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The Chairman 12:57 Tue Jun 13
New Kit
When will the new kit be available

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Manuel 5:01 Sat Oct 7
Re: New Kit
Swindon - The 3rd isn't really meant to be associated with the usual colours, with most clubs it's not, that's what the away kit is for. Then again, we play in claret and blue and this is blue, so I wouldn't say we are not associated with blue, anyway. I don't like this one, but liked the darker blue we had during the Di Canio spell. Agree about winning the final in our worst kit of all time, you couldn't make it up.

gph 1:14 Sat Oct 7
Re: New Kit
TI blue was much darker, closer to the blue in Totteham's current kit than that in Chelsea's kit.

But when TI were around, Tottenham's blue was much lighter, I think.

There wasn't a Chelsea back then

swindon hammer 12:56 Sat Oct 7
Re: New Kit
I do quite like our 3rd kit but colour wise it just isn’t very West Ham is it?

Certainly much better than that horrible Orange effort last season.

Such a shame we were wearing it while winning a trophy.

On The Ball 8:02 Fri Aug 25
Re: New Kit
Rio/Anton/Les - you say that, but just three games ago we had to wear our third kit because the others were a bit too close!

They're a sensible idea, if slightly cynical too. It used to be that a Club would register their previous away as their third. They'd never really need to be worn but were there as a backup, until someone saw the commercial potential. And I can't blame them for that.

Swiss. 5:40 Fri Aug 25
Re: New Kit
Thames Iron Works blue aint it

Rio or Anton or Les 5:35 Fri Aug 25
Re: New Kit
I just don't understand this whole 3rd kit idea.

When will we need to use it (genuinely)? No one wears claret n white.

It looks like Everton kit to me and not West Ham at all.

Don't get me started on the claret shorts, look like Hearts!

Haven't bought a shirt since 2003 Fila Di Canio shirt - claret body , sky sleeves and nice trim. Probably saved a fortune.

Plus a classic "castle" badge!

scott_d 4:17 Fri Aug 25
Re: New Kit
Talking of China.

I have only managed to find short sleeve shirts on the usual baba and dh sites.

Anyone know where I can pick up a long sleeve kit or no sponsor kit from china?

duffster 1:22 Sun Aug 20
Re: New Kit
Shit crackers. I'm treating myself to a 1958 cotton for £40.

goose 12:23 Sun Aug 20
Re: New Kit
Swindon is right, in the main our kits are awful.

chav_corner 12:21 Sun Aug 20
Re: New Kit
Too much like chelsea for me.second kit should always be a variation of the Clyde Best/Bobby Moore claret hoops on sky blue.Third should always be white.

Ron Eff 10:09 Sat Aug 19
Re: New Kit
Doesn’t make me think Chelsea, it’s not THAT blue, but it should always be the navy of 1999 when we go for that colour kit.

Kandu 10:00 Sat Aug 19
Re: New Kit
3rd kit
Initially thought yeah best of this seasons offerings.
Didn’t think Chelsea initially but can see what people mean
Will probably get this one from China.
Certainly not paying £70+ for it though

RM10 4:54 Sat Aug 19
Re: New Kit
Didn’t like the orange and don’t like the blue but hope it gets us to Dublin!!!

ironsofcanada 4:32 Sat Aug 19
Re: New Kit
Kits have never been a huge issue for me.

Will buy ones I really like and not worry about the rest.

Winning our trophy in that melted orange creamsickle kit did not add to the experience, though.

swindon hammer 3:42 Sat Aug 19
Re: New Kit
Let’s face it we have had some horrible kits over the years.

I had them and loved them as a kid but looking back some of the Scoreline & Bukta shirts of the late 80s and early 90s were horrible.

Last seasons Orange kit and home shirt were dreadful as well.

This seasons 3rd kit actually looks ok but the colours aren’t West Ham are they?

Lee Trundle 2:05 Sat Aug 19
Re: New Kit
I immediately thought Chelsea when I first saw it, Mad Dog.

That's why it'll be the worst kit in my lifetime.

Manuel 1:54 Sat Aug 19
Re: New Kit
I generally like us playing in royal/navy blue, like the top we had when Di Canio was here, but this one is shit.

Mad Dog 1:48 Sat Aug 19
Re: New Kit
Trundle it isn't even the worst kit in the past 12 months.

Last year's home and that fucking awful white and orange abomination are worse.

But it isn't a nice kit by any means

Mike Oxsaw 1:32 Sat Aug 19
Re: New Kit
In the (not too distant) future there will be only 2 kits.

The home team will play in all red and the away team will play in all blue.

This is expected to reduce global warming by 2 degrees over the next century.

El Scorchio 1:15 Sat Aug 19
Re: New Kit
I know. Let’s make a third kit that looks just like a chelsea one. That’ll sell well….


On The Ball 12:56 Sat Aug 19
Re: New Kit
Nice shirt

Crap collar

As with most - I shrug. Better than £120 for a Nike template.

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