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MaryMillingtonsGhost 2:05 Sat Sep 30
Alarm systems
Am looking at replacing our old alarm system, ideally internal detectors coupled with external cctv cameras and a video doorbell. Also don’t want to be fucking around with different apps so a one stop solution.
I know there are a fair few out there now, but any recommendations from the great and good of WHO would be much appreciated, as I’d guess that some are better than others.

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Bullet 1:15 Tue Oct 3
Re: Alarm systems
GBHammer63 12:57 Mon Oct 2

I can believe that, I should have said I was in the business for about 15 years but came out of it 33 years ago. Personally I would choose physical security as in locks, bars, grilles and safes over Alarms if one had to make a choice between the two, although both have there place.

I remember turning up at one job where the burglars had broken in and set off the alarm bell so climbed up ladders and cut the wire to the outside Alarm box thinking it would stop, when it kept ringing as self contained with battery they ripped the box from the wall, dug a hole in the garden and buried it lol.

BRANDED 7:16 Mon Oct 2
Re: Alarm systems
Loving the paranoia on here. Its like nextdoor.co.uk on speed

RichyP 1:08 Mon Oct 2
Re: Alarm systems

GBHammer63 12:58 Mon Oct 2

Thanks for the Whomail mate. I responded but as Mary said, something is up with Whomail today as i couldn't reply on my laptop and the reply i sent on my phone has now disappeared.

I'll try again later

GBHammer63 12:58 Mon Oct 2
Re: Alarm systems
Putting it down to false alarm. Sorry

GBHammer63 12:57 Mon Oct 2
Re: Alarm systems
Bullet, unfortunately you’re living in utopia, the police are not coming out to a house alarm going off, doesn’t matter if it’s signalled or not. 15 years ago maybe. That’s probably the main reason the app alarms have done so well, it’s in your own interest to respond to your own alarm.

They didn’t even turn out to the Hatton Garden raid for ever, putting

Too busy trying to stop them stabby types. Good at getting you for doing 37 in a 30 zone though.

MaryMillingtonsGhost 12:57 Mon Oct 2
Re: Alarm systems

WHOmail’s not having it this morning, but wanted to say cheers for the info fella, much appreciated.

violator 11:56 Mon Oct 2
Re: Alarm systems
Dunno about alarms, but that Verisure advert with the golfing gimp makes me want to set fire to my telly

Bullet 11:44 Mon Oct 2
Re: Alarm systems
I was in alarms for a few years then locks. If I wanted to secure a property well I would fit British standard locks to all external doors and window locks with a cylinder key mechanism along with grilles to all windows preferably concertina type to open in case of fire and a wired alarm system (wireless can cause more false alarms then when alarm is for real are not taken seriously). The alarm needs to be connected to a 24hr central system with direct notification to police like redcare to get their normally in 10 mins. I would take out nsurance. That's the best you can do other than getting a guard dog or security guard.

Too Much Too Young 6:45 Sun Oct 1
Re: Alarm systems
My dog will bark at any cunt that starts banging at any door.

I keep a kids size 7 iron golf club and a blow torch under the bedside table.

RichyP 6:33 Sun Oct 1
Re: Alarm systems
I’m also in the market for a new alarm system, the panel has recently packed up on the wired system I had installed 15 years ago and I’d like to upgrade to a system that has internal cameras and an spp.

My concern with DIY wireless systems is that they can easily be disabled using a signal jammer. My mate recently had his car nicked off his drive and they used a signal hammer to take out his Ring doorbell. His cctv was a hardwired analogue system so they couldn’t jam it. But as Too much too young said, he now just has a video of some masked up blokes nicking his car!

To a determined thief house alarms won’t stop them, for me it’s a deterrent, I just want to make my house less attractive to break into than other houses in the street. Also most insurance companies will offer a slightly better premium if you have an alarm installed

Wils 5:49 Sun Oct 1
Re: Alarm systems
The cameras set my phone and watch off and set off sirens outside. Admittedly a determined thief might not care about either but at least I am woken if I am at home and it's happening in the middle of the night and I have a head start. And if I am out or away I know what is happening and can call the police (yeah I know) or if away I need to go home and sort out any damage. But I suppose its all down your personality type. A lot of people probably shrug their shoulders at that.

Too Much Too Young 5:25 Sun Oct 1
Re: Alarm systems
Unless you get it back up with geezers that turn up machete's, in ten minutes of the alarm going off, there's not much point i having camera's. Your stuff will be taken, but you'll just have a video of it. The old bill will turn up the following day..

Being properly insured is money better spent.

Wils 4:46 Sun Oct 1
Re: Alarm systems
I have about 4 Ring cameras dotted around and a video doorbell. They are mainly solar powered so don't have cables running all over the place. That's enough for me. But you can get the outside alarm and all the broken window sensors etc too as part of a package. Maybe U am naive but I can't see what 'paying a professional' would add to it.

hammer205 12:54 Sun Oct 1
Re: Alarm systems
Would be interested in an alarm installation too.
If anyone can recommend a firm to install any advice would be appreciated

Dwight Van Mann 2:11 Sun Oct 1
Re: Alarm systems
Just get an XL Bully and get it on the roids

joe royal 2:01 Sun Oct 1
Re: Alarm systems
I used to work for Banhams, their kit is top notch. Not cheap tho.

GBHammer63 3:10 Sat Sep 30
Re: Alarm systems
Had 35 years running my own business in the industry, there’s a world of difference between DIY and professional kit. If you want it to last and be reliable don’t use DIY. Wired kit is more reliable than wireless but that said wireless pro kit is very good now. Mail me if you need advice.

Far Cough 2:54 Sat Sep 30
Re: Alarm systems
Try Simplisafe


J.Riddle 2:37 Sat Sep 30
Re: Alarm systems
Does anyone take notice of alarms these days always going off cut out after 20 mins, by the time plod have finished their cheeseburger meals the scrotes have already sold on your swag down the crooked billet.

Better off to get a digger in build a panic room to evacuate to.

Vexed 2:21 Sat Sep 30
Re: Alarm systems
Depends what you're protecting dont it, if you've anything you're really worried about then you're gonna be wanting a more professional set up than the shit you can buy on amazon.

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