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Leonard Hatred 12:27 Sat Feb 25
Happy Valley
Talk to me

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Sydney_Iron 11:04 Mon Feb 27
Re: Happy Valley

Razzle 11:02 Mon Feb 27
Re: Happy Valley
Given the state of TV today this is a good watch

Tomshardware 10:41 Sun Feb 26
Re: Happy Valley
Hasn't this been around for a few years? Seems like everyone is talking about this layely. I can't be arsed with it, I have the boxset of Bergerac.

Side of Ham 5:30 Sun Feb 26
Re: Happy Valley
Hahahaha! Rent free in your head Swiss….

Swiss. 4:01 Sun Feb 26
Re: Happy Valley
A series for twee middle Englanders and men who like to knit.

zebthecat 10:51 Sat Feb 25
Re: Happy Valley
Sally Wainwright is a fantastic writer. She writes three dimensional characters, even the incidental ones, who talk like real people:

"Mum - it's one them private ambulances"
"One of THOSE private ambulances"

Also, unlike Line of Duty, she had the major story arc mostly figured out when writing the first series adn it was always going to be a triilogy. Jed Mercurio basically made it up as he went along.They would start shooting a series before he's even finished the plot and scripts for it let alone the ones to come.

Siobhan Finneran was great (as were all the main cast) and hilarious in Alma's not normal.
It was nice to see George Costigan in it as well. A small Rita, Sue and Bob too reunion.

Side of Ham 10:28 Sat Feb 25
Re: Happy Valley
Agree Surf, they could’ve taken the story with the boy running away with his dad and the chase etc…. but he was brought up sensible…so why totally change the characters to make it ‘action packed thrills’ it was always true to itself …..I think this is as close I’ll get to you not seeing women’s football as a threat! ;-)

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 9:53 Sat Feb 25
Re: Happy Valley
Yes. I thought the whole point was the contrast between unwanted Ryan, who lucked into two mothers, his fiercely protective grandma and his daft but adoring auntie, and unwanted Tommy, who had been turned into a monster through lack of any maternal love.

Personally, I think the final scenes with Tommy and Catherine were supposed to show that even the monstrous Tommy could have genuine love for Ryan, warped and deluded as it was. It's possible he found some small degree of redemption. Catherine certainly wouldn't see it that way, though Clare might. Others may not agree with that interpretation, which is a good thing.

The PE teacher was only there to show what a sensible and well-adjusted lad Ryan had become and the pharmacist and eastern Europeans were just a plot device to spring Tommy from prison for the final showdown.

Side of Ham 9:42 Sat Feb 25
Re: Happy Valley
SurfaceAgentX2Zero 9:37 Sat Feb 25

Nail on head Surf, if you watched the first two series properly you’d know the whole thing was building up to what a good job she’d done bringing up the boy nobody else could look at for a longtime. Her police work and how good she was at it was actually secondary…

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 9:37 Sat Feb 25
Re: Happy Valley
It wasn't supposed to be about the pharmacist or the PE teacher. She threw away those minor sub-plots on purpose. The whole season, indeed the whole show, was about Catherine's relationships with the three most important people in her life; Tommy, Ryan and Clare.

Sorry to get all soft, but it was all about love (and hate) not good detective work. Catherine's not even a detective - if you want a mystery, watch Vera. And if there wasn't enough blood and guts for you in the last episode, you need to see a shrink.

zebthecat 9:34 Sat Feb 25
Re: Happy Valley
Writer singular Fifth,
I liked the way that Catherine Cawood spent the entire series swaddled in either a stab vest, hii viz and police gear combo or massive jumpers, scarves and puffa jacket except the very last scene visiting her daighter's grave where she wore a light summer top.
It was as if she'd finally taken her armour off.

Fifth Column 6:36 Sat Feb 25
Re: Happy Valley
It was really good.

I thought the finale was excellent. It was like they ran out of time at the end to explain some of the sub plots but in general it was excellent.

Much better than the ending of Line Of Duty. These writers actually came up with a decent ending.

Helmut Shown 6:29 Sat Feb 25
Re: Happy Valley
Cresswell useless twat

Helmut Shown 6:25 Sat Feb 25
Re: Happy Valley
Cresswell useless twat

Helmut Shown 6:10 Sat Feb 25
Re: Happy Valley
Cresswell on to allow their number 10 free runs at goal

terry-h 1:56 Sat Feb 25
Re: Happy Valley
I thought the actress who played Sarah Lancashire's sister was just as good. I've seen her in other parts but she doesn't get the same publicity.

Leonard Hatred 1:21 Sat Feb 25
Re: Happy Valley
The third series wasn't great.

Almost "jumped the shark" in some ways.

Yes, the ending was a bit of an anti climax, and the sub-plot with the Asian pharmacist was a bit half baked. Just sort of fizzled out, like they couldn't be arsed with it.

The first 2 series were excellent though.

Pentonville 1:09 Sat Feb 25
Re: Happy Valley

he finale was wank. To invest all the time and effort into it and then all to be solved by a chat in her office was bollox and lazy.
Fucking pointless having the east erupoeans in it and PE teacher, utter dross.

zebthecat 12:49 Sat Feb 25
Re: Happy Valley
Sarah Lancashire was brilliant in this.

Eerie Descent 12:39 Sat Feb 25
Re: Happy Valley
Yeah, done the same.

Think the main bird was very good, albeit some of her tear ups were unrealistic, but that's not her fault.

Leonard Hatred 12:31 Sat Feb 25
Re: Happy Valley
Binged the whole 3 series in the last few weeks.

A rare bit of quality TV from the BBC.

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