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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Coffee 7:48 Sat Apr 29
Saturday football
Palace’s run of games against fellow relegation contenders continues with what is now a borderline six-pointer. They are effectively safe, which puts the onus very much on us to win – or at least get a point – from the weekend’s opener. Our recent record at Selhurst Park is decent – five wins and two draws in the last eight visits. With the side having found some kind of form of late, now would be a good time to continue that record and take us further from the dismal climes of the drop zone. A win would take us above Palace and could see us end the day as high as 13th. Which would be a magnificent achievement given the way the season has gone, but far from an accurate reflection of the season’s overall performance. Draw.

Forest’s away record is dire and after today they still have to visit Chelsea and Palace, while entertaining the Saints and Arsenal. As of today, they’re clinging to top flight status by their fingernails. Brentford, meanwhile, look to have waved goodbye to their Euro aspirations, and will have to put up with another – highly creditable – mid-table finish. Home win.

By virtue of games in hand, Brighton’s assault on the league’s upper echelons remains very much on course. But this is the kind of game they must win if they’re to pip Liverpool, Villa and Spurs to Euro qualification. It’s in their hands. Home win.


A massive six-pointer and, for Leeds, one of the season’s last realistic chances to put points on the board. The Cherries did themselves a huge favour by winning at St Mary’s on Thursday. A point or more today would virtually assure them of safety. The future’s far less secure for the visitors. Draw.

Fulham are safe and have nowt of significance to play for. It’s hard to see City losing another game this season. Away win.

Man U are in a battle for third while Villa are competing with Spurs and Liverpool for fifth. This could be a good watch if you’re a fan of either side or if the pub’s closed. Draw.

Credible reports have been received of the fat lady tuning up on the south coast. Home win.

See two above. Home win.


This would be the game of the day if it wasn’t the only game of the day. The importance of this fixture cannot be overestimated. A draw may not suit either side, but is probably the best outcome for the four teams above the dotted line. A win for either would go a long way towards passing Go and collecting 200 billion pounds. Fans of neither side will need nail clippers. Home win.


Home win.


Home win.

Damage limitation’s the name of the game for the long-suffering visitors. Home win.



Millwall returned to the play-off places last night with victory over Blackpool that also condemned their hosts to League 1 football next season. With the top two places sorted, watchful eyes will focus on the last two play-off places and the third relegation spot. Three points now separate Millwall in fifth from Blackburn in eighth. Coventry and Sunderland are the filling in the sandwich. At the bottom, Wigan are all but doomed, and will be mathematically gone if they lose in the day’s big game at Reading, leaving Reading, Huddersfield (who have a game in hand) and Rotherham to contend the third unfortunate place. Two games left, three points in it.

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Manuel 3:39 Fri May 5
Re: Saturday football
VAR looking after Man Utd again!

This probably won't help us for Sunday as they will be hurting and will want to bounce straight back.

lowlife 2:09 Fri May 5
Re: Saturday football
How refs, VAR and PGMOL can get it wrong so often either points to pure incompetence or favouritism and corruption. The concept of VAR needing to overrule a ref is ridiculous - they all work together and they don’t want to point out mistakes made by their mates.

That ref and VAR performance in the Tottenham vs Brighton game and tonight’s farce by Marriner has swung me into the favouritism and corruption mindset. Man Utd should have had 2 red cards tonight but Marriner took no action. It stinks of favouritism of the ‘elite’.

RBshorty 1:29 Fri May 5
Re: Saturday football
ManU. What a powder puff of the so called elite. Fucking Spurs of the north. And there are some who think they will challenge City for the title next season. Yeah. Alright.

Alfs 1:29 Fri May 5
Re: Saturday football
It can only be a matter of time. What other industry would put up with a £20 million pound loss because of incompetence? Particularly since the inception of VAR.

the straw 12:47 Fri May 5
Re: Saturday football
If PGMOL have given an apology to a club for a fuck up that cost them points, then there is a possibility that could be used as admission of guilt in a legal case against them should those lost points result in relegation/missing out on Europe. They fuck up so much maybe something like that would give them the kick up the arse they need for a complete overhaul.

only1billybonds 12:42 Fri May 5
Re: Saturday football

It'll be really tough on their long term fans, could be the only season where they get to see their team have a taste of top level European football. The fact they could be denied the experience due to rank incompetence is outrageous.

Alfs 12:34 Fri May 5
Re: Saturday football
only1billybonds 12:28 Fri May 5

That's a very good point. That error could cost Brighton £20 million +.

How long will it be until a club takes the PGMOL to court and sues for them for their losses?

only1billybonds 12:28 Fri May 5
Re: Saturday football
Brighton were excellent tonight, fully deserved the points.

Be a travesty if they dont make Europe on the back of the VAR fiasco at Tottenham.

Lily Hammer 12:15 Fri May 5
Re: Saturday football
I am green with envy at everything Brighton have been doing these last few years.

It’s them and Brentford that have had a scouting system that just works. I always used to be proud of West Ham’s scouting abilities in the past, but we haven’t had the like of those traditions for decades.

Fair play to the South Coast Lavender Lads.

Stowie.40 12:15 Fri May 5
Re: Saturday football
We’ll roll over and have our tummy’s tickled Sunday.

1964 12:12 Fri May 5
Re: Saturday football
Brighton were very good. Utd didn’t know what to do with them. If only we could play like that.

Browno22 12:12 Fri May 5
Re: Saturday football
Fucking jealous of Brighton fans

The Ghost of Sven 12:09 Fri May 5
Re: Saturday football
Hope Man U's lucky run is over

happygilmore 12:06 Fri May 5
Re: Saturday football
Gutting for Andre Marriner being forced by VAR to look at the obvious handball and give a pen against man utd.

El Scorchio 12:52 Wed May 3
Re: Saturday football
I bet Lampard has another PL job within a year.

You can see why some managers who don't get chances are so angry about lack of opportunities when the same proven failures keep getting good jobs.

New Jersey 11:27 Wed May 3
Re: Saturday football
I would love Fulham to get something at Liverpool tonight, hopefully by a controversial decision so Klopp has a fucking melt down!

swindon hammer 12:44 Wed May 3
Re: Saturday football
“I can’t see Fat Frank ever getting another’s managers job again”

I disagree. I think the Watford job is perfect for him!

charleyfarley 12:07 Wed May 3
Re: Saturday football
Fat Frank's record

Frank Lampard has won just one of his last 19 games as a
Lampard – who was sacked by Everton in January – has lost 14 of his 23 games in the Premier League this season,

Crassus 11:55 Tue May 2
Re: Saturday football
Lampard is a total lemon
That Maddy lad, the big right sided lad, never gave up, battled, scored and played as if he cared

So what to do ? Take him off for the camel botherer that they tried so hard to shift, if only they could work out how send the paperwork

Chelsea are an absolute mess and Lampard will 'retire' from management

zebthecat 11:50 Tue May 2
Re: Saturday football
His career is a mystery.
He was, sort of, OK at Derby but failed at the play offs and has failed upwards ever since.
Todd Boehly, evidently, knows nothing about football. Long may the Chelsea pantomime continue.

Takashi Miike 11:43 Tue May 2
Re: Saturday football
fatso maintaining his impeccable win record, he's the ultimate example of jobs for the boys

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