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Nutsin 7:47 Sun Aug 20
Hurricane Hillary
Hitting tomorrow afternoon. We’re getting alerts for possible power outages and heavy flooding.
Apparently this is a moist storm.

Waves are big, so Surfers are out enjoying the surf.

Looks like a miserable week ahead.

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andyd12345 12:29 Sun Aug 20
Re: Hurricane Hillary
It’s only a Cat1 so shouldn’t be too significant hopefully

Nutsin 9:50 Sun Aug 20
Re: Hurricane Hillary
Cheers IOC.
The hurricane is 500 miles wide apparently. The eye of the storm is estimated to hit San Diego between 3-6 pm tomorrow.

That’s about an hour South of me, so we are right in its path.

I’ve been through a few Earthquakes, and a white out in South Lake Tahoe. Never experienced a hurricane before.

ironsofcanada 7:59 Sun Aug 20
Re: Hurricane Hillary
Stay safe.

To the west of us the opposite is true. A whole lot of the province of BC is in fire.

Aunt and Uncle and their grown kids are all out of their homes on evac orders.

We are going to miss my nephews wedding, in the same area. as no one in until 4th of Sept at the earliest. They are going to try and go ahead as the bride's parents are in from the Ukraine.

Fun times.

lab 7:52 Sun Aug 20
Re: Hurricane Hillary
I’m sure the talking corpse has everything in hand .

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