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LeroysBoots 4:35 Wed Aug 9
Lucas Paquetá
Oh ffs

City want him, tabled 70 million bid

Bowen will be next

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fraser 2:49 Tue Aug 22
Re: Lucas Paquetá
Antonio had just 19 touches and completed 11 passes I've just read. That isn't a dig at him but when you're at home that really is living off scraps

LeroysBoots 2:43 Tue Aug 22
Re: Lucas Paquetá
Do you think he still wants to leave for last last big pay day ?

scott_d 2:40 Tue Aug 22
Re: Lucas Paquetá

I was moaning about Antonio early doors as he was going down like a sack of spuds. But fair play, in the second half, he mostly stayed on his feet, put himself about a bit, scored a tidy finish and actually showed us what he's capable of when he's on his game.

He could have a good season if he plays like that. But do we expect him to keep that level up?

Manuel 11:14 Mon Aug 21
Re: Lucas Paquetá
He probably does that in training all the time, just nowhere near enough in games and Moyes dug him out for that after the game too, and also said he was poor at B'mouth. Antonio also took Thiago Silva to the cleaners in the first half down the right side, but we know he can be a handful on his day.

fraser 11:06 Mon Aug 21
Re: Lucas Paquetá
Manuel - what a great strike that was from Antonio, can't lie I wasn't expecting that.

onsideman 11:04 Mon Aug 21
Re: Lucas Paquetá
Sterling was a massive danger at 11 v 11 so the work he did helping out Emerson when we went down to 10 was very impressive

Manuel 11:03 Mon Aug 21
Re: Lucas Paquetá
Scott - Yea I'd go with that too, I'm just pleased he is getting stuck in, you have to in this league no matter how talented you are, I think that's why Anderson failed as he played like a girl.

Your mate Antonio did alright yesterday :-)

scott_d 10:43 Mon Aug 21
Re: Lucas Paquetá
He was well up for it yesterday.

I feel like he is a player that can adapt to what the game requires.

Yesterday, dropped the fancy flicks and tricks to some degree and just rolled his sleeves up and got involved. Exactly what we needed.

In other games we'll see a different player who will spray the ball around, score goals, take the piss.... there are a few players in there!

Manuel 3:59 Mon Aug 21
Re: Lucas Paquetá
I loved his attitude towards the end and how he was digging in, when you have a talented player who digs in too you're on a winner, generally though he really wasn't that great today, first half he was barely in it.

Tomshardware 12:43 Mon Aug 21
Re: Lucas Paquetá
He was superb today, hell of a player.

paul6565 10:04 Sun Aug 20
Re: Lucas Paquetá
Absolute Monster.. Looks like a player full of quality who gives everything.

Full Claret Jacket 10:01 Sun Aug 20
Re: Lucas Paquetá
Played his best stuff linking up with Emerson on the left. Was wasteful first half and chasing shadows He wound Caciedo up good and proper before the penalty and then had the nerve to rub it in his face by scoring.

Northern Sold 9:53 Sun Aug 20
Re: Lucas Paquetá
Fucking IMMENSE today especially last quarter of the game when we really needed him... some great Superman's as well....

Pentonville 9:39 Sun Aug 20
Re: Lucas Paquetá
He won me 10 quid for that silly card. Not bad odds I thought at 1/10,000

On another note, his crossed hammers after pen says to me.he is staying but I'm an old romantic.

Can't have too many heart breaks in one week, don't u leave me too Paq!!!!

goose 9:26 Sun Aug 20
Re: Lucas Paquetá
Looked on it today.

Loved the running argument he had with their players towards the end.

Hammer and Pickle 9:06 Sun Aug 20
Re: Lucas Paquetá
Easily MOTM today.

Hammer and Pickle 10:57 Sat Aug 19
Re: Lucas Paquetá
I heard he went down the shop to get some milk in the morning.


claypole 10:35 Sat Aug 19
Re: Lucas Paquetá
I saw a video a few weeks ago when he was dancing about on a stage.

That must have been for a fucking bet as well

Norflundon 10:29 Sat Aug 19
Re: Lucas Paquetá
He’s a fucking moron he’s on 600k a month plus all his other bits he’d get probably close on 3/4mill a month and what could they actually made a few grand he’s off his head

Hammer and Pickle 10:17 Sat Aug 19
Re: Lucas Paquetá
Oh I see - I apologise LJC. I misunderstood it was an issue Xhaka might have had with Paqueta.

ironsofcanada 10:01 Sat Aug 19
Re: Lucas Paquetá

Interesting to compare the cases.

In Xhaka's one very large bet was placed on a yellow card in the last ten minutes.

He got one for time wasting over a free kick.

And he was cleared.

I guess you could say Paqueta's had a lot more moving parts and would be harder to write off as a coincidence.

But Xhaka did (inadvertently apparently) fulfill a more specific part in it.

But there was again apparently no paper trail, digital or otherwise connecting him.

While Paqueta has connections to the bettors, again apparently.

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