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Coffee 8:42 Sat Apr 8
Saturday football
Goal difference is vital for both these sides. The top teams will sort themselves out. Where it all matters is at the bottom where GD is all that keeps positions 15 to 18 apart. The Reds will see this as a magnificent opportunity to improve their claim for third place while boosting goal difference. Home win.

A perfect time for this fixture. Villa – and their confidence – are flying high and have home advantage. It’s a tricky old run-in for Forest and they’ll find no favours in store at Villa Park. Home win.

Brentford are still in with a shout for Europe, but are up against a Barcodes side that seems have to regained their mojo. A second visit to the capital for them this week, but they might find themselves facing a more determined opposition today. Away win.

Fulham haven’t won a league game since February and are now in a four-game run against relegation contenders. This is the second. Does that bode well for us? Doubtful, as foxtrot alpha seems to be going our way at present. They’ll be hoping for a win. We’re good enough, on paper, to get something from the game, but only if the players get their expensive, collective backside into gear. And that, as we all know, is a massive if. Still, hope, as it always does, springs eternal. Draw.

Second bottom hosts third from bottom. What will Brendan Rogers’ departure do for the Foxes today? It’s hard to say – this game could easily go any of the three possible ways. The Cherries have shown some bottle under Gary O’Neil, but they still have a tough run-in. As do the Foxes. Home win.

Cocks and gulls. Could be noisy. Brighton, who trail their hosts by four points with two games in hand, could still overtake Spurs in the final countdown. This will be a test of both teams’ metal. Draw.

FLJ back in charge of Chelsea. Who’d have thought it? Now it’s time for him to show what he’s capable of with the pressure taken off – and do us a favour at the same time. Away win.

A banker? Very likely, but don’t depend on it. Thankfully, City have a chase on their hands and will be in no mood to donate points or ground. The corresponding game last season ended a goal a piece. Away win.


A sort of six-pointer, the more so when you see that just three points separates Palace in 12th from the bottom three. Leeds have done exceptionally well to pull away from the dotted line, although such is the duck’s anatomy that they can easily get pulled back down. Thanks to our miserable capitulation against Newcastle, Leeds now have the best goal difference of the bottom sides. Draw.

Assuming City win their game in hand, Arsenal will have a five-point lead at the top of English football. This is the kind of game that can reduce that to skin-of-the-teeth territory. However, a miserable and peculiarly inconsistent season means the mighty Liverpool are in danger of not qualifying for even the most humble European spot. While Pep will have applauded Kompany & Co on Friday night, he certainly won’t be doing the same for his other protégé this afternoon. Away win.




Burnley are the Championship’s Arsenal. They’ve led the division since October and last night they sealed a very well-deserved promotion with victory at Michael Carrick’s Boro. Can Arsenal now see it across the finishing line and become the Premier League’s Burnley? Sheff U consolidated their second place by edging past bottom of the table Wigan, with whom they were of course relegated by Carlos Tevez several managers ago. Millwall and Luton played out a dull goalless encounter, which keeps Millwall in the play-off hunt. At the bottom, Wigan and Blackpool look all but gone. Rotherham pulled away from the bottom three with victory over West Brom, leaving QPR, Reading, Cardiff and Huddersfield to battle it out for the third drop spot. There are no Championship games on Saturday or Sunday, but Monday sees another full fixture list.

Happy Easter.

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kylay 12:07 Thu Apr 13
Re: Saturday football
twoleftfeet 11:33 Wed Apr 12

Looked like Chilwell meant it and knew he was going. I'm not sure it was worth it. From that angle, Rodygo still had a bit to do and not exactly a lethal goal threat.

