All I can remember is all the birds out of the green gate marching out of the the door with his big padded shouldered jackets

joyo 10:32 Sun Feb 5
Re: Gary Glitter
Oxbore 3.30...correct and you should know,which why you don't go back to Cambodia you creepy old hippy

joe royal 3:35 Sun Feb 5
Re: Gary Glitter
Had a random Spotify playlist on in my car and was blasting out some MCR, hot day, windows down, roof off etc.

Then leader of the gang came on, started singing along to it for about 2 mins before I realised what I was doing.

Got a few strange looks.

Mike Oxsaw 3:30 Sun Feb 5
Re: Gary Glitter
Apparently, when he was arrested in Vietnam, he was renting a house from a top cop there for 750 British pounds (not dongs or dung-beetles, whatever counts for cash out there).

They had several chances to take him out - literally - before he was eventually pulled up, but his money was greasing the right palms.

If you actually have any experience of living in SE Asia (rather than a run-through-tick-box gap year tour or two week "vacation") you'd understand what was going on here.

bruuuno 2:36 Sun Feb 5
Re: Gary Glitter
oyo 6:29 Sun Feb 5
Re: Gary Glitter


Leonard Hatred 2:28 Sun Feb 5
Re: Gary Glitter
I used to be in a band with a bloke who worked for Snapper Music. They signed Glitter in 1997. Spent a million quid on his back catalogue, a new album, a compilation album and a planned tour. Just before the release, he took his computer into PC World.
For years he had boxes of Glitter merchandise and CDs in his office. Couldn't shift them.

They were like toxic waste.

ray winstone 2:19 Sun Feb 5
Re: Gary Glitter
I went to school with the bloke who was his drummer between 88-97, seen stuff on YouTube where he’s still bitter about losing his dream job and refuses to denounce GG, creepy cunt.

marty feldman 6:46 Sun Feb 5
Re: Gary Glitter
If only that channel 4. Programme the execution of Gary glitter weere true . The Cambodians should have hung the nonce cunt .

joyo 6:29 Sun Feb 5
Re: Gary Glitter
Gary Glitter,Jimmy Saville and Mike Oxsaw walk into an Irish bar and the barman says "Not yewtree again!"

yngwies Cat 2:47 Sun Feb 5
Re: Gary Glitter
Michael Jackson and Pete Townshend fans...

ted fenton 10:34 Sat Feb 4
Re: Gary Glitter
Vigilantes arrive at Gary Glitter's bail hostel and are confronted by police after reports staff have been giving the pop paedophile room service

Mike Oxsaw 10:19 Sat Feb 4
Re: Gary Glitter
joyo 7:19 Sat Feb 4

You want to dig up a link to me saying exactly that? WE can wait; we'll have to.

YOU are all over threads like this faster than a fly lands on a lump of fresh shit. Why would that be? Nostalgia for your favourite '70s Top-of-the-Pops show, is it?

Oh, and when you say "the place is full of ageing old hippies", you are referring to where you are currently located, obviously - otherwise how would you actually know that?

You're a deflectorist - and not a particularly good one, either.

joyo 7:19 Sat Feb 4
Re: Gary Glitter
Swiss the thing with Oxbore is he's a liar,saying Cambodia on must visit list yet few months ago says he's ain't been there since 2015??????
Place is full of ageing creepy old hippies like him

Swiss. 4:16 Sat Feb 4
Re: Gary Glitter
Him and Oxbore have some catching up to do.

joe royal 2:37 Sat Feb 4
Re: Gary Glitter
An unpopular view no doubt but it should have never gone to court.

He was never going to get a fair trial because of his past.

Fwiw I think he’s as guilty as sin. Therein lies the problem .

Hammer and Pickle 2:14 Sat Feb 4
Re: Gary Glitter
Not physically as such; however, looking at the tie-in between the ruling party and church not only here but in other places, the bumming is taking place and the mechanism is fiscal.

Mike Oxsaw 2:01 Sat Feb 4
Re: Gary Glitter
joyo 6:03 Sat Feb 4

Must confess that Cambodia is still on my "Places to visit" list. Nice try at deflection though.

How's the service at the Wimpy Bar in the stuck-in-the-seventies, National Front leaning, very white Upminster?

bruuuno 1:55 Sat Feb 4
Re: Gary Glitter
Pickle got bummed by a polish vicar

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