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Exiled In Surrey 5:59 Wed Aug 2
Vaping concentrate
Its the mutts. Weed is purely a backup now.

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Tanglefoot 12:09 Thu Aug 3
Re: Vaping concentrate
I have found a good one on Telegram, next day delivery and packed as discreetly as possible. Has various vapes on there but 10/10 boys seem to be the best..

bruuuno 10:27 Wed Aug 2
Re: Vaping concentrate
Fake terps is the least of your worries I’m pretty sure that fake vapes can contain some carcinogenic metals or similar, it was all in the news a few years back

13 Brentford Rd 10:24 Wed Aug 2
Re: Vaping concentrate
Scouse, we tried making our own but it's tricky and dangerous extracting it, and we ended wasting a little ad and got a poor vape.
Know a Head shop in the Midlands where I used to live but realised that there vape was making me cough too much and was Black which apparently is not good as it should be more of an Amber or honey colour.

I've just found a place online that a mate recommended but hadn't tried, was skeptical as it looked too good to be true, very open about the product and very professional looking like a high class CBD site, even options for strength and effect, ie, creative, high, dreamy, with a graph showing the THC, CBD, CBN, CBG etc...content for each strain in percentages.
Had lots of good reviews on Trustpilot too.
Bank transfer or Bitcoin payment only.
Pondered it for a couple of weeks, just couldn't understand how they can get away with it.

Anyway, as I was in need I took the plunge.
Was like a normal online transaction, got a confirmation email, then order being processed, then order dispatched all with the goods blatantly displayed on each email.
To my surprise it arrived in two days, tried it last night and very impressed. Is a nice amber colour, product and packaging looks top quality and the effect as expected and described for the one I chose.

scouse kid 8:04 Wed Aug 2
Re: Vaping concentrate
I would be careful of the carts you purchase

a lot of them are snide and made with poor quality bud and shake and awful terps and then put into fake packaging and sold to unsuspecting marks via telegram who think they buying yank pharmacy quality but because they haven't had dispensary quality are none the wiser.

personally I make my own

ak37 7:26 Wed Aug 2
Re: Vaping concentrate
Still can’t beat a doink though

Moncurs Putting Iron 7:18 Wed Aug 2
Re: Vaping concentrate
I would not have thought it would cerebrally taxing?

Not an expert though.

Exiled In Surrey 7:00 Wed Aug 2
Re: Vaping concentrate
ak37 see insight provided by BR.

ak37 6:58 Wed Aug 2
Re: Vaping concentrate
Not too many dispensaries in Surrey

Exiled In Surrey 6:58 Wed Aug 2
Re: Vaping concentrate
Same with anything you want to buy.

*scratches arse*

13 Brentford Rd 6:22 Wed Aug 2
Re: Vaping concentrate
You need to know where to purchase.

*Taps conk*

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