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Nick QQQ 2:27 Wed Aug 2
2020+ when movies went shit
Did Netflix and the other production companies ruin movies? Was watching the Kingsman last night, love that film, and it got me thinking. Every film i've watched over the last few years has been shit, in fact cant remember the last release that was any good.

What is it? Attention spans of millenials and gen z's not having the attention span or looking up from scrolling tiktok or just the release volumes from the new emerging companies reducing the quality?

Anyway, anyone watched anything good lately? I'm fucking bored of all this rain and wind sitting on my arse flicking through tiktok every night.

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Swiss. 5:18 Tue Aug 8
Re: 2020+ when movies went shit

You not seen the latest MI?

I thought it was the best to date.

Nick QQQ 4:55 Tue Aug 8
Re: 2020+ when movies went shit
I thought Banchees was a bit overated due to the hype. Was funny in parts and kept me watching but strung out.

Tetris on Apple was quite good.

RBshorty 4:48 Tue Aug 8
Re: 2020+ when movies went shit
Sold. Saying Top Gun Maverick is wank. Then putting Avatar of your list is a bit rich.

Swiss. 4:33 Tue Aug 8
Re: 2020+ when movies went shit
OK GotG wasn't shit. That's harsh but I though not as good as the previous 2. I was a big Adam Warlock fan as a kid and they made him into a right dick.

Council Scum 4:01 Tue Aug 8
Re: 2020+ when movies went shit
Loved Guardians, Banshee's was shit.

Northern Sold 3:29 Tue Aug 8
Re: 2020+ when movies went shit
Guardians Shit??? Oh Come on.... best laughs around... Drax should do stand up...


Swiss. 3:13 Tue Aug 8
Re: 2020+ when movies went shit

I agree with 75% of that list but GoG 3, Banshees and No Time to Die were shit imho.

Northern Sold 3:06 Tue Aug 8
Re: 2020+ when movies went shit
Yeah there has been a load of wokey stuff out that I've mainly kept away from... probably the biggest pile of turd I saw was the new Top Gun... pure hokum but there you go it appeased the masses... been plenty of good stuff I've enjoyed since the pandemic...

The Covenant
All quiet on the Western Front
Guardians of Galaxy III
Spiderman Across the Spider Verse
Cocaine Bear
Banshees of isisherin
Bullet Train
Where the Crawdads sing
Puss in Boots
Last Duel
No time to die
Sound of Metal

All really enjoyed.... off to see Openheimer this week and itching to see Napoleon

Nurse Ratched 2:58 Tue Aug 8
Re: 2020+ when movies went shit
Trundle 2:07

*tips ten gallon hat*

zico 2:12 Tue Aug 8
Re: 2020+ when movies went shit
Swiss, think I have seen The Reckoning, but I'll check out the Lair.

Alfs, not just studio execs but certain directors. Was watching an interview with Paul Michael Glaser of Starsky and Hutch fame last night. When asked about his thoughts on the movie he said he had lunch with Ben Stiller and asked what direction Stiller wanted to go with the film, either an outright spoof or try and recapture the relationships between the characters. Stiller was focused on the latter but apparently the writer and director wasn't and wanted to make it into a spoof. What we got was about as bad a film as you could possibly get.

Lee Trundle 2:07 Tue Aug 8
Re: 2020+ when movies went shit
Nurse Ratched 12:22 Sun Aug 6

Thanks, I've only just seen your review. I'll likely give it a miss then!

Swiss. 1:40 Tue Aug 8
Re: 2020+ when movies went shit
zico 6:42 Fri Aug 4

Yes I’m a big Neil Marshall fan. I thought last years The Lair and The Reckoning were OK .

Alfs 1:32 Mon Aug 7
Re: 2020+ when movies went shit
zico 9:51 Fri Aug 4

It's arrogance, simple as that.

William Goldman in his magnificent book 'Adventures in the Screentrade' coined the phrase "Nobody knows nothing" when talking about Hollywood execs.

Never truer words spoken.

Side of Ham 1:21 Sun Aug 6
Re: 2020+ when movies went shit
Glad you enjoyed it (Godless) Nurse!

Nurse Ratched 12:22 Sun Aug 6
Re: 2020+ when movies went shit

Re 1923.

Oh boy, where do I start?

No magic, wise Indians. Just persecuted and suffering horrifically Indians. This plot strand appears to have absolutely nothing to do with the Duttons' story and is probably just inserted to make American viewers flagellate themselves. Having said that this plot strand is much better than the others and could probably have been a stand-alone drama in its own right. It was very pleasant listening to their beautiful language, whichever one it is.

Speaking of flagellation, there is a bit of boring and superfluous BDSM with a couple of whores and the local chief bad guy. Just cringe-inducing stuff.

There is a major strand of the story that concerns getting a Dutton scion home from Africa. He cuts about like a cross between Indiana Jones and Jay Gatsby. This is where the most annoying character enters - his girlfriend/wife. Feck me, the scenes between them will make you want to pull out your eyes and ears. Yes of course, she is a STRONG, SPIRITED, INDEPENDENT WOMAN. Translation: she's a c###, really. The actress is American, attempting a 1920s upper class English accent. Just awful. I quickly learned to cope by fast forwarding between their conversations and 'romantic' scenes. The whole saga of them trying to get back to the US is irksome. Oh, and I could be wrong, but I'm not sure the Mauretania operated to and from Africa. Transatlantic, I think. But 1923 has it pitching up at Mombassa. Could be wrong (I'm a nerd, but not infallible)

The story drags horribly because apparently there's going to be a second series. Naturally they left the first series on a cliffhanger you won't GAF about.

Speaking of the real Indiana Jones - Ford and Mirren cannot be faulted in their performances but they are sometimes given some really dubious lines to say. For example, I'm not sure a rancher's wife in 1923 would be aware of the concept of narcissism and apply it speculatively to herself. Also, characters in 1923 are given to making unnaturally prescient predictions about the future of mankind (re technology and politics). It's lazy and trite on the part of the writers.

The scenery and the horses are beautiful.

Er...not sure I'd recommend it, really.

Nurse Ratched 11:40 Sat Aug 5
Re: 2020+ when movies went shit
* when it first aired

Nurse Ratched 11:39 Sat Aug 5
Re: 2020+ when movies went shit

I watched Godless when ut guest aired. I enjoyed it.

Side of Ham 9:29 Sat Aug 5
Re: 2020+ when movies went shit
Nurse if you like Westerns watch Godless on Netflix….Jeff Daniel’s is great in it….

Boycie 9:11 Sat Aug 5
Re: 2020+ when movies went shit
Everything is wokeshit now. No credibility at all nada

zico 6:42 Fri Aug 4
Re: 2020+ when movies went shit

The Descent was pretty brutal and Dog Soldiers is one of my favourite films. Thought Sean Pertwee should have4 done more comedy. Very underrated film. A rare one where I hoped that there might have been a sequel.

Nurse Ratched 6:12 Fri Aug 4
Re: 2020+ when movies went shit
I might start on 1923 tonight and report back to you. I expect, as in 1884, there will be magic Indians saving the day with their ancient wisdom and all that caper.

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