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bobbymoore 1:17 Thu Jun 8
Victory Parade Details - Tomorrow 7pm

West Ham United’s heroes will return from their triumphant night in Prague to a victory celebration in the streets of east London on Thursday evening.

The playing squad and coaching staff will parade the Club’s first major trophy since 1980 on a specially-commissioned open top bus, travelling from the Hammers’ old home at Upton Park to a reception at Stratford Town Hall.

Wednesday night’s historic victory over ACF Fiorentina in the UEFA Europa Conference League final has delivered the first European trophy to east London since the legendary West Ham team starring Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst, Martin Peters and Alan Sealey won the Cup Winners’ Cup at Wembley in May 1965.

In the celebrations that followed that triumph, Moore and his team-mates greeted tens of thousands of supporters from the roof of their parade bus, before the captain held the trophy aloft from the balcony of East Ham Town Hall, standing alongside the Mayor of Newham.

Almost 60 years on, the new generation of trophy-winning Hammers heroes will pay tribute to their predecessors in our heartland, starting the parade at the junction of Green Street and Barking Road, adjacent to the Boleyn Pub and The Champions Statue.

The parade will then proceed west along Barking Road, turn right onto Greengate Street, and continue slowly along the A112 past Plaistow Park, Plaistow Station and Stratford Park, before ending its journey on West Ham Lane, outside the Old Town Hall in Stratford – at the heart of our home borough of Newham and where our current home resides.

The Mayor of Newham Rokhsana Fiaz will be there to welcome the squad, just like her predecessor in 1965, and Hammers skipper Declan Rice will hold the trophy aloft in front of the Claret & Blue faithful.

It promises to be a party that no-one present will ever forget, after a victory that will be forever etched in the history of West Ham United, and in the record books of European football.

The Club welcomes every West Ham fan who is able to be there to line the streets, and give a heroes’ welcome to the Boys of Prague on what is set to be an evening of unforgettable celebrations and hopes that those following us from afar can enjoy following the scenes here on whufc.com and our digital channels.

West Ham United Joint-Chair David Sullivan said: “I could not be more proud of this magnificent football club. Proud of how far we have come over the last decade. Proud of the manager, the backroom team, and all the staff, who have done a fantastic job. And proud of all the players, from our amazing home-grown talent, to our brilliant international stars, who have given us a night and a triumph that will live forever.

“But most of all, I want to pay tribute to the Hammers fans, the Claret & Blue Army, who have once again shown they are the best in the world. They have been incredible this season. Packing out the London Stadium match after match, creating an atmosphere home and away that is second to none, and showing teams all over Europe how massive this Club is.

“When we moved to the new ground, we dreamed of moments like this. Our task now is to build on this triumph, and the double-winning feats of our Under-18 Academy team, ensuring that every time our men and women start a new season in West Ham United colours, they are competing for more success.

“But for now, it is time to celebrate. It will be fantastic to see Hammers fans from across London fill the streets to welcome our heroes back from Prague, and all our supporters over land and sea join the party on our Club channels. This trophy belongs to you, and it will be fantastic to all share in the moment.

“Sadly of course, there is one man who will not be there, someone who did so much to help deliver this success to our Club, and – in all the joy and excitement of the victory – the one thing I missed was being able to turn to him, see his smile, and shake his hand. But I know how proud he would have been too. This is for you, DG – our dreams beginning to come true.”

The parade bus sets off at 7pm BST, making its way to Stratford Town Hall around 8pm BST, but timings will inevitably change depending on the size of the crowd.

The Club advises all attendees to bring bottles of water to stay hydrated on what is expected to be the hottest day of the year and spread out right along the parade route to enable as many people as possible to get the best possible view of the playing squad, the coaching staff and – most importantly – the gleaming new addition to West Ham’s trophy cabinet.

Let’s give our history-makers the welcome home that they deserve.

