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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Pentonville 12:29 Thu Mar 16
John Lyall Sacking/ Paul Ince Leaving
Infamous Ambrose Mendy gives a good interview on a YouTube channel called Dodge Woodhall. 46mins in approx, he talks about representing Ince and their version of events with the move to Man Utd.
Didn't know he brought Bishop and Morley to us.

I won't spoil what he says about Ince transfer but it does put a perspective on it that I wasn't aware of.

He has many West Ham tit bits throughout this interview and also Dodge himself is a West Ham fan AND a proper good bloke. He did an interview with Carlton Leech a few weeks ago too.

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Mike Oxsaw 5:44 Mon Mar 20
Re: John Lyall Sacking/ Paul Ince Leaving
Peters was the same - saw that there was no way the club was ever going to match his personal ambition, so simply moved somewhere he felt opened up those opportunities.

Moore wanted away, too, don't forget, probably down to the exact, self-same reasons. Nothing, whatsoever to do with the manager.

We never learn (because we're too big and East End Boys and fuckin' hard and West Ham) and are now busy shooing Rice out of the door for whatever we can get for him.

whu 4:56 Mon Mar 20
Re: John Lyall Sacking/ Paul Ince Leaving

yep, decent summary

Side of Ham 9:56 Fri Mar 17
Re: John Lyall Sacking/ Paul Ince Leaving
What amazes me is with the current situation at the club, and the fact we’ve let it go on & on, that we still see ourselves as being in the right. It matters fuck all who he WAS and how he went about it….he did the right thing for him and his career like all the ‘Judas’ players did as they simply had big ambitions. The club has never matched any of our own ambitions for it so why do we still use these players as scapegoats for the utterly shit ownerships we’ve had…..as for Ince whatever he was his ambition broke a very likely cycle of crime for his family so he’s a West Ham boy done well and West Ham merely opened the door to success like they always fucking have….

whu 9:31 Fri Mar 17
Re: John Lyall Sacking/ Paul Ince Leaving
was the days before pr people - however you cook it up, he did a shocking job as an agent, mendy

as for the real story for leaving, i guess we will never know the full story but media obviously spin it up to suit a story

take bellamy later on - many slated him when he left here 'one greedy bastard' chanted and so on, in latter years in a book somewhere, he insisted the club wanted/forced the move as they wanted the dough - said he loved it here and never wanted to leave

Eerie Descent 8:57 Fri Mar 17
Re: John Lyall Sacking/ Paul Ince Leaving
Sold0 is from the seaside, he probably thinks anyone who grew up within the M25 is a burglar...

jfk 6:54 Fri Mar 17
Re: John Lyall Sacking/ Paul Ince Leaving
I know Steve (Potts)well,never mentioned Ince as a tea leaf.Ince wearnt.
Perhaps your mates a bullshitter much like yourself.

jfk 6:30 Fri Mar 17
Re: John Lyall Sacking/ Paul Ince Leaving
Ince was a treacherous individual ,and no angel in he’s youth but was never a burgular type cunt.
Don’t make things up NS.

HockleyHammer 1:07 Fri Mar 17
Re: John Lyall Sacking/ Paul Ince Leaving
I loved Bish, my first west ham hero.

I see the same admiration from my 11 year old daughter and Declan

Northern Sold 12:16 Fri Mar 17
Re: John Lyall Sacking/ Paul Ince Leaving
Yeah all his mates done time jfk... he just got lucky... I'm going by what my mate told me (Richard Sharpe)... maybe have a word with Pottsy and co and the other in the youth team at the time... if that interview does not tell what type of bloke you are looking at then nothing will... but yeah... he's kept quiet at the stuff that he proper got pulled over for... anyway you believe what you want fella...

jfk 11:33 Thu Mar 16
Re: John Lyall Sacking/ Paul Ince Leaving
Ince was never a burgular type,too talented from a young age.I know that for a fact.(grew up around the manor)
Sold is full of shit.

GoalLazio 11:31 Thu Mar 16
Re: John Lyall Sacking/ Paul Ince Leaving
Why don’t you suck his cock southbank you boring cunt

Eastside surge 3:29 Thu Mar 16
Re: John Lyall Sacking/ Paul Ince Leaving
Was at the Stoke game myself and like some have already said don't remember him refusing to play, and the kamarra tackle on franky mac wasn't that bad either just a bad outcome unfortunately

southbankbornnbred 1:40 Thu Mar 16
Re: John Lyall Sacking/ Paul Ince Leaving
And Paul's gang would never have tried to rob us, for some obvious reasons.

One of them being we were three floors up and there were more of us than them!

southbankbornnbred 1:36 Thu Mar 16
Re: John Lyall Sacking/ Paul Ince Leaving
Interesting - although there's not a shred of evidence in that to substantiate your claim about him doing over people's "nans".

I'm quite certain that his 'gang' robbed people. They used to brag about it. But I highly doubt that Paul, for all of his trouble (and there was a LOT of it) purposefully targeted older women. Might have, might not have.

For a start, his group were not that prepared or organised enough to have a target group of victims. They were wrong 'uns, sure, but mostly street level thugs, rogues and chancers. Best way to describe them is they'd take what was in front of them. To that end, yes, it's possible they robbed older women.

Paul often wasn't with them, because he would be at football training. Most of then will tell you that he was a relatively peripheral figure - and I know that because I know some of them. They did indeed end up in prison. If Paul hadn't had football, he probably would have joined them.

It's a not unfamiliar story for a lot of working-class kids in east London, or elsewhere, who went on to be top sports people. Look at Anthony Joshua, Frank Bruno etc.

