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Coffee 1:05 Fri Mar 17
Saturday & weekend football
No football for us this weekend, but every game that is being played affects us. Starting tonight.


A massive game for both sides and both ends of the table. The Magpies can claw back ground over Spurs and Man U, while Forest will want to add to their two-point advantage over third-from-bottom Bournemouth (and us and Leicester). Forest have their home form to thank for their current chance of survival and they’ll be aware of the Barcodes’ not always convincing away form. There’s a lot riding on this, and not just for the two sides involved. Away win.


Gary O’Wall’s done a stellar job so far in his first management role, and only goal difference – substantial goal difference – keeps his Cherries in the drop zone (and us out of it). Having claimed a deserved point last week, Villa will want to return to winning ways and briefly climb into the top 10. Bournemouth aren’t the push-overs they were earlier in the season and Villa will have their work cut out. But still. Home win.

The Bees could – and, with luck, will – overtake Liverpool if they cast aside a Leicester side that’s been falling, falling in recent weeks. And that could see us climb a place without touching a football. If only it were that easy every week. Home win.

It’s grim down south. But not quite as grim as the Saints’ league position suggests. A win, unlikely as it seems, could even see them leap into 15th spot. You’re never quite sure what you’ll get with Spurs, but shame on them if they don’t leave St Mary’s with all three points. Away win.

A six-pointer, although the hosts should soon be pulling out of the relegation race. The oomph seems to have left Leeds, who have become many people’s favourites for the drop. Home advantage and form to be decisive. Home win.

Who will FLJ be cheering on? By all accounts Everton were lucky to snatch three points from a plucky Brentford last week. That took them above the drop zone by a whisker and a half. Chelsea seem to regained some form of late and will be keen to keep the momentum going. As will we. Home win.


No new manager bump for Palace, just that feeling of general uselessness. The Gunners may also go into this with gnawing disappointment, but should be professional enough to put midweek blues aside and focus on an eight-point lead at the top. Home win.

With a 19 point lead over third-placed Boro and 27 points to play for, Burnley have virtually got promotion sewn up. Neither they nor Sheff U in second spot play this weekend. At the bottom, things look far from rosy for bottom two Wigan, who visit Watford today, and Huddersfield, who travel to Millwall who are in the last play-off place, having opened a four-point gap over Norwich. The cement is starting to set in the Championship.

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claypole 12:31 Mon Mar 20
Re: Saturday & weekend football
Have no issue with the rules being enforced correctly as they were in this case, but going forward are we going to see the same application of the law to players hounding the ref and managers abusing the 4th offical.

I am still waiting for a player to be retrospectively banned for diving like the ban Mr Lanzini received.

, 12:21 Mon Mar 20
Re: Saturday & weekend football
Willian handball a stonewall penalty, Mitrovic absolutely deserved a straight red too. You simply must not touch or get in the face of the ref, under any circumstances.

Most managers will forgive their players for a play action red card but the one collected by Mitrovic might see him getting a club fine. Their is really no excuse for berating the ref and leaving the team short of a player.

Coffee 12:02 Mon Mar 20
Re: Saturday & weekend football
Depends what was said. Mitrovic may have called the ref a thick cunt or other WHO-inspired greeting while Arteta might have cursed in Spanish.

boleyn8420 11:57 Mon Mar 20
Re: Saturday & weekend football
I agree with all of the reasons behind the three red cards and you cannot argue with any of them. However, lets take a quick look at how the so called 'big clubs' are dealt with.

Bruno Fernandez does exactly the same type of shoulder shrug as Mitrovic did on the lino at Anfield. Result. Nothing at all

Mikel Arteta. Take any fucking match you like and he is finger waving at the referee, shouting in the face of the 4th official, even mocking the referee. Result. Nothing. Apart from a lot of pundits thought it very funny on the mocking one.

Just one rule for one and a free pass for others.

Alfs 2:59 Mon Mar 20
Re: Saturday & weekend football
The Mitrovic sending off was very harsh, IMO. There was no force behind it and a decent ref would have simply reminded him of the rules and (maybe) given him a yellow.

twoleftfeet 11:36 Sun Mar 19
Re: Saturday & weekend football
Takashi why are you such a twat? Do you practice?

You ever refereed a game before?

Silva left his box to try and influence the ref - red card.

Deliberate handball that denied a goal scoring opportunity - red card

Lay your hands on a ref - red card

Any team would have suffered the same.

Do yourself a favour and learn about football.

Stevethehammer 11:10 Sun Mar 19
Re: Saturday & weekend football
Isn't it double jeopardy for the penalty and the red card? I thought they got rid of that
Not the most blatant of handballs really from Willian I thought
Then again I think we are going down so what do I know

The Ghost of Sven 10:27 Sun Mar 19
Re: Saturday & weekend football
The IFAB laws re VAR include ...
7. The players and team officials must not surround the referee or attempt to influence if a decision is reviewed, the review process or the final decision.

Silva has attempted to influence the ref's review (and/or used abusive language) so rightly sent off
Its a harsh (but correct) decision but Willian's hand was extended when he handled it .... straight forward pen and red
Mitrovic .... well .... he has pushed the ref and got right in his face. Presume he wasnt wishing the ref's mum happy mothers day. Obvious red and an extensive ban. Reckon he pushed the ref harder than DiCanio did Mr ALL_COCK. And PDC got 10 or 11 games I think

May have been some other decisions that were generous to Man U earlier but Fulham can have no complaint about what went on in that mad minute

Far Cough 9:59 Sun Mar 19
Re: Saturday & weekend football
That Mitrovic is a proper bellend

Pedro 9:55 Sun Mar 19
Re: Saturday & weekend football
Agree Miike

Ref was too emotional and rushed his decision making

Should have dealt with silva after and not before reviewing the incident. He lost his focus.

Takashi Miike 9:46 Sun Mar 19
Re: Saturday & weekend football
*he'd even*

Takashi Miike 9:45 Sun Mar 19
Re: Saturday & weekend football
'the ref did fuck all wrong!'

red carded the Fulham manager before her even looked at a replay of the handball, completely lost control of the incident and caused mayhem because of his manc favouritism. no shock the usual fucking idiots are backing top six loving homer refs that are a scourge on the game. get rid of moss/dean/webb, bring in a new lot that are even worse

Pedro 9:34 Sun Mar 19
Re: Saturday & weekend football
Did the same as Bruno who wasn’t even booked a few weeks ago

New Jersey 9:14 Sun Mar 19
Re: Saturday & weekend football
The ref did fuck all wrong!

Northern Sold 9:01 Sun Mar 19
Re: Saturday & weekend football
Absolute footballing suicide that by the Jeremys... proper loons

1964 8:37 Sun Mar 19
Re: Saturday & weekend football
Can’t argue with any of that but it’s fucking typical Man Utd.

twoleftfeet 8:35 Sun Mar 19
Re: Saturday & weekend football
The referee has done nothing wrong.

Takashi Miike 8:34 Sun Mar 19
Re: Saturday & weekend football
to beat these cheating cunts you have to have at least a two goal lead, cavanagh is a shocking referee. almost as bad as oliver

twoleftfeet 8:31 Sun Mar 19
Re: Saturday & weekend football
5 game ban, you can’t put your hands on the referee.

Alex G 8:31 Sun Mar 19
Re: Saturday & weekend football
It's good for us, although the other matches he'll miss are against Bournemouth and Everton.

Lily Hammer 8:28 Sun Mar 19
Re: Saturday & weekend football
I think he’ll get at least a three match ban, so yeah, I think he’ll miss our match.

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