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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

one iron 10:15 Fri Feb 24
30 years ago today
Bobby moore died today. our friend tony the soldier, will lay flowers at the statue at upton park..Well done tony, rip bobby.Dont let mugs take away our past, and our furture.

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charleyfarley 11:13 Mon Feb 27
Re: 30 years ago today
Glad that’s sorted wasn’t sure if the meet at Brentwood between jfk and Soldo was going to take place in LA or Essex

easthammer 3:14 Mon Feb 27
Re: 30 years ago today
I first saw Bobby Moore play on Tuesday 6th November 1956. It was West Ham Utd Colts v Briggs Minors. It was at the Boleyn under lights. Other notables in the West Ham team included John Lyall, Joe Kirkup and John Smith.

Although to be honest I only remember the occasion and not the players and their performances. And I guess nobody at that game could have predicted what a fantastic player Mooro would become.

A couple of years or so later was the first game I remember seeing
Moore play in a Reserve game at Upton Park and my next-door adult neighbour who had taken me to the game said about Moore as he ran out the tunnel "watch him he will captain England one day". Little did I realise at the time that was in fact somewhat of an understatement!

I only met him once, when I shared a physio room with him and John Cushley one Sunday morning at the Boleyn. It was about a year after the World Cup and I was in complete awe of the Great Man.

Any Old Iron 2:16 Mon Feb 27
Re: 30 years ago today
I went to the commerative game two weeks after his passing. My nine year old daughter insisted on coming with me because she realised how much he meant to me.

We got to the ground early because I thought there'd be a big crowd. Sadly only 20,000 turned up.

It struck me then that it wasn't only the FA and our board who didn't truly appreciate just how great he was.

Timmy Breacker 1:21 Mon Feb 27
Re: 30 years ago today
David L
I'm sure there were excerpts of commentary from 64, 65 & 66 along with snippets of interviews with Greenwood and others.
Was a proper choker that day. And I'm not just talking about how many times Mike Small was offside in the first half.

David L 12:47 Mon Feb 27
Re: 30 years ago today
I lost it at the Wolves game when they played - I think - a bit of commentary when we won the ECWC. Can someone confirm this? Or was it the World Cup final?

bruuuno 12:43 Mon Feb 27
Re: 30 years ago today
I’ve had a few beers today

Northern Sold 12:33 Mon Feb 27
Re: 30 years ago today
Third time lucky bruuuuno??

bruuuno 12:31 Mon Feb 27
Re: 30 years ago today
Fucked that up a bit

Northern Sold 12:31 Mon Feb 27
Re: 30 years ago today
Apology accepted...

bruuuno 12:30 Mon Feb 27
Re: 30 years ago today
Eastside surge 8:33 Fri Feb 24

Or maybe it was just the burden of knowing that cunt soldo?

bruuuno 12:27 Mon Feb 27
Re: 30 years ago today

Northern Sold 6:27 Fri Feb 24

Or maybe it was the burden of knowing you ?

jfk 10:59 Sun Feb 26
Re: 30 years ago today
Apologies all.

Mr Anon 10:53 Sun Feb 26
Re: 30 years ago today
is there any thread, no mater how inoffensive or well meaning, doesn;' end with people threatening to knock each other out on here?

jfk 10:41 Sun Feb 26
Re: 30 years ago today
I was referring to the Forest fans that applauded our remembrance for the man.of course you questioned me you prick.
Not for a second denying what’s common knowledge but you realy enjoy g0bbing off at any given moment.I’m the opposite just out of respect wouldnt dream of doing likewise.
You are a fucking oddball that craves attention I think you’re a fucking prick.
I don’t care what you think of of me as it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever meet as I don’t ever knock about Southend way.
If however your Brentwood way and introduce yourself I’ll knock your fucking block off you civil servant poncing mouthy cunt.

Northern Sold 9:54 Sun Feb 26
Re: 30 years ago today
Also... Forest fans??

Northern Sold 9:49 Sun Feb 26
Re: 30 years ago today
jfk.... what you mean family matters that were already out in the public domain.... hardly a secret he was an alcoholic ... did you know George Best was one as well???

You fucking turd

jfk 3:33 Sun Feb 26
Re: 30 years ago today
The respect for our greatest ever player was genuinely by all,including the travelling Forest fans.

Northern sold perhaps certain details regarding family matters are best left quiet.


Eastside surge 8:33 Fri Feb 24
Re: 30 years ago today
Northern sold 6.27

Maybe he just found it too difficult for him growing up in his dads shadow and the the only way to cope led to his sad ending, wouldn't be the first I guess

Northern Sold 6:27 Fri Feb 24
Re: 30 years ago today
Eastside surge 3:24 Fri Feb 24

Knew his son Dean pretty well... he ran the Bell in Westcliff (A127) for a couple of years... had some brilliant lock ins there... hiding behind the bar with about 20 other regulars with the old bill knocking on the door... trying to keep his 2 dogs quiet... cracking days... he was a great lad but you always felt it was going to end that way ... I swear I never saw him without a glass or bottle in his hand... real shame.

WHU(Exeter) 5:29 Fri Feb 24
Re: 30 years ago today
When he was manager of Southend Utd I waited around for ages outside the ground when they played Exeter City for his autograph. The rest of Southend Utd had left in their coach, but a steward told me and my Dad that he was travelling seperately on his own. When he came out of the ground it was absolutely peeing it down, but he stood and chatted to us for a good 20 minutes before leaving the ground.

Literally do not make them like that anymore, an absolute gentleman.

zico 4:45 Fri Feb 24
Re: 30 years ago today
Mercernary - So sorry, that's awfully sad.

It's strange how a footballer can have such an effect on those of us who never actually saw them play, bar the clips and highlights. Even now I'm angry at how Club and Country cast him aside, like many others, and only when he died did the naming of stands and statues gets rolled out. Bobby should have been at the very least an Ambassador for England and West Ham.

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