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Far Cough 8:59 Sat Jun 10
Re: Victory Parade Details - Tomorrow 7pm
How the hell did they arrange all that with less than a days notice, I mean like all that graphics on their busses?

Takashi Miike 8:33 Sat Jun 10
Re: Victory Parade Details - Tomorrow 7pm
Victory Parade - Behind The Scenes (24 minutes)


zico 7:10 Sat Jun 10
Re: Victory Parade Details - Tomorrow 7pm
I see Roberta Moore was on the bus at the victory parade, nice touch.

J.Riddle 3:18 Sat Jun 10
Re: Victory Parade Details - Tomorrow 7pm
I was saying on the Gavros (RIP) Olympic Stadium thread before the move that we would sell it out at 80k as configured for the Olympics and was laughed at with many saying we wont fill 60k as we have had crowds in there 20ks at the Boleyn and should have redeveloped the Boleyn to 45000 max.

Many underestimate our support. We are a sleeping giant, hopefully we are starting to wake but we need new owners because all the existing owners have kept us in an induced coma for decades.

gph 2:59 Sat Jun 10
Re: Victory Parade Details - Tomorrow 7pm
When I first moved up North, I kept bumping into Northern Hammers (well, once every month or every other month).

This has tailed off over the past 25 years.

Not sure if it will pick up again, as it was proof that the "West Ham way" was real and was powerful enough to overrule geography. If we can carry on winning things AND get back to our footballing roots, I'm damn sure it will.

But we need both.

arsene york-hunt 2:36 Sat Jun 10
Re: Victory Parade Details - Tomorrow 7pm
I've been saying for years that our fanbase is massive and that is without us having the kind of shit that supports Man Utd or Liverpool etc. but have never been there. You know a West Ham fan is not a glory chaser, but we could probably get 70,000 going to matches.

I am absolutely beyond elated at our result but am more pleased for all you blokes under 50 who are loyal and passionate despite winning only the Intertoto cup and the Betway trophy in the last 42 years

gph 2:20 Sat Jun 10
Re: Victory Parade Details - Tomorrow 7pm
If MCity, lose, a Saturday parade would've been a masterstroke

J.Riddle 2:17 Sat Jun 10
Re: Victory Parade Details - Tomorrow 7pm
Sullivan knows City will bring home the big one today and knew we would be forgotten about, overshadowed if we had waited until Saturday. He wanted maximum uninterrupted publicity same with his Rice comments punting our captain out to the highest bidder at his peek while still clasping the cup. Its all about the £££££ with Sullivan.

Norflundon 1:19 Sat Jun 10
Re: Victory Parade Details - Tomorrow 7pm
Absolutely gutted I couldn’t take my boy to make up for not taking him to the game

If this was on Saturday there would of been hundreds of thousands and everybody could of gone

13 Brentford Rd 1:16 Sat Jun 10
Re: Victory Parade Details - Tomorrow 7pm
Great arial shots of the town hall!
Looking at these and the shots from around Green Street at the start I'm wondering how many?

Certainly more than the estimated 70k.


oioi 9:56 Fri Jun 9
Re: Victory Parade Details - Tomorrow 7pm
That song will never stop being funny.

LeroysBoots 9:29 Fri Jun 9
Re: Victory Parade Details - Tomorrow 7pm
It's been one long party for the lads, good !


Getting fed up of this song yet !?!

Stepney.Ammer 1:32 Fri Jun 9
Re: Victory Parade Details - Tomorrow 7pm
Managed to get back in time from Prague and take my daughter over there. Such a shame it was done so soon which meant the majority of lot who went Prague had to miss it. I know it was because of Pablo's wedding but it still doesn't sit right with me that club didn't try and work something out.

Was a blinding atmosphere and topped off a memorable few days. We started at the statue and followed it all the way to Stratford. Some great scenes...Kehrer was a legend with some of the chants he was getting going!

