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joe royal 2:10 Fri Sep 15
XL Bully’s to be banned.

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jfk 9:04 Tue Nov 7
Re: XL Bully’s to be banned.
Can a mod please do us all a favour and ban this fucking tosspot yoyo.
He adds nothing to this forum.

Mike Oxsaw 6:10 Tue Nov 7
Re: XL Bully’s to be banned.
joyo 1:34 Tue Nov 7

There you go again with your obsession for cripples; it's both sad and funny in equal measures but at least you're ensuring such obsession has legs.

joyo 1:34 Tue Nov 7
Re: XL Bully’s to be banned.
Oxbore l reckon an elderly toy poodle would suit you as less chance of dragging you out of your wheelchair and along the sewer bank in Belvedere than say a XL Bully
Still when you move to your mud hut in the poverty stricken village near the Cambodian border your Sunday roast will most likely be stray canine meat

Mike Oxsaw 8:58 Mon Nov 6
Re: XL Bully’s to be banned.
Some blue-rinse do-gooder with an elderly toy poodle will look at the profile of the people affected by this ruling and claim racial or social stereotype deprivation, and the dogs will be left free to kill another day,

Too Much Too Young 8:46 Mon Nov 6
Re: XL Bully’s to be banned.

Agreed on the first two points, not so the last.

If i ask my hound to sit. She'll either bark and give me a paw, lay down, grab a toy or try and hump my leg..

bruuuno 8:01 Mon Nov 6
Re: XL Bully’s to be banned.
Looking at licenses with cynical eyes the local authorities could make a mint out of on the spot fines for dog owners without a license etc. they do it for littering, smoking etc so it would just be another revenue stream

aldgate 1:22 Mon Nov 6
Re: XL Bully’s to be banned.
be a win double to put these dogs and their owners to sleep

Council Scum 12:39 Mon Nov 6
Re: XL Bully’s to be banned.
All dogs should have a licence
All dogs should be micro chipped
All dogs should have completed a dog obedience course.

If not, it gets put to sleep.

All decent dog owners do the above anyway. So it shouldn't even be an issue.

jfk 9:53 Mon Nov 6
Re: XL Bully’s to be banned.
Spain appears to be taking sensible precautions by what you’re saying.
The thing is in this country the types of herberts that want to own one of these dogs are unemployed lawless shit cunts who don’t give a fuck.
What’s the point in owning a dog where there’s a requirement to muzzle it on a short lead ???
There’s absolutely no reason why people would want to own one of these things apart from to make an impression.
May aswell strut around London with a fucking tiger on a lead.

Mex Martillo 9:12 Mon Nov 6
Re: XL Bully’s to be banned.
It is the owners and not the dog. Spain seems to recognise this and to own a dog you now have to do a course, have the animal registered and assessed and have 3rd party liability insurance. If dog is assessed as a dangerous dog, in public dog must be on a lead (less than 2m not extendable) with a muzzel. Fines start at 500 euros and go up 200,000 include prison sentences.

jfk 3:01 Mon Nov 6
Re: XL Bully’s to be banned.
This breed needs to be exterminated the mere thought of children being around these things is chilling at best.
It’s well documented how violent these things can be,why anyone would want to own is mystifying.

jfk 2:22 Mon Nov 6
Re: XL Bully’s to be banned.
The types of owners I’ve described isn’t a generalisation it’s a fact.
I’ve never seen (in 25 years) an owner of a bully dog out and about at first light.

jfk 2:13 Mon Nov 6
Re: XL Bully’s to be banned.
I’ve posted on this subject previously,I’m a huge fan of dogs,especially German Shorthaired Pointers.
Dogs in general are fantastic company for those that no longer have other company in the worst scenario.That’s the reason why the e been so popular for hundreds of years more so than any other animals.
I’ve seen a few of these horrible fucking things they’re on the rise amongst the thick.
These fucking morons like to give it the gangster with no idea of what it takes to own a decent pet.
I’ve never seen any owner of one of these fucking stupid dogs that’s not an absolute fucking moronic cunt.
There’s no argument ,I’ve been a proud owner of probably the ultimate breed known to man for the last 25 years.
It takes dedication and at least two hours a day to own an active working hound ,my dogs would probably kick the shit out of a fat fucking inbred bully fucking things with legs of Tammy rea Thompson and their silly bollocks fat cunt owners who would struggle to walk further to the chip shop at the end of the street the fat soppy baker boy flat cap sporting cunts.

Burnhammeronsea 4:51 Sun Nov 5
Re: XL Bully’s to be banned.
Compulsory muzzles in public places would have been a start.

bruuuno 4:49 Sun Nov 5
Re: XL Bully’s to be banned.
I’ve met a couple of these poxy things recently and they’ve both been annoying and in your face, like they have dog adhd. Obviously they aren’t trained but other untrained dogs aren’t like that

iphammer 2:06 Sun Nov 5
Re: XL Bully’s to be banned.
wd40 9:27 Fri Sep 15
True or it's "ahh he's friendly" just as it's about to take a chunk out of my leg

Mike Oxsaw 7:37 Sat Nov 4
Re: XL Bully’s to be banned.
Of course it won't be the last. Whatever evidence is produced the authorities will still be reactive, waiting for a "new type" to start an attack trend before acting.

They should say right now that any dog with the characteristics of a pit-bull or other types is banned no matter how soppy and friendly the owner claims they are.

Just ensure the pit-bull gene pool is drained, sterilised, sanitised and filled in. No reason for these (cross) breeds to ever be brought into the food chain.

Then a 10 year jail sentence for being stupid enough to acquire one.

Tomshardware 5:08 Sat Nov 4
Re: XL Bully’s to be banned.

Another one of these attacks by a Bully type of dog, won't be the last.

ironsofcanada 12:53 Fri Oct 6
Re: XL Bully’s to be banned.
Never had an inside dog, never will hopefully.

Saw dogs bred to fight on the Rez in the States. Not their fault obviously but there are dog breeds that should not exist.

Vexed 12:23 Fri Oct 6
Re: XL Bully’s to be banned.

cartis 4:59 Thu Oct 5

No, your house smells of dog, it's just that dog owners are oblivious to this because they're used to living amongst fucking dog stink. Probably got flea infested furniture too you dirty fucking bastard.

joyo 5:54 Thu Oct 5
Re: XL Bully’s to be banned.
A guy is walking down the street and sees a massive funeral procession. At the front of the line is a man with a pit bull, then 2 coffins, followed by 200 people. Curious, he asks the man what happened.

"Well," says the man, "My pitbull killed my wife last Thursday, then on Friday, he killed my mother-in-law."

The first man thinks about it for a second, and says, "Would you mind if I borrowed your dog for a couple of days?"

The man shrugs, points behind him and says "Get in line."

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