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stewey 5:06 Sun Apr 2
Potter or rogers?
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Sydney_Iron 5:41 Sun Apr 9
Re: Potter or rogers?
Marsch at Leicester is good news and reckon that's them down.

Not a chance in hell Moyes gets the flick now, no one will expect anything from Arsenal, so he is safe for that one, then with only a handful of games left we could get turned over by Bournemouth and it would be too late.

But i think we will survive anyway, Saints, Leicester and Forrest are my picks to drop.

Rodgers or Potter in the Summer? would take either TBH, maybe slight bias to Rodgers.

Manuel 4:38 Sun Apr 9
Re: Potter or rogers?
Talk that Marsch is going to be the new Leicester manager.

Norflundon 7:12 Sat Apr 8
Re: Potter or rogers?
both excellent manager I would be very happy with either
But to be fair I'd rather have Sid who runs the dog and duck Sunday team after watching that game today

Manuel 2:47 Fri Apr 7
Re: Potter or rogers?
We will beat Gent.

Easy this typing out facts lark, innit.

daveyg 9:35 Thu Apr 6
Re: Potter or rogers?
We won't beat Gent.
They are flying at the moment 4 on the bounce, 14 goals in 3 games

goose 9:04 Thu Apr 6
Re: Potter or rogers?
de Zerbi???

Haha stay off the drugs.

chelmsfordhammer 9:03 Thu Apr 6
Re: Potter or rogers?
garry shredder, wrong season , it was last season we beat them 4.1 , this season despite them being on a shit run they totally outplayed us and beat us at our gaff and we havent played them away yet.

Side of Ham 4:24 Wed Apr 5
Re: Potter or rogers?
The big question on that is......do you think he could get our squad of players to play like Brighton......there seems to be a great lack of pace in our squad for starters.....

terry-h 1:09 Wed Apr 5
Re: Potter or rogers?
Roberto de Zerbi if we stay up... I'd like us to play like Brighton and he's better than Potter.

terry-h 1:01 Wed Apr 5
Re: Potter or rogers?
If we stay up, I'd go for Brighton's manager, whose name escapes me for the moment.
If we go down, I'd consider Rob Edwards who has Luton Town playing some excellent football.

LJC 11:27 Wed Apr 5
Re: Potter or rogers?
It was reported yesterday that potter turned down Leicester with plenty saying he is waiting to see what happens with us in the summer but then it’s not hard to find reports that Brendan is waiting on us and so is Biesla and Benitez.

, 11:17 Wed Apr 5
Re: Potter or rogers?
RoDgers is convinced that under him Leicester would stay up.

Side of Ham 10:45 Wed Apr 5
Re: Potter or rogers?
It’s pass & MOVE Braindead ours struggle firstly to have the ball and secondly to move forwards with it….

Manuel 6:44 Wed Apr 5
Re: Potter or rogers?
Apparently Potter has already been offered a PL job, but predictably he wants a break. Pretty sure that club would have been Leicester City.

BRANDED 11:03 Tue Apr 4
Re: Potter or rogers?
EVERYBODY plays passing footy now. This is a given. Some teams mix it up. Some press hard. Some run around like cunts on coke. Most are huge blokes with skill. We just have stopped scoring. That should have been sorted.

LJC 10:56 Tue Apr 4
Re: Potter or rogers?
It’s the managers fault we are playing the way we are. He has been given more than enough to be performing better than we are.

It is the chairman’s fault that we have stuck with an underperforming manager and not made a change when it is evident that it is required.

Stevethehammer 10:14 Tue Apr 4
Re: Potter or rogers?
I think Moyes simply shit the bed. I think the team are too good for him. We have some good footballers there and he has moulded it now to fit his management style. He hasn't continued to play to their strengths and has pushed a negative style onto them. He did the same with his Everton team. He had seasons were they flirted with relegation, they grinded it out, he had a few seasons when they were in for a shout of Europe and had some good players such as Cahill, Yakubu etc who over achieved.
But in the main he is a bottom half manager who can grind out results given the right set of players. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the manager is the problem this time round, he has devoid the team of any pace, power or flair in favour of his desired pragmatic approach.
He has to go in the summer whatever happens. Can you really trust him with another spend up given his results of the previous 180 million spend up

Side of Ham 9:49 Tue Apr 4
Re: Potter or rogers?
In 1975 did we play actual possession pass and move football? When 'The West Ham way' wasn't a thing to mock us with?......if so no comparison to what we struggle to entertain with this season.....

Gary Strodders shank 9:47 Tue Apr 4
Re: Potter or rogers?
Anyone wanting Rodgers in should cast there minds back to the start of last season when (under Moyes ) we played them off the park in a 4.1 win
The season previously going into covid they looked nailed on for the champions league but blew it.
Their form since then has been far more down than up.and despite losing some good players they have still underachieved in my opinion.

Fo the Communist 9:34 Tue Apr 4
Re: Potter or rogers?
Capitol. Possibly although that in itself wouldn’t be enough to trigger such a collapse would it? Honestly nothing would surprise me including a full-blown Moyes mental breakdown.
It really is bizarre.

Capitol Man 9:14 Tue Apr 4
Re: Potter or rogers?
Fo the Communist 8:20 Tue Apr 4
Re: Potter or rogers?

Only thing I can think of is that he lost Noble as the connection to the dressing room. Even then though he was back for the new year. We are starting to look a bit better now though.

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