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The Stoat 3:17 Tue May 23
Paedo Rolf
Shall groom no more


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White Pony 11:31 Wed Jun 7
Re: Paedo Rolf
I’m putting money on Gordon the Gopher’s tell-all autobiography outselling Prince Harry’s book this Christmas.

Haz 9:29 Wed Jun 7
Re: Paedo Rolf
Lee Trundle wrote. . .

Whacked off four times in a day

Fair play to the guy.

Claret Badger 2:45 Wed Jun 7
Re: Paedo Rolf
phil was groomin that kid since the lad was 11
he's a wrong un like his brother

Mike Oxsaw 4:13 Mon Jun 5
Re: Paedo Rolf
Biggest Bender Club

Lee Trundle 3:58 Mon Jun 5
Re: Paedo Rolf
"Starting on Jane Roe’s first day, for a total of four separate dates, Oakenfold allegedly exposed himself and masturbated in front of her. On one date in November 2022, the DJ allegedly did so four times in a single day."

Couple of things.

He whacked off on the first time meeting her and she didn't do anything about it?
And 4 (FOUR) times in one day?!

PwoperNaughtyButNot 3:43 Mon Jun 5
Re: Paedo Rolf
All roads lead back to the BBC

BRANDED 2:54 Mon Jun 5
Re: Paedo Rolf
Veteran DJ and producer Paul Oakenfold has been accused of sexual harassment in a recent lawsuit filed by his former personal assistant.

goose 10:28 Sun Jun 4
Re: Paedo Rolf
GROOMfield now dragging a photograph along for a photo opportunity with his 87 year old mum.

Horrible cunt is desperate to play the victim here.

Side of Ham 3:33 Sun Jun 4
Re: Paedo Rolf
If there were more to this then there is a money trail….as £300,000 is the going rate etc?

Should be plenty for you’s to get in a frenzy over….

Crassus 3:07 Sun Jun 4
Re: Paedo Rolf

Funny you should say that

I recall someone posted that he was a well known 'wrongun' in the industry and went on to name a flat location, bought for the purpose of bendering young lads precisely, happens to be not far from me.
You would have to have quite specific local knowledge or factually accurate to be that specific

I can't for one minute conclude that in this age of rainbow embracing/gender bollox/ SM cancel culture, that there is not far more to this than an old bloke buggering a young bloke consensually

Come the time, I have no doubt that it will come to be that ITV per se the rest of the show, at the very least, knew all about his Savillesque predilections - no wonder the BBC are like obsessing

Oh and like you, super injunctions a plenty in place as well as a financially rewarding NDA with his 'wife' and family

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 3:05 Sun Jun 4
Re: Paedo Rolf
My mistake. That's Schofield's payout.

I'm not sure why ITV would choose to give him a payout, though, since he claims to have left of his own volition.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 3:03 Sun Jun 4
Re: Paedo Rolf

£300,000 apparently. That must have been about 10 years' salary. An unusually large amount, I would suggest.

And Schofield is paying for the bloke's legal representation, so nothing fishy there, either.

Side of Ham 2:30 Sun Jun 4
Re: Paedo Rolf
So there is a price for grooming…..that’s creepy too…

MaryMillingtonsGhost 2:16 Sun Jun 4
Re: Paedo Rolf
Didn't I read on here that Schofield has several super-injunctions in place?
Could be a reason for the lads parents silence?

goose 2:08 Sun Jun 4
Re: Paedo Rolf
I wonder how much GROOMfield is paying for this young lad’s silence?

Side of Ham 1:57 Sun Jun 4
Re: Paedo Rolf
Until this bloke comes forward as a victim of Schofields grooming you have to except he hasn’t seen it that way even now when adult. His parents should be bleating as well as he was groomed yet not a word from them.

This obsession to want there to be more about some bloke who’s career other blokes should know very little about or care for, that have yet again turned into people wanting him hung drawn and quartered is just as creepy……

El Scorchio 1:33 Sun Jun 4
Re: Paedo Rolf
Tomshardware 1:28

All at a time when Phil was massively in the (Broom) closet as well.

Tomshardware 1:28 Sun Jun 4
Re: Paedo Rolf

Another one has come out.

El Scorchio 1:25 Sun Jun 4
Re: Paedo Rolf
Freddie Mercury creepy? Noooo. He’s much more O’Grady and Stipe than bloody Barrymore.

Anyway on Schofield, I agree there seems to be more to this that some people know, and the fact they were apparently in contact since the bloke was a child is pretty grim and has a lot of implications. Far more than if they’d never met until the bloke was a runner or an assistant and an adult albeit a much younger one. That shit happens all the time in the media and has done since the industry started. Men/women, women/men, men/men, women/women. It’s a bit grim given the age gap but there wouldn’t be this uproar if there wasn’t something pretty wrong under the surface.

The press doing the usual thing of hounding the person to sell papers or get web traffic no matter what the cost is a different issue though. Countless victims to those vermin.

jfk 8:30 Sun Jun 4
Re: Paedo Rolf

“I just don't like the hypocrisy of the situation and why it has to end in the way it did, I feel sorry for the guy.”

Really?? You would I suppose
I feel sorry for he’s poor wife and kids being dragged through this sordid affair that will only get worse than it already is.

Lee Trundle 5:30 Sun Jun 4
Re: Paedo Rolf
He's admitted to lying his head off to his BESTIE and nearest and dearest about the whole affair to save his career. Now he's been caught out, he's suddenly come clean with everything, telling the public that there was no grooming.

Why on earth would you believe a word that comes out of his mouth, and moreso go on to defend him, when you don't even know him?

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