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eastend joker 5:39 Fri Feb 10
Fish & Chips boxes
Seem to be all the rage now , I fucking hate them .
Why can't they just go back to wrapping them in paper ?
I'm not convinced they keep it warmer and as for a "box" of chips forget it .

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northbankboy68 11:07 Sat Feb 11
Re: Fish & Chips boxes
Never heard of that box set

arsegrapes 5:20 Sat Feb 11
Re: Fish & Chips boxes
Had Cod and chips onion rings mushy peas at a chippy before covid lockdown. Was passing went back there but it had closed and some Turks had taken over, didn't fancy it but bought some chips now i had got there, not busy and he told me to wait as they were cooking them fresh, waited 10 mins opened the chips in the car and they tasted rancid like they'd been cooked in diesel so i binned them.

Cheap oil and it would help if they changed it more than every 6 months.

Claret Badger 4:12 Sat Feb 11
Re: Fish & Chips boxes
Soggy chips are for drunks
They’re only soggy coz you wrapped em - and steamed them as you had em under your arm or in a carrier bag on the way home

Vinegar is best served lashed over the potato LENGTHS and breathed in you eat inhale and fuck up your throat.

Coffee 8:31 Sat Feb 11
Re: Fish & Chips boxes
SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:23 Sat Feb 11

There's something highly satisfying about chips made soggy by vinegar, particularly if it's pickled onion vinegar. Just add salt and you're done. Chip shop chips aren't made to be eaten crispy.

Fortunes Hiding 4:33 Sat Feb 11
Re: Fish & Chips boxes

I think you missed a bracket out in one of the formulas, so you’ve actually made the situation more confusing.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:23 Sat Feb 11
Re: Fish & Chips boxes
It's not the cooling properties of the vinegar that is the reason for waiting until you get home to add it. It's the sogginess inducing properties.

gph 12:46 Sat Feb 11
Re: Fish & Chips boxes

I never underestimate my audience

arsene york-hunt 12:44 Sat Feb 11
Re: Fish & Chips boxes
Thanks gph that's made everything clear

gph 12:36 Sat Feb 11
Re: Fish & Chips boxes
WHU(E): the physics of that is all wrong. Hot things lose heat more rapidly.

Assume you don't add the vinegar in the chippy, and the chips have temperature T. Then they lose heat equivalent to a temperature drop of f(T), say. When you get them home, you add vinegar, causing a further temperature drop of Δt. Final temperature: T - f(T) - ΔT.

If you add the vinegar in the chippy, the temperature drops to T - ΔT. When get them home, the temperature has dropped by f(T - ΔT), so the final temperature is T - ΔT + f(T - ΔT) > T - f(T) - ΔT (as f(T) > f(T - ΔT) - hot things lose heat more rapidly).

All this assumes that heat capacities are temperature-independent, and the amount of fucking around getting vinegar on chips is the same in the chippy and at home.

(Anyone know what the SI unit for fucking around is? I'd propose the gasm, if there isn't one in place)

RM10 10:54 Fri Feb 10
Re: Fish & Chips boxes
I have had it with Turkish food here, meat bread and salad for over £20! Gone back to decent fish and chips, Indians are getting inconsistent and overpriced to. My Turkish barbers is £17, for Stanford le hope that’s quite dear you think?

riosleftsock 10:33 Fri Feb 10
Re: Fish & Chips boxes
We love fish and chips, I buy a bottle of white onion vinegar from the chippy a couple of times a year.

Also got my kids into sometimes having chip shop gravy on their chips, they love it.

goose 10:26 Fri Feb 10
Re: Fish & Chips boxes
It’s my dad’s birthday today, we had a cracking fish & chips from Sidney & sons in stansted abbotts.

Mike Oxsaw 10:15 Fri Feb 10
Re: Fish & Chips boxes
Paper kills trees.

Call yourself green?


bruuuno 10:14 Fri Feb 10
Re: Fish & Chips boxes
Also put the vinegar in AFTER the salt as otherwise the salt just sticks to the vinegar and is less likely to tumble into the chippy crevasses hither and fither like cabbages from woodys train man

WHU(Exeter) 10:11 Fri Feb 10
Re: Fish & Chips boxes
If you get fish and chips and then walk home, put the vinegar on it all WHEN you get home. It’s the addition of vinegar that makes it all go colder quite quickly.

Hammer and Pickle 10:05 Fri Feb 10
Re: Fish & Chips boxes
Oh right, just the 10.

Maybe a half jihad?

Nurse Ratched 10:01 Fri Feb 10
Re: Fish & Chips boxes
the DRINK...

Hammer and Pickle 9:59 Fri Feb 10
Re: Fish & Chips boxes
20 charity shops?!

Oh the HORROR.

Time for a JIHAD.

riosleftsock 9:49 Fri Feb 10
Re: Fish & Chips boxes
My town has less than 20,000 souls but has 3 turkish barbers who only take cash.

When I moved here 13 years ago there were none.

The High st is fucked in most towns, we have a preponderence of;

Charity shops (around 10)
Bookmakers (2)
Coffee shops (20+)
Boutique clothing shops (10+)

Hammer and Pickle 9:45 Fri Feb 10
Re: Fish & Chips boxes
Seems like it's more about having a good offer and business model and less to do with having an English sounding name.

Why don't you just jump off the roof?

bruuuno 9:32 Fri Feb 10
Re: Fish & Chips boxes
I live on one of the major eating/drinking streets in my city and know for a fact that at least one in five bars/restaurants/barbers is at it and they’re just the ones I know about

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