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Manuel 5:37 Sun Sep 3
Tony Gale's book
I see that everyone's mate Tony Gale has his autobiography out ''That's Entertainment'' I've read a few footballers autobiography's down the years, but none for a long time, but fancy this could be a good read.

Anyone on here planning on picking up a copy?

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zico 10:05 Mon Sep 4
Re: Tony Gale's book
On the seemingly short lived Sex Drugs and Carlton Cole Interviews that can be found on You Tube Mark Ward tells a quite unpleasant but hilarious story on how he and Frank stitched Gale and Martin up in a hotel. Wardie can't stop laughing telling it.

swindon hammer 8:46 Mon Sep 4
Re: Tony Gale's book
Footballers rarely have nicknames anymore do they? Or not publicly anyway.

It mainly plays off their own names like Nobes, Cress, Dec etc.

In the 80s you had Psycho, Stretch, Tonka, Reggie, Chippy etc.

I guess as squads have got more International over the past few decades the British humour/banter has lessened.

marty feldman 8:36 Mon Sep 4
Re: Tony Gale's book
Known as Reggie to his west ham teammates .due to his tortuous sense of humour. 😂

Wilko Johnson 7:40 Mon Sep 4
Re: Tony Gale's book
He appeared in the documentary 'Hooligan ' during the footage of the trouble after the game at Old Trafford. Think he was injured at the time, can see him with his collars up on his coat shielding family members on the pavement whilst the two firms are squaring up on the road.

zico 7:11 Mon Sep 4
Re: Tony Gale's book
Met him at An Evening With McAvennie and Dicks a few years back now and he was a nice fella, Julian and Frank were as well plus a true gent in Ken Brown Snr was there as well. It was the West Ham Way though wasn't it we will try and score four if you score three, as Swindon says a bit like what Bobby Moore had to put up with. I'd rather have Alvin and Galey in the England team now compared to some of the options they have!

Hope it's a better book than Mark Nobles, that was just we beat so and so on Saturday and got hammered by the other on Wednesday!!

Manuel 5:46 Mon Sep 4
Re: Tony Gale's book
Swindon - Agree, it's not that easy to ''categorize'' him, but he was with us for 10 years and overall was very good for us, and the fact that Dalglish thought he was worth taking on says a lot, I suppose.

As said earlier, a big imposing guy, you wouldn't miss him in a room.

swindon hammer 4:49 Mon Sep 4
Re: Tony Gale's book
From all accounts he was a great character in the dressing room and seems like a decent guy. A good commentator to boot.

I never knew what to make of him as a player.

On one hand he was a bit of a cultured centre back who was comfortable on the ball and could play it out from the back. Also scored a few memorable free kicks that even Messi would have been proud of.

On the other hand despite many of us fondly remembering his partnership with Alvin Martin, the reality was that apart from one season (85/86) we really were quite shit defensively for the majority of the time Galey was at the club.

Maybe just a case of a good player in a mostly shit team?

I’m sure Bobby Moore on many occasions could attest to that.

fraser 3:55 Mon Sep 4
Re: Tony Gale's book
Met him a few times when he played for us, used the same gym as the players used.

muskie 3:51 Mon Sep 4
Re: Tony Gale's book
Very good player, a bit of a joker in the changing room.

Also a bit of a lazy cunt who didn't like training, so I expect Macari gets a good cunting.

violator 3:17 Mon Sep 4
Re: Tony Gale's book
Met and him a few years ago in a corporate lounge at Selhurst (it was actually a Charlton "home" game)..he was still pissed off with Hackett.

madeeasy 2:52 Mon Sep 4
Re: Tony Gale's book
There was a story of when he signed for Blackburn.

He came home with a Blackburn shirt and his name on the back and gave it to his son.

His son replied, oh dad you could have got me one with Shearer on it..

sand iron 9:27 Sun Sep 3
Re: Tony Gale's book
Done the stadium tour with Tony Gale today funny enough, and right at the end he mentioned his book.

Nice fella, bit of a character, good host today and tells a good story. He’s genuine West Ham too, you can tell he loves the club.

eswing hammer 6:14 Sun Sep 3
Re: Tony Gale's book
Met him on the railway bridge in Billericay on the morning of the Sevilla home game ,me and a German mate who was over for the match, told us the players were right up for it and they were 100% gonna do it ,he was just on his way to the match as he was doing some commentary or something, couldn’t believe how big and tall he was , stayed chatting as
Long as we wanted , what a nice bloke !

cholo 3:10 Sun Sep 3
Re: Tony Gale's book
North Bank

In the match directly after he'd let Dean Saunders in with an overly casual back pass in the last minute v Derby in the league Cup, every single back pass he played was met with ironic cheers from the crowd. Can't remember if he reacted to that or not

North Bank 1:47 Sun Sep 3
Re: Tony Gale's book
I wonder if he'll mention the time when he flicked the Vs at the Chicken Run after getting a bit of stick

Good player for us and I'll definitely read it

terry-h 1:25 Sun Sep 3
Re: Tony Gale's book
Was Chairman of Walton Casuals fc for several years until they folded in June 2022. Popular with their players and fans. I believe he now lives in Billericay.
I think he fell out with Billy Bonds when released by West Ham but he spent the next season at Blackburn and won a PL winners medal so all ended well for Tony.
Should be an entertaining book.

stewey 1:13 Sun Sep 3
Re: Tony Gale's book
I wonder if Hackett gets a mention.

cholo 12:21 Sun Sep 3
Re: Tony Gale's book
Very good player, probably deserved and England cap, then again so did Steve Bruce and a few other centre halves.

Best memory was his free kick v Liverpool.

Sarge 12:05 Sun Sep 3
Re: Tony Gale's book
Used to see hin in the bookies in Hersham now and again.

Always good company in there.

Also met him at sky's studios with Cottee and Mcavennie when we were watching goals on Sunday.going out.

Top bloke this will be a good read

Manuel 10:35 Sun Sep 3
Re: Tony Gale's book
Nags - he works for PL Productions and only works on Saturday 3pm games, with the rare exception, and doesn't often go up north.

One of my favourite players too, stylish, as we know. Was well chuffed for him when he won the title with Blackburn.

Nagel 10:25 Sun Sep 3
Re: Tony Gale's book
I'll probably give this a read at some point. Great player and hands down my favourite co-commentator these days whenever I'm streaming matches. Seems like he only does non-UK broadcasts rather than Sky or BT games. Always talks sense but doesn't take himself too seriously. It helps that he does tend to be biased towards us during games, and actually knows what he's talking about.

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