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Far Cough 5:01 Wed Jul 5
Tynan's daughter
Olivia Dean = MASSIVE


Take a listen, she's on Spotify and probably other music streaming sites

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Eastside surge 9:49 Thu Jul 27
Re: Tynan's daughter
Just caught some of her stuff on YouTube and yep the girl has some real talent

Far Cough 5:06 Thu Jul 27
Re: Tynan's daughter
Euxaristo ray son

ray winstone 4:40 Thu Jul 27
Re: Tynan's daughter

This might be her debut album, but Olivia Dean has been building towards it since she was an eight-year-old listening to Carole King and Aretha Franklin and Lauryn Hill.

After a stint at the Brit School, she briefly sang with Rudimental before releasing a series of emotionally candid solo EPs that attracted millions of streams.

The album's title, Messy, refers to the tumultuous process of growing up and discovering yourself - but the music is anything but chaotic.

Instead, Dean draws on her inspirations to craft a series of effortlessly uplifting soul songs. The video for The Hardest Part even sees her recreate The Supremes' dance routines that she used to practise with her mum and auntie at home.

Highlights include the Motown-influenced Dive; and UFO, a delicate ballad inspired by a line in a valentine's card: "You're the best version of love I've ever seen."

The critics said: "Throughout the album, the songwriting stays old-school: straightforward melodies and lyrics, clear structures, no jump-cut transitions, not even a guest rapper. It reaffirms what she's been doing right; it also claims new possibilities." - New York Times

ray winstone 4:39 Thu Jul 27
Re: Tynan's daughter
Nominated for the Mercury Prize 2023, nice one, hope she wins!

ChesterRd 2:12 Fri Jul 21
Re: Tynan's daughter
Beautiful young lady and beautiful voice. I hope she has a long and successful career.

Far Cough 4:28 Wed Jul 19
Re: Tynan's daughter
That's because there is not one but many links in the OP description.

Mr Anon 3:56 Wed Jul 19
Re: Tynan's daughter
This title and not one poster replying "Link?"

standards are slipping

Far Cough 9:43 Wed Jul 19
Re: Tynan's daughter
Elton John thinks she'll be a star


Jaan Kenbrovin 1:04 Thu Jul 13
Re: Tynan's daughter
Not surprised to see it's been done already.


defjam 12:33 Thu Jul 13
Re: Tynan's daughter
Jaan Kenbrovin 12:29 - Nice one.

Look forward to hearing a DnB version so post it up if you get to do it.

Jaan Kenbrovin 12:29 Thu Jul 13
Re: Tynan's daughter
'really down to earth, natural act rather than any forced, fake shit'

Yeah this is exactly the feeling I had from listening to 'the hardest part'

Downloaded an acoustic version on youtube. If I can do it justice I'd do a bootleg DNB version!

defjam 12:13 Thu Jul 13
Re: Tynan's daughter
riosleftsock 12:09 - AG! Sounds like you were there!

riosleftsock 12:09 Thu Jul 13
Re: Tynan's daughter
defjam 12:06 Thu Jul 13

Nice story.

Imagine, a string-vested Stan Ogden, a flat capped, badge wearing gimp and our token effnik all cheering her on.


defjam 12:06 Thu Jul 13
Re: Tynan's daughter
Actually went to see her last night with Tynan and Ged at her sold out show at Somerset house.
Bit of a last minute thing for me as Tynan graciously messaged me and got me a ticket.

I was pretty awestruck at her performance, amazing voice and interaction with the crowd, very funny and laughed at herself and she seems born to do this.
Also just seemd a really down to earth, natural act rather than any forced, fake shit, and she's a Hammer.
It's rare to go to a gig and not know any songs or lyrics but I left there trying to figure out which one is my favourite.

El Scorchio 9:02 Wed Jul 12
Re: Tynan's daughter
She's on BBC London news on BBC 1 right now!

GBHammer63 9:15 Mon Jul 10
Re: Tynan's daughter
Listened to a few songs on YT, really pleasantly surprised, lovely easy voice to listen to and a beautiful smile to go with it.
As others have said, she has everything to potentially go far, will definitely listen more.

riosleftsock 9:00 Sun Jul 9
Re: Tynan's daughter
Really pleased for Tynan, and even more so for his daughter.

Tynan was a legend on here, possibly the most famous string-vest wearer since stan Ogden.

But as Ged says, that's him, not his daughter who deserves credit herself for what she has done.

Good to see you post again Ged, hope you are well.

jfk 8:57 Sun Jul 9
Re: Tynan's daughter
Shut up Swiss you fucking cunt

jfk 8:54 Sun Jul 9
Re: Tynan's daughter
Credit mate a huge talent.
Must be as proud as punch.
Wish her all the Very best.

Darlo Debs 8:41 Sun Jul 9
Re: Tynan's daughter
* Dean

Darlo Debs 8:40 Sun Jul 9
Re: Tynan's daughter
Olivia Xean has just had a song played on radio 2. She has a lovely voice.

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