I'm not excusing the behaviour - quite the opposite. My mum thought Paul was an absolute wrong 'un from a young age, and used to tell him in no uncertain terms! But I always find it interesting with Ince because, through sheer chance, I watched some of it unfold. He and his mates sometimes used to hang out on the estate where I grew up and my sister knew his (eventual) wife.

Northern Sold 12:49 Thu Mar 16
Re: John Lyall Sacking/ Paul Ince Leaving

He obviously never robbed your gaff then... or maybe your Nan's as it seems like that's who they targeted... you might not be looking at him in such stardust laden eyes then... bloke was a fucking scrote...

So Ince grew up a virtual orphan, stalking streets full of trouble.

He spat at society and took vengeance on those who tried to help.

Most forecast only a life of crime and inevitably, prison.

"I hardly ever went to school. I used to stay in bed all day. Most of the time, I had no need to play truant because the teachers did not want me and I was usually suspended."

At school, he met his future wife Clare, initially one of the `posh kids' he despised and used to bully into handing over money and other possessions.

His wild behaviour continued even after he was signed by West Ham, who received regular reports from school and police about the trouble he was in.

His friends were drug pushers and thugs. Many ended up in jail.

THEN former West Ham manager John Lyall took Ince under his wing. Lyall's iron discipline paid off.

At 17, Ince finally turned his back on the streets and concentrated on his football. He still sees Lyall as a father figure.

He adds: "John Lyall rescued me from a life on the dole - or prison.

"I was a tearaway when I left school in London's East End, always in trouble and too arrogant to think authority would ever touch me. As a youngster at West Ham I was frightened of no one.

"Then, one night, I got into a terrible fight at a party. I went to help a mate and someone was very badly hurt.

"I tried to keep it all quiet, but one morning during training I was told to report immediately to the manager.

"That was the longest walk of my life, and when I saw two policemen in Mr Lyall's office I knew the game was up. The boss had been very supportive until then. He knew I had problems at home, with my Mum going to live in Germany leaving me to stay with relatives.

"But this time he slaughtered me. He went mad. He told me he didn't have time to deal with pipsqueaks like me, and I had that cold feeling that I was going to be thrown out of the club.

"Worse, the police were telling me what could happen if the case went to court.

"In the end I was let off with a warning, and I have wondered since whether the manager and the police got together to put the wind up me. They certainly succeeded.

"My mate was found guilty and sentenced to many hours of community service.

"Whenever I am asked what I would be if I wasn't a footballer, I think back to that day."

He's obviously not mentioned the robberies... I mean... does not look quite as good doing over OAP's rather than a nice punch up... the Old Bill were regulars over our place with him.

Ron Eff 12:15 Thu Mar 16
Re: John Lyall Sacking/ Paul Ince Leaving
Pentonville 11:40 Thu Mar 16

The hypocrisy is actually defending the actions of Ince while castigating the only player who has performed for us this season and who categorically hasn’t said what you claim. He simply said he has ambitions to play in the Champions League. He’d be a right wanker if he didn’t have those aspirations with his ability.

southbankbornnbred 11:50 Thu Mar 16
Re: John Lyall Sacking/ Paul Ince Leaving
Pentonville at 11.39: totally agree, mate. The mythology surrounding the Ince/West Ham thing is classic football of the era. Some of it is true, but often exaggerated, and some if it is simply false and repeated like it is fact.

I know Paul a bit and, unpopular though it is on here, I’ll defend him. Went to the same school (I was a few years younger).

He gave me an interview about it all years later, while at Liverpool, on the basis that we sort of knew each other. I still say he shouldn’t have posed in the Man Utd shirt: his instincts should have told him it was wrong, even if he thought the deal would go through and was advised to. He was still 100% a West Ham player at the time.

These days, he’d admit it was a mistake.

But the Stoke thing is mostly bullshit.

Pentonville 11:40 Thu Mar 16
Re: John Lyall Sacking/ Paul Ince Leaving
And the hypocrisy that Rice is allowed to say he wants to leave and is still lauded fucks me off.

madeeasy 11:40 Thu Mar 16
Re: John Lyall Sacking/ Paul Ince Leaving
My kid at the age of 8 would have known what I would have said if I came home and he was wearing a spurs, man u etc shirt..

So no excuses that he had it taken for whatever or whenever. He was a West Ham player and knew what it would have done if got out, simple as that. he made his bed so lie in it. Judas.

Loved that his son was in the Blackpool team when we won the play off final as well. Just a little extra salt in their wounds.

However I did love his scissor kick goal in the 4 goal drubbing against liverpool. Nearly as good as Gale's free kick

Pentonville 11:39 Thu Mar 16
Re: John Lyall Sacking/ Paul Ince Leaving
southbankbornnbred 10:38 Thu Mar 16
That was my memory of this stoke thing that it was a myth too, exagerrated at best sl always flummoxed me when people state they witnessed it cos if it didn't happen, how did they. Its gone down as one of those moments people pretend they saw to confirm their proper westhamness lol.

As for posing in the shirt, the deal was done and the shirt photo was taken and supposed to be stored ready to unveil on launch. The journo that used it was sued. Fact is he was more loyal to Lyall than West Ham was and to hear the episode bothers him even to this day saddens me.

zico 10:49 Thu Mar 16
Re: John Lyall Sacking/ Paul Ince Leaving
I read that Lyall had offered him a new contract and when he returned McCari said it was too much money for someone his age so retracted it. Whatever he was naive with the shirt and took to long to half apologise only years later. He might have stayed for a bit if Lyall had but Ferguson was after him well before that apparently. West Ham in the Championship or Man United? Pretty sure he would have gone anyway.

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