As already mentioned, it was a really diverse crowed. Were some jumped up little cunts at Stratford mind who clearly didn't like the fact west ham fans were there and had got in the way.

Wils 1:08 Fri Jun 9
Re: Victory Parade Details - Tomorrow 7pm
We went up to the Boleyn and then tubed it to Stratford and where we walked up to the Greyhound and followed the bus back into the Broadway.

It was excellent turn out and truly joyous watching it unfold. There was an Asian man who stopped me on the corner of the Green St and Barking Rd where I was standing and he was asking me what was going on and why were the crowds there. It made me think that we were like ghosts haunting a sacred ground. The temple has long been demolished but still we go there, many of us descendants of the members of the crowd that was there in the 60s. Football as a religion is an old cliche but for most of us the connection to this part of the world it is spiritual one rather than a geographic one.

SJS 11:40 Fri Jun 9
Re: Victory Parade Details - Tomorrow 7pm
I went to the start and end of the parade, I also went back in 1980.

The crowd was so diverse this time around and the age range was huge when compared with 1980, and I definitely believe there were more people there last night.

Given the shoddy timing of the thing, that speaks volumes about the fanbase.

I despise the owners but I cannot influence that, however I will always love MY club and last night it was awesome to share the experience with some many like-minded people.

swindon hammer 11:16 Fri Jun 9
Re: Victory Parade Details - Tomorrow 7pm
I’m sure someone that has lived in East London all their lives will be able to give a more realistic answer but from my knowledge I think 43 years ago most kids in East London would have supported their local club (West Ham) but over the past 30 years due to the Premier League & Sky TV and social media it’s now easier to watch any game in the world and be more influenced by the success of the bigger teams so East London now has just as many Arsenal, Liverpool & Man Utd fans.

Also many West Ham fans and English people in general have moved to Essex and other parts of the country so the area is not so much identifiable with West Ham as it once was.

I do think the stadium move and cheaper tickets has opened us up to attracting more younger fans to go to games and support us rather than the bigger teams though which is a good thing.

1964 11:16 Fri Jun 9
Re: Victory Parade Details - Tomorrow 7pm
Lots of kids there yesterday and some filmed on the TV singing bubbles that you wouldn't have expected to be interested.

They are now infected with West Ham. This final and parade has done wonders to our future fan base.

The Ghost of Sven 11:12 Fri Jun 9
Re: Victory Parade Details - Tomorrow 7pm
Just a pleasure to see the joy of all our fellow sufferers some of whom have never seen anything won and others go back 40 or 50 years in memories.
Lots of fans where there were grandfathers , fathers & sons & others saying they were West Ham because of a departed father who they wished could have seen it.
Very moving
Said elsewhere that lots of fans of medium sized and smaller teams would have been thinking ... WISH THAT WAS US. And that this trophy is a realistic goal for them.

1964 11:06 Fri Jun 9
Re: Victory Parade Details - Tomorrow 7pm
Those aerial clips at the Boleyn were 'massive' crowds, barely room for the buses to get through. Can't find any good aerial ones at Stratford but trying to get out at 9.30 was impossible.

Manuel 11:02 Fri Jun 9
Re: Victory Parade Details - Tomorrow 7pm
Yea, maybe there are some things better today than 'the good ol' days.

Our support base is huge now and getting bigger, I've read and heard in recent years that all the kids from our way are growing up supporting Spurs, Arsenal etc, but not sure that is the case at all?

The stadium move has def gained us more support. Good to see all the youngsters out yesterday, all loving it.

swindon hammer 10:56 Fri Jun 9
Re: Victory Parade Details - Tomorrow 7pm
It was just a different world 43 years ago.

Looking at the video clips on YouTube there looked to be more fans at the parade in 1980 than there was yesterday but it was a lot more reserved.

Back then you didn’t have loud music being blasted over the tannoy with the players and fans bouncing up and down to it. Could you imagine Trev & Bonzo doing that while yelling West Ham are fucking massive on the mic!

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