The Ghost of Sven 12:07 Thu Apr 13
Re: Saturday football
Real Madrid never out of second gear
Didnt need to. Hopefully back up to speed next Tuesday & knock in half a dozen

Carlo Ancellotti vs Some Cunt In A Cardigan

twoleftfeet 11:33 Wed Apr 12
Re: Saturday football
Chilwell went all Cresswell then.

simon.s 10:48 Wed Apr 12
Re: Saturday football
Sold0 - The Arse winning the league, and us winning a cup would amount to a bad season for the front wheels.

kylay 10:38 Wed Apr 12
Re: Saturday football
Fat frank made it all of 20 minutes in this one. A bit staggering he would start scrappy doo.

Percy Dalton 4:43 Wed Apr 12
Re: Saturday football
There's more tourists than Mancurians at City never seen so many half and halves.
Myself I want the gooners to win it and City to win the champions league

Northern Sold 4:32 Wed Apr 12
Re: Saturday football
Love City to pip the Goons... I've never known so many come out of the woodwork in all my life... that and our vets team is 50% N7 ... fucking everywhere...

Westside 4:27 Wed Apr 12
Re: Saturday football
City in dreamland. God knows what they’ll do to us.

Fortunately for us, they still have to play Leicester, Leeds and Everton. Hopefully, they will tear them a similar size arsehole, as they do us.

RBshorty 3:06 Wed Apr 12
Re: Saturday football
Johan cracked the code. And Pep is perfecting it. You have to be some kind of football philistine not too derive some kind of enjoyment by the way Man City play “The Beautiful Game.”

As for Bayern. Upamecano had a mare. And Sommer kept it from getting ridiculous. But when you let a 40 goals plus a season striker walk out of the door. And don’t replace them. You’re asking for trouble. Especially at the business end of the season. City are peaking at the right time. I fear for anyone standing in their way. Including us.!

The Ghost of Sven 12:45 Wed Apr 12
Re: Saturday football
Man City are cranking up into one of those late season runs where you could see them winning every game and PIPPING Arsenal.
If Guardiola doesnt fiddle around with his line up they could even win the Champions League .... Real Madrid the only team that COULD best them

Even Grealish is looking being ALMOST worth his fee

Re the LINO
Robertson approached him aggressively and grabbed his arm. When the lino shrugged him off his arm accidently hit the SCOTCH bonce.
It should be Robertson looking at a ban

Manuel 12:43 Wed Apr 12
Re: Saturday football
Only saw the highlights but it was football at the very highest level. It's quite comical in some ways that Pep and Moyes are managing in the same league, lol. City need to win this now, and wouldn't mind if they did.

Northern Sold 12:33 Wed Apr 12
Re: Saturday football
Thought that was sensational last night from City.... loving John Stones in his new role... playing best football of his career at the mo...

Lily Hammer 12:04 Wed Apr 12
Re: Saturday football
That was some game between City and Bayern. It was quality from both sides until that Upamecano turned into City’s playmaker. Ruthless from the blues.

Alwaysaniron 11:41 Tue Apr 11
Re: Saturday football
City in dreamland. God knows what they’ll do to us.

only1billybonds 11:37 Tue Apr 11
Re: Saturday football
2-0 City, this has been outstanding.

only1billybonds 10:40 Tue Apr 11
Re: Saturday football
Absolute PEACH of a goal from Rodri.

The Hammers 10:37 Tue Apr 11
Re: Saturday football
Manchester City 1 - 0 Bayern Munich

New Jersey 2:28 Mon Apr 10
Re: Saturday football
I'd have loved than lino to have twated Robertson, what a cunt he made himself look.

Mike Oxsaw 6:42 Mon Apr 10
Re: Saturday football
We have form for helping sides get their plans back on track...

Manuel 5:56 Mon Apr 10
Re: Saturday football
Could easily go to the last game, City on your tail is a pretty daunting prospect, not sure if Arsenal can handle that, then again they have just won 7 straight, but it's going to be a huge test for them to get over the line.

nychammer 9:12 Sun Apr 9
Re: Saturday football
Burnham, given their stiffs could probably give us a hiding I doubt saka being out will matter too much, but it sure will help.

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