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LeroysBoots 4:06 Thu Jun 8
BT Sport

Now that is quality, BT did us proud this whole tournament

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MaryMillingtonsGhost 9:37 Thu Jun 8
Re: BT Sport
LeroysBoots 4:06

Cheers for that link fella.
Hangover's finally subsided.
That through ball from Paquetta looks even better head on, had literally fuck all time but played it to perfection.

BillC79 8:56 Thu Jun 8
Re: BT Sport
Good commentary from Sam Matterface on talksport as well - for those that don't want to hear Savage


Met him once at a wedding, very nice bloke - albeit a Chelsea fan

zico 7:21 Thu Jun 8
Re: BT Sport
They were good actually and have to say I was impressed with Jules Breach, very natural and not one for clichés! Only thing with BT is the cost. I'm only interested in West Ham so a £30 monthly pass is a bit steep.

bruuuno 7:14 Thu Jun 8
Re: BT Sport
Got quite emotional watching that.

I fucking love Carlton Cole

Mad Dog 6:40 Thu Jun 8
Re: BT Sport
That bt link is quality

PostmanPissed 4:59 Thu Jun 8
Re: BT Sport
cholo 4:20 Thu Jun 8

With you on that.

"Its up for grabs nOooow", Savage in background "YEEEEEEEESSSSSS".

Tanglefoot 4:51 Thu Jun 8
Re: BT Sport
Jesus, thanks for putting this up, but blimey its proper choked me up again! What a club we are!

Northern Sold 4:37 Thu Jun 8
Re: BT Sport
Saw this earlier... absolutely superb... totally agree BT done a great job... lovely having biased summarisers and the commentary was top notch... *round of applause *

ironsofcanada 4:31 Thu Jun 8
Re: BT Sport
Cheers for that.

"Moyes is on the pitch...".

(I sadly had much worse commentary who didn't really know us from Adam)

Moncurs Putting Iron 4:21 Thu Jun 8
Re: BT Sport
For the rest of my time on this earth every time I hear

Paqueta! He's played it Through!

The hairs will stand up on the back of my neck and my tear ducts will have a little pucker.

cholo 4:20 Thu Jun 8
Re: BT Sport
I agree about bt sport's coverage, I'm even warming to Robbie Savage who seemed delighted we won, not something I thought I'd ever say.

El Scorchio 4:11 Thu Jun 8
Re: BT Sport
That's great!
I think BT have done a really good job in the last couple of years of making the Europa league and Conference league seem important and a big deal and their coverage of our games has always had a lot of effort put into it. I guess it's in their interests to maximise viewers for every live game they have.

In general they are very generous toward West Ham, and in case people didn't know, it's because their studio is about a ten minute walk from the stadium, over the canal. Or at least it is for the next few weeks/months...

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