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Coffee 10:08 Sat Sep 2
Happygilmore's Saturday football
A vital game for both sides, neither of whom have yet to trouble the table’s points column. That will change today. It’s probably too early to talk about relegation six-pointers, but this is a close as it gets for September. The pressure’s on both, but the Everton board may start fiddling with Sean Dyche’s P45 if they lose here today. Draw.

While Brentford have made a by now characteristically encouraging start to the season, the Cherries will be concerned with their single point return from the opening three fixtures. It’s hard to see them adding to that today. Home win.

After last season’s table-topping promotion, many people would have expected more from Burnley on their return to the Premier League. Under Ange Whatisnameopolous, Spurs’ start contrasts sharply with that of their hosts and they’ll see this as an opportunity to climb a place or two. Away win.

These two clubs share a passion for making ridiculous numbers of signings. Despite the gulf in the quality (and cost) of those signings, there’s something unconvincing about Chelsea. But not sufficiently unconvincing to drop points today. Home win.

Man City will want to overtake the upstarts currently occupying the league leaders’ position and do what Arsenal did for most of last season. Can’t see that not happening. Home win.

A worthy fixture for the televised (for some) late kick-off. Having been trounced at home last week, the Seagulls will be keen to restore their winning record. They’ll find it hard against a Newcastle side brimming with quality, but lacking early season points. Could be a cracker. Draw.


Two moderate sides that will probably finish the season in the lower half of the table. The perfect fixture for a nice post-prandial siesta. Home win.

Two quality sides that will be battling for a top-six finish. Both can play football. Should be a good game. Draw.

A good day’s footy watching culminates with this battle between two sides with runners-up aspirations. Perhaps more, because you can aspire for anything. Draw.

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Mike Oxsaw 12:33 Mon Sep 4
Re: Happygilmore's Saturday football
A football stadium - ANY football stadium - is a place of leisure for us fans, but it's a place of work for professional football players - ANY professional football player.

Why do (some) fans insist on trying to impose their view of what a football club/stadium is on the players?

Rice served his contract with us to the letter and was a model professional during that time. I've no doubt that attitude will continue throughout his career and wish him well.

Iron Duke 12:05 Mon Sep 4
Re: Happygilmore's Saturday football
I don’t feel any vitriol towards Rice. Like Griffin says, he’s just a product of his time, and we’re just all old miserable cunts. From what I have heard about him, he’s a very decent bloke.

I just get fed up of the top six fawning. When he was with us, he was overrated and not worth more than £50m. Now he is on another level. A special player. All in the space of a month.

And it was a lucky goal with a massive deflection, so fuck him, fuck Sky, and fuck the wanky Arsenal fans.

But I’m definitely not bitter 🙂

Mex Martillo 10:58 Mon Sep 4
Re: Happygilmore's Saturday football
Two weeks off now. I kind of hopefully think that will rest our players more than City. Less going out for Internationals. Is Antonio going out with Jamaica, we could do without that. About time got something off City.

I'm happier with our 4 new signing than keeping Rice. We would never have both. I just hope we can beat Arsenal, especially because of Rice.

BRANDED 10:44 Mon Sep 4
Re: Happygilmore's Saturday football
Rice wanted to move on. He did. Its working well. I hope Arsenal miss out on the top four but with him in the side I dont think they will.

Danish Hammer 10:38 Mon Sep 4
Re: Happygilmore's Saturday football
stewie griffin 10:13 Mon Sep 4

LeroysBoots 10:27 Mon Sep 4
Re: Happygilmore's Saturday football
Has there ever been a more overhyped player than the mediocre Anthony ?

Fucking rubbish

Percy Dalton 10:17 Mon Sep 4
Re: Happygilmore's Saturday football
My sentiment exactly.

stewie griffin 10:13 Mon Sep 4
Re: Happygilmore's Saturday football
Rice is a bit cringe, and always has been - he's a product of his time, one of the social media generation & has a good 'brand'. But that isn't Arsenal-related, he's always been like that so no use pretending its some new fangled thing.
People like him, and like his personality, we're just a bunch of old cunts, generally speaking.

