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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

happygilmore 10:20 Fri Mar 17
Patrick Viera


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Side of Ham 6:59 Tue Mar 21
Re: Patrick Viera
I think we all know that New Jersey….what it has to do with Viera spitting which shows a total lack of class is another discussion….

Lee Trundle 6:51 Tue Mar 21
Re: Patrick Viera
"The West Ham player who Viera spat at was that buffoon 'Razor Ruddock'"

I loved Razors response to it when he was interviewed after the game.
"He missed but I could smell the garlic on his breath."

El Scorchio 6:47 Tue Mar 21
Re: Patrick Viera
Spitting at people is fine and not a problem, apparently. Just ask Jamie Carragher and those who do the hiring and firing at Sky Sports.

Best not have ever historically tweeted anything 'a little bit dodgy' though....

New Jersey 6:12 Tue Mar 21
Re: Patrick Viera
The West Ham player who Viera spat at was that buffoon 'Razor Ruddock' who was such a consummate professional for us he had to change his shorts as the fat prick ripped his first pair as they were too tight!

Russ of the BML 5:34 Tue Mar 21
Re: Patrick Viera
It's a massive risk. One that for me is in the balance and could backfire quite easily.

But, respect to Steve Parish, he's protecting Palace - Their status and brand - And he got off his fucking arse and rolled the dice.

Unlike the fat, slimy, stagnant fucking dwarf cunt that owns West Ham.

Eerie Descent 5:22 Tue Mar 21
Re: Patrick Viera
I hope he does well, always liked Woy.

Would be a right kick in the nuts for a lot of wankers as well.

wd40 5:11 Tue Mar 21
Re: Patrick Viera
Hodgson the manager who had Kane taking corners for England and told reporters they had no right to question him on England's performances as he was leaving the job.

Hope they go down and join Watford on his C.V .

El Scorchio 4:09 Tue Mar 21
Re: Patrick Viera
Agree. We are hardly in a position to sneer but that doesn't mean Hodgson is actually a 'good' choice. 'Better than Moyes' is like saying having one leg ripped off in a horrible accident is better than both. He's pretty fucking low down the list of managers I would want and I'd only have a little more faith in him rescuing us than the current incumbant, for example.

If he keeps them up (and he really should given their piss easy run in) then it's worked, but I wouldn't argue it's a good appointment. It smacks a bit of desperation but at least their owner had the bollocks to pull the trigger when they saw disaster looming.

Vexed 3:51 Tue Mar 21
Re: Patrick Viera
We can all have a laugh at ol Woy but he's still a far better option than Moyes, his dogshit record at Watford is still probably better than Moyes' record this season and I fully expect them to take more points than us in the run in. The joke is on us.

El Scorchio 3:22 Tue Mar 21
Re: Patrick Viera
Feels like they are scwaping the bawwel a bit with this. Can't see whether employing a doddery old man will help them or not. Maybe any kudos he has with any remaining players from his last tenure may be enough.

it does demonstrate how small the pool is right now for any managerial replacements, though, given how late in the day it is to be making changes when it may have been glaringly obvious for months one was needed. (cough, Sullivan, cough)

I hope it doesn't help them in the slightest and they plummet like a stone. Hate Hodgson ever since the Euro 2016 disaster and his absolute refusal to take any of the blame for it, added on top of the fucking embarrassment of the 2014 World Cup.

I was pretty surprised he got more jobs after that dismal showing.

Eerie Descent 1:22 Tue Mar 21
Re: Patrick Viera
The fact that the Crystal Palace owners employed Vieira in the first place, would tend to indicate that they do not see his colour as the problem.

, 12:52 Tue Mar 21
Re: Patrick Viera
A few more points in the bag, even in their bad run, and Viera would still be in place. Obviously the Palace Board think that a change was needed and so they consulted Sir Alf and came up with the idea of bringing in Hodgson.

Just shows that though the sacking decision is right it is only half the job and the interim or replacement choice can be badly wrong. We shall see but based on Hodgson’s last rescue act, failure at Watford, it does not auger well.

Westside 12:39 Tue Mar 21
Re: Patrick Viera
They’ll get new manager bounce just in time for our visit .

They have 5 games, against teams all below them in the table, before they play us. If the bounce hasn't kicked in by then, it will be too late for them.

Razzle 12:17 Tue Mar 21
Re: Patrick Viera

ray winstone 12:17 Tue Mar 21
Re: Patrick Viera
Hodgson? You've got to wonder what goes on inside the heads of these club owners, obviously he's the cheap option, hope they go down, cunts.

Takashi Miike 11:05 Tue Mar 21
Re: Patrick Viera
"Viera's got too much class to play the racism card"

class act? the vile cunt spat at a west ham player, he's a scumbag

The Ghost of Sven 10:52 Tue Mar 21
Re: Patrick Viera
Didn't Roy organise Watford into 2 wins from 18 at his last go?
HOPEFULLY its more of the same back at Palace

Lee Trundle 10:50 Tue Mar 21
Re: Patrick Viera
I don't remember Watford making much of a fight of it last season under him, so hopefully the damage Viera has already done there is enough for them.

Rossal 10:43 Tue Mar 21
Re: Patrick Viera
Disagree about ol Woy.... he came into my work December 2021 and we couldn't believe how rough and old he looked.

Anyway few months later we were shocked he got the Watford job and he was dogshit there

If i was a Palace fan altho Viera had to go surely theres someone better than Hodgson available? Its good for us as think we can get more points then Palace till end of season

Sir Alf 10:38 Tue Mar 21
Re: Patrick Viera
Yep Woy will keep them up I suspect. It will be ugly but he can organise a team and get the best from the resources available which are better than we he was last there ?

happygilmore 10:31 Tue Mar 21
Re: Patrick Viera
It's WOY in charge

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