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Stevethehammer 4:30 Mon Feb 6
Jesse Marsch

Bielsa back surely

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Pickle Rick 5:24 Fri Feb 17
Re: Jesse Marsch
If I were a Southampton fan I'd have been fuming if he was appointed. Still they'll have to settle for a retiree or a championship manager who can prep them for next season in the Championship.

goose 10:47 Thu Feb 16
Re: Jesse Marsch

Harry Redknapp could be set for a stunning return to the Premier League after the 75-year-old informed Leeds that he would be open to taking over the vacant managerial position.

kylay 11:00 Wed Feb 15
Re: Jesse Marsch
No longer going to take over at Southampton.


I think whoever takes over there is doomed to relegation. I also wonder if the USSF didn't have something to do with it.

Manuel 2:34 Tue Feb 14
Re: Jesse Marsch
Leeds v Southampton next Saturday.

Coffee 2:21 Tue Feb 14
Re: Jesse Marsch
Fair enough, Mr Trundle.

Brooking was different, though. Club legend and only in charge for three (?) games, and that in the Championship.

Lee Trundle 2:18 Tue Feb 14
Re: Jesse Marsch
Coffee 1:51 Tue Feb 14

Well, it almost worked out before when we appointed Brooking.

We've got enough coaches (that Moyes doesn't listen to) within the club that could step up. Some already have as managers.

If it's the choice between them, or Marsch (who just failed miserably), then I'd probably prefer one of them until the summer.

Manuel 2:10 Tue Feb 14
Re: Jesse Marsch
Sure, but I specified England. Anyway, be interesting this how he does, you can just imagine him being good in training with his US corporate and David Brent like spill :-)

He'll have a point to prove.

Russ of the BML 2:02 Tue Feb 14
Re: Jesse Marsch
Manuel - Of course he'll get another job. Pro football is like that. You get a job at top level then you are made for life. You don't even have to be any good. Look at Steve McLaren.

Manuel 1:58 Tue Feb 14
Re: Jesse Marsch
Manuel 2:24 Tue Feb 7

''I don't think this fella is a complete chump and fancy he will get other offers in England''

Russ of the BML 1:58 Tue Feb 14
Re: Jesse Marsch

Vexed 11:54 Tue Feb 14

Possibly. But I don't know about it.

Just pisses me off when these muppets get jobs in pro football when, in reality, they couldn't manage an Under-10's side.

Coffee 1:51 Tue Feb 14
Re: Jesse Marsch
Would a caretaker offer anything better than those on the merry-go-round? Have you thought this through?

Lee Trundle 1:35 Tue Feb 14
Re: Jesse Marsch
This isn't me doing a twoleftfeet (subtly chucking my weight behind keeping Moyes), but judging at the replacements other teams around us are looking at and have got in, I'm not entirely overwhelmed by any of them available on the managerial merry-go-round.

I'd prefer us to get a caretaker to take over within the club if we bin off Moyes, I reckon.

Vexed 1:30 Tue Feb 14
Re: Jesse Marsch
SullyHammer 1:22 Tue Feb 14

I dont think he'll have to do too much to be better than the hopeless Nathan Jones but fuckin hell Southampton have lost the plot, Marsch spend a load of wedge and they were still fucking shit (although better than us).

Have you ever met anyone called Nathan or Jesse that wasn't a massive bellend/failure?

SullyHammer 1:22 Tue Feb 14
Re: Jesse Marsch
Jesse Marsch has verbally agreed to become Southampton’s new manager.

I think he will improve them.

Vexed 11:54 Tue Feb 14
Re: Jesse Marsch
Blimey Russ, did he doink your missus or something?!

Takashi Miike 11:33 Tue Feb 14
Re: Jesse Marsch
apparently a front runner for the southampton job and already been interviewed, hahahaha

Russ of the BML 11:04 Wed Feb 8
Re: Jesse Marsch
Jesse Marsch is probably is a genuinely nice guy but when it comes to football and dealing with pro footballers an absolute fucking tosser.

He probably lays awake at night wondering why Leeds haven't won the league with him in charge because he is most likely so taken in by himself and his methods that he genuinely believes he is good enough to win the league.

He's a product of the American style of buzzword philosophy management, unity mantra's and positive ethos bullshit. Not particularly engaging to a dirty Northern bastard.

I doubt that deep down he takes any blame and probably thinks he was too advanced for the players.

An utter cretin.

wd40 10:57 Wed Feb 8
Re: Jesse Marsch
Giving David Brent talks to a load of proper football supporters week in week out wasn't going to last.

Manuel 4:07 Wed Feb 8
Re: Jesse Marsch
Kylay- Yea, possibly, what with a home world cup coming up, although that's a while off still.

I've always said never try to second guess a clubs own fans so if Leeds fans think he is shit then who am I to argue, but from what I've seen of him I thought he was quite an impressive bloke, but maybe I bought the US corporate, David Brent type spill :-)

I thought they looked a decent outfit when I watched them, better than us anyway, and should definitely have more points, been unlucky with injuries too, Bamford for one. Ironically, their last win I believe was at Anfield, when you think that would have given them a lot of confidence moving forward. If not for Fabianski's last minute world class save in the 2-2 maybe things would now be different for Marsch and Moyes? Small margins.

happygilmore 9:21 Tue Feb 7
Re: Jesse Marsch
There trying to close out on an appointment of a manager that is currently in employment.

And before you start getting your hopes up, no, it's not Moyes

kylay 6:24 Tue Feb 7
Re: Jesse Marsch
Manuel 2:24 Tue Feb 7

You can bank on the US national team picking him up assuming he wants it.

I thought it a bit foolish he didn't try to get in a defender in January given their defensive issues. Their attack is certainly more potent than ours.

When Rice goes in the summer, I would take a long look at Tyler Adams. Don't imagine he'll have much loyalty to Leeds now that Marsch is gone. Of course, that assumes we stay up as well.

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