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Pentonville 9:23 Sat Sep 16
Russell Brand
Dispatches tonight could be about him so he has jumped in first dismissing claims and rumours and saying anything he did in past was consensual.
No doubt it will be said that this is The Matrix coming after him due to his opposition to mainstream media.

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Dwight Van Mann 11:38 Sat Sep 30
Re: Russell Brand

show us on the long haired, open shirted doll where Russell Brand touched you?

onsideman 10:43 Sat Sep 30
Re: Russell Brand
deanjcrawford 5:12 Sat Sep 30

You're gonna make yourself ill if you don't let it go fella

BRANDED 6:09 Sat Sep 30
Re: Russell Brand

What crisps you fancy son?

Takashi Miike 5:41 Sat Sep 30
Re: Russell Brand
"Changing Hilary to KILLary is hilarious"

not really, it wasn't meant to be, it was a statement of fact. that it wound up a thick northern left wing cunt like yourself is a bonus

deanjcrawford 5:12 Sat Sep 30
Re: Russell Brand
Russell Brand in posting more conspiracy theories shocker.

Quick! Watch it before he’s silenced. He’s been banned from YouTube, right? No. Rumble? No. Twitter and Instagram? Oh, right. I thought the big bad mainstream media was in the matrix to silence him but I still hear the cunt everywhere. It’s almost like he’s talking about a conspiracy. Well I never…

Funnily enough, the fact that Brand preaches free speech and open mindedness, he’s currently silencing YouTubers that are talking about his case. The huge media channel trying to silence the little guy. Ironic. Yet he hasn’t don’t anything about The Times where we have some of the strictest libel laws in the world.

BRANDED 5:04 Sat Sep 30
Re: Russell Brand
I think it would depend on if you have the ability to think independently and judge if the Clinton interview makes much sense based upon the knowledge we now have thanks mostly to wiki leaks etc. I’m not saying you have have to believe either but if we end up in more wars you might ask if its always the tyrant that's making them happen.
Remember, we went into Afghanistan to liberate them from the Taliban. Twenty years later we handed it back to them. 👍

only1billybonds 4:42 Sat Sep 30
Re: Russell Brand
Keep up York son, people have been calling the diseased cunt Killary for years.

Yorkammer 4:31 Sat Sep 30
Re: Russell Brand
Changing Hilary to KILLary is hilarious. Well done. Did you come up with that one at school yesterday?

Takashi Miike 3:01 Sat Sep 30
Re: Russell Brand
is that the KILLary interview with the ginger social engineer? hilarious shit, especially when going on about Barbaric Invasions

Lily Hammer 2:54 Sat Sep 30
Re: Russell Brand
It’s Russel Brand. He always been animated and hyper, but he’s a lot calmer than he used to be years back.

His manner is besides the point of what he’s pointing out, the utter hypocrisy of Hilary in her interview with the ex Biden Whitehouse Press Officer, (hardly going to get a Paxman like grilling).

It’s Clinton’s sanity you should question for having the nerve to state disproven political lies, so casually, as if they were established truths.

Alex G 2:33 Sat Sep 30
Re: Russell Brand
I was focussing on the message and how Brand was acting. If someone came up to you and talked and behaved like that in real life you'd genuinely worry for their well being.

Lily Hammer 2:25 Sat Sep 30
Re: Russell Brand
Alex G

Do you think the footage of Hilary Clinton was deep fake? It has to be, doesn’t it? There’s no way she could spout such disproven conspiracy crap and keep a straight face otherwise.

Alex G 2:20 Sat Sep 30
Re: Russell Brand
BRANDED 10:23 Sat Sep 30

I watched the first few minutes to try to understand what the appeal of Brand was. Facking hell, the random conspiracy loonies you used to see standing on street corners make a disturbance make more sense and have more coherence than that video.

only1billybonds 1:54 Sat Sep 30
Re: Russell Brand
Bruuuno Son, get with it.

You do know that women have been seen out jogging, skateboarding and playing football.

Fuck me, thats progress.

Hammer and Pickle 12:00 Sat Sep 30
Re: Russell Brand
That’s no way to answer a fair question - not that I’m in any way surprised by your reactive behaviour.

bruuuno 11:47 Sat Sep 30
Re: Russell Brand
Go and piss in the garden you’re barking up the wrong tree here

Hammer and Pickle 11:35 Sat Sep 30
Re: Russell Brand
You think women should have the right to vote, bruuu son? After all, they are most liable to catch this 4th-wave feminist paralogia of which you speak?

bruuuno 10:54 Sat Sep 30
Re: Russell Brand
Never was I not pickle old son, still using my charms to educate the indoctrinated on the paralogia of fourth wave feminism.

Hammer and Pickle 10:38 Sat Sep 30
Re: Russell Brand
All better now bruuu honeybunny?

bruuuno 10:32 Sat Sep 30
Re: Russell Brand

Council Scum 10:56 Thu Sep 28
Re: Russell Brand

You can talk you miserable cunt, you were much better when you were tipsy mcstagger now all you do is moan like a bitch on every thread.

Pickle I’ll let you off as you’re the site gimp x

BRANDED 10:23 Sat Sep 30
Re: Russell Brand
Superb new video by Brand


Catch it before he’s fully cancelled

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