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Alfs 12:33 Sun Apr 2
Joshua Fight
Here's a stream for anyone interested.


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LeroysBoots 6:25 Thu Apr 6
Re: Joshua Fight
Amir khan on Talksport now, sounds off his tits

gregan 1:37 Mon Apr 3
Re: Joshua Fight
Joshua still to me looks like a beginner at times. Arm punches, no hip rotation, robotic stiff footwork and never risks throwing more than 1 or 2 shots at a time. A shame he never had the training to maximise his athletic abilities. He should watch old Roy Jones and Tyson videos cos he aint ever gonna amount to much in his peekaboo cautious robot style even he does beat a few bums..

southbankbornnbred 5:25 Sun Apr 2
Re: Joshua Fight
Fury v Joshua would be a cakewalk for Fury these days.

Joshua is definitely gun shy and reticent since that moment Ruiz sucker punched him after Joshua put him on the floor then piled in, too open, to try to finish the job. He got whacked by a guy with surprisingly fast hands and has never been the same.

He has been wary and gun shy ever since.

The only way Joshua would have beaten Fury before three years ago would have been to have knocked him out, but those days of him putting opponents to the sword with KOs are long gone. Fury would almost certainly have beaten Joshua on points even at their peaks - now it is as much of a foregone conclusion as heavyweight boxing can be.

Takashi Miike 3:26 Sun Apr 2
Re: Joshua Fight
if the Olympic final had happened in any other country, the Italian copper wins gold. that unfortunately would have harmed the subsequent gravy train for Hearn & co, so he had to win

Eerie Descent 3:03 Sun Apr 2
Re: Joshua Fight
The luckiest sportsman that's ever lived.

And had the cheek to bite the hand that has fed him.

Iron Duke 1:38 Sun Apr 2
Re: Joshua Fight
Joshua seems worried that he will get clocked when he goes piling in. Understandable I suppose, but he needs to trust himself a bit and throw caution to the wind.

Whyte is always dangerous, but why would he be favourite? His points win over Franklin was much closer. Povetkin knocked him out. Parker and Chisora almost knocked him out. Joshua knocked him out before. He’s a decent fighter but not in the same league.

dealcanvey 1:04 Sun Apr 2
Re: Joshua Fight
Just seems frustrated with himself all the time. Wanted the knock out but did not seem close to getting it until maybe the 11th round.

Lost a lot of his power. Looks more of a mental thing rather than physical.

Whyte Joshua again would be interesting. Think Whyte beats him now.

I don’t see Joshua and Fury fighting each other until right at the end of the line. Last pay day which will draw a crowd where a win will mean very little.

Criminal how these big fights just don’t get made when they should. Fury Usyk being the latest one.

, 1:02 Sun Apr 2
Re: Joshua Fight
We are being taken for mugs. Last night’s “fight” and the farce between Fury and Chisora just show how the promoters and tv companies exploit this rich vein of muggery.

zico 12:06 Sun Apr 2
Re: Joshua Fight
Didn't watch it but have to agree with Goose. Even the fight against Dillian White gave him a fright, and he looked mighty relieved at the end. I think like all top sportsmen he felt an air of invincibility about him and that Klitschko put some doubt into him and then that doubt was realised against Ruiz, and he has never got that confidence back.

Northern Sold 11:31 Sun Apr 2
Re: Joshua Fight
Seen almost all of AJ's fights since he turned pro... and have been a fan of his... but I could not even be bothered last night... free on the box... and thought fuck it and watched Avatar 2 instead... sounds like more punches thrown in the James cameron film...

goose 11:19 Sun Apr 2
Re: Joshua Fight
I was shouted down on here when I said the flight with Vlad had changed AJ.
He got into very deep water that night and has tried to avoid it ever since.

He started trying to fight at range and lost the come forward power that made him good to watch.

Hermit Road 10:54 Sun Apr 2
Re: Joshua Fight
I fell asleep. That about says it all

Pentonville 10:12 Sun Apr 2
Re: Joshua Fight
Joshua just talks utter shit. Gets himself in knots trying to sound like Jesus or Allah when in fact he is just a pot dealer from Watford who is big. Doesn't like getting stuck in and knows his jaw is glass and has done since Klistchko who is one of his biggest advisers secretly. Klitschko had same problem and dominates for years by keeping EVRYONE at length. Problem with that is AJ doesn't have Manny Steward. And he was trying to develop this style thay keeps him out of trouble until be can move in for the kill but he just don't have that ability to unlock. Can't stand him as a person. I agree with below that Wilder probably starches him and I suspect Fury gets a late stoppage too but would bet on points. Heard picked the wrong horse. Joyce eats Joshua up.

joe royal 9:52 Sun Apr 2
Re: Joshua Fight
Ken Buchanan died earlier.

wd40 8:31 Sun Apr 2
Re: Joshua Fight
Bugner in his condition now would beat him

He should pack up now and go to back promoting blacks should use only black shops campaign.

Awful boxer awful sports man
Twat of a person

Nailed on to win bbc sports personality of the year then

LeroysBoots 7:07 Sun Apr 2
Re: Joshua Fight
Can't wait to hear that twat Hearn spin that result

The bloke is the biggest cunt in all sports

british is best 6:45 Sun Apr 2
Re: Joshua Fight

british is best 6:45 Sun Apr 2
Re: Joshua Fight
It sums up the state of the heavyweight division that Anthony Joshua can call himself a 2 time heavyweight champion . Forget Tyson holyfield Lewis Bowen etc the ones underneath them would have beaten him tucker Ruddock mercer Witherspoon tubbs all bat him .

Lee Trundle 4:32 Sun Apr 2
Re: Joshua Fight
He held Franklin all night. Even at the end when it kicked off after the bell, his first instinct was to hold Franklin.

DAZN are paying him £100million a year and he's going nowhere.

nerd 3:15 Sun Apr 2
Re: Joshua Fight
I quite enjoyed the fight ,entertaining

Alfs 3:07 Sun Apr 2
Re: Joshua Fight
I apologise to those who used the stream I out up. I robbed you of an hour of your lives.

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