Was watching the Brighton-Newcastle game. After the game , presenter asks Karen Carney for her thoughts on Evan Ferguson - the response comes "oh, he's an absolute next level baller". That's what passes for analysis in this day & age. Better off just not watching any of the cringey shit that surrounds football, and just watch the game.

legrandefromage 4:20 Mon Sep 4
Re: Happygilmore's Saturday football
Surprised at how bad Villa were against Liverpool. For a tactical genius, Emery couldn't have played to the Scouser's strengths any better

Manuel 3:57 Mon Sep 4
Re: Happygilmore's Saturday football
I thought the offside look dubious and of course was a game changer.

Rice can be annoying without a doubt, but if it wasn't for his 'personality' he wouldn't be the player that he is, you can see that on the pitch he has a presence and confidence about him. I wouldn't wish him well though, or any bad.

Ten Haag looks under a big strain now, and the Glazers are staying, could be a rocky road ahead.

Sydney_Iron 3:03 Mon Sep 4
Re: Happygilmore's Saturday football
Pagey 10:37 Sun Sep 3

Spot on and agree 100%

joe royal 1:58 Mon Sep 4
Re: Happygilmore's Saturday football
Rice just suffers from new best friend syndrome.

Plastics U21 - up the RA
West Ham - kissing the badge
Arse - same.

He gives 100% and loves what he does.

daveyg 1:58 Mon Sep 4
Re: Happygilmore's Saturday football
I'm sure you are confused with your Rice analysis.
Stupid,stupid, stupid,.
He's still class,pity he's not with us.

I think we have 3 tough games coming up.
Sheffield United are improving and have an excellent striker in Archer. They have a lot of power which means Soucek will play with Paqueta out somewhere on the far left

lowlife 1:51 Mon Sep 4
Re: Happygilmore's Saturday football
I’m a bit old fashioned and think that footballers should just stick to their profession. Agents coming into the game ruined a lot of what was good about football and now we have players, including Rice, with inflated views of themselves with the advertising and social media presence they have.

He’s a great player but even when at West Ham I had a massive dislike, and disdain, for all the Rice Rice Baby stuff.

Ron Eff 1:45 Mon Sep 4
Re: Happygilmore's Saturday football
Rice encourages it, which is why I think people aren’t particularly keen. He’s a PR machine. I don’t hate him, but he is unbelievably nauseating as are most related to that club. As for wishing him well, fuck that. Why would anyone wish him success at Arsenal?

lowlife 1:38 Mon Sep 4
Re: Happygilmore's Saturday football
No vitriol towards Rice from me - just a massive shame that we couldn’t build around him. Had loads of opportunities to do exactly that.

The main hatred I have is with the media and how they are now reporting on Rice. To say “gunner for life”, after a handful of games is ridiculous hyperbole.

only1billybonds 12:50 Mon Sep 4
Re: Happygilmore's Saturday football
I'm with Pagey, I really dont understand the vitriol thrown at Rice by some people. He moved to better himself and improve his chances of winning medals. Anyone who thinks he had more chance achieving this with us more than Arsenal is a fucking idiot.
He gave us all he could and has moved on, I wish him well.

El Scorchio 12:46 Mon Sep 4
Re: Happygilmore's Saturday football
I think he's bought pretty poorly as well. Lots of players who have done not a lot, some cheap granted, but some for a lot of money.

Mount (I mean what the fuck?)

Hojlund has to perform or he might be the straw that broke the Dutchie's back. Massive gamble.

Casemiro might be the only real successful signing.

He's also failed to shift a lot of dead wood and crap from their squad.

TBH Not sure why he doesn't come in for more criticism. They were lucky it was a fairly weak division last year and Liverpool and Chelsea shat the bed.

lowlife 12:36 Mon Sep 4
Re: Happygilmore's Saturday football
I reckon he’s on the verge of losing the dressing room. He’s dealt with the Maguire situation very badly imo, and I reckon that has led to a battle of wills/will blink first with Maguire.

Hilarious that he finished having to play Maguire and Evans together.

El Scorchio 12:34 Mon Sep 4
Re: Happygilmore's Saturday football
At least Gary Neville still thinks Ten Hag is a genius.

lowlife 12:32 Mon Sep 4
Re: Happygilmore's Saturday football
It’s beautiful that many media people were saying that Man Utd had a manager who would instil discipline and get them back where they belong.

He looks utterly lost to me, and now has players (Sancho) openly challenging him on social media.

Long may it continue!

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