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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Stevethehammer 2:15 Mon Feb 6
Turkey earthquake
Over 1000 dead across Turkey and Syria

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chim chim cha boo 7:01 Tue Feb 21
Re: Turkey earthquake
A mate of mine is Turkish and actually grew up in the town at the epicenter.

He's lost family, old school friends, his family home, cousins, cousins daughters and sons, so many that I worry for his mental state. It's almost surreal. Poor fucker booked a holiday months ago for him and his young family which I have been pleading with him to still go on as he says it feels 'inappropriate'.

He says when everything and everyone is counted the death toll is going to be at least 150,000.

As for Aleppo and places like that in Syria it seems almost like a curse has been inflicted upon them.

Poor souls.

On The Ball 5:38 Tue Feb 21
Re: Turkey earthquake
I first knew it'd happened when I read about it on the BBC News site last night, then I forgot about it, then I saw it again on BBC Breakfast this morning.

BubblesCyprus 4:30 Tue Feb 21
Re: Turkey earthquake
Had another one last night not major enough for the BBC.

Westham67 1:43 Tue Feb 21
Re: Turkey earthquake
If the Tory's were involved it would have measured beyond red on the Richter scale. Tremors would be felt in Westminster

bruuuno 12:58 Tue Feb 21
Re: Turkey earthquake
The tories have a lot to answer for

riosleftsock 9:03 Mon Feb 20
Re: Turkey earthquake
Another 6.4 richter earthquake just hit the same area causing further damage.

Poor fuckers.

goose 10:26 Sun Feb 19
Re: Turkey earthquake

Speculations about HAARP triggering the massive earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have surfaced on social media.

Vexed 12:29 Sat Feb 18
Re: Turkey earthquake
Christian Catfood

Mr Anon 10:28 Sat Feb 18
Re: Turkey earthquake
Christian Atsu found dead under the rubble.

Far Cough 10:28 Sat Feb 18
Re: Turkey earthquake
Christian Atsu former Everton, Bournemouth and Newcastle player found dead under the rubble of his home in Turkey

Mike Oxsaw 9:21 Mon Feb 13
Re: Turkey earthquake
The death toll is at about the level of the average attendance at a PL game, and only likely to get higher.

These figures, as Branded suggested, will only go one way on account that people now are forced to live in "less safe" areas on account that all the "more safe" areas are already full to overflowing.

Some twat is almost certainly about to point out, I'm sure, that as the UK is one of the "more safe" nations on the planet, we should/must open our doors to anybody who wants to leave a "less safe" place and live here.

That, of course, is absolute bilge and it's up to national governments to make their own countries safer for their own populations - or can this earthquake be laid at Brexit's door, making it all (ALL) our fault?

riosleftsock 11:25 Sun Feb 12
Re: Turkey earthquake
Still sanctions on Syria, which seriously hamper the ability to help people there. Not even sure these sanctions are legal, buggered if I can remember why they are in place (although I have an idea)

BRANDED 11:24 Sun Feb 12
Re: Turkey earthquake
One consequence of having 8 billion people on Earth plus 120 million extra every year is that death stats will start to seem pretty large but are actually really small until those people start to get dying en masse.

MaryMillingtonsGhost 11:08 Sun Feb 12
Re: Turkey earthquake
For years, experts warned that many new buildings in Turkey were unsafe due to endemic corruption and government policies.

Those policies allowed so-called amnesties for contractors who swerved building regulations, in order to encourage a construction boom - including in earthquake-prone regions.

Surely the end for that prick Erdogan?

Leonard Hatred 11:04 Sun Feb 12
Re: Turkey earthquake
33k dead so far.


mashed in maryland 12:14 Sun Feb 12
Re: Turkey earthquake
That death toll is horrific

Kudos to anyone who donates or does anything.

BRANDED 11:55 Sat Feb 11
Re: Turkey earthquake
This is going to be 100,000 dead isnt it

Crassus 4:51 Thu Feb 9
Re: Turkey earthquake
riosleftsock 8:54 Wed Feb 8

Syrian aid - Well I'm for one would be pleased if the UK government had not sent aid, we are spending enough on the 'Syrians' that have floated into Kent on inflatable mermaids
If anyone wants to weigh on, their choice, there are enough 'charities' that would welcome a contribution

Eerie Descent 4:28 Thu Feb 9
Re: Turkey earthquake
"The same earthquake that disfigured my missus"...joyo

joyo 3:57 Thu Feb 9
Re: Turkey earthquake
"What earthquake?"...Michael J Fox

ted fenton 3:40 Thu Feb 9
Re: Turkey earthquake
UK hit by earthquake as buildings in Essex shake after loud rumbling terrifies residents
Story by Charlie Bradley • 2h ago

An earthquake was recorded in Chelmsford, Essex as locals claimed buildings were shaking and rumbling in the middle of the night.
The British Geological Society confirmed that a minor quake occurred in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The earthquake only registered a magnitude of 2.6 and a depth of 8km at its epicentre in Bicknacre at around 5am.
A magnitude of between 2.5 and 5.4 means a quake can be felt but only causes minor damage.

Locals in the area said they felt "a massive loud rumbling" and heard an "earthquake sound".

One person told Essex Live that it sounded like "fighter jets rumbling across the sky".

On social media, a local from South Woodham Ferrers said their whole house shook.

Someone else said they heard their radiators shaking. But another resident said they didn't feel a thing, adding: "I appear to have slept right through it."

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