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LeroysBoots 6:21 Mon Oct 2
Franny Lee
Died, RIP

Great memories as a footballer in the 70s

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joe royal 10:27 Tue Oct 3
Re: Franny Lee
Bloke on face ache yesterday posted RIP Sammy Lee.

Travelling Iron 9:35 Tue Oct 3
Re: Franny Lee
The first player to dive in the English game.

Manuel 2:48 Tue Oct 3
Re: Franny Lee
I noticed him on Saturday at Wolves, he was sitting front row upstairs and looked delighted when he saw Pep, who was on a touchline ban, jostle into the row, now he's gone.


wanstead_hammer 1:14 Tue Oct 3
Re: Franny Lee
Another childhood football character gone.
He certainly didn’t take no prisoners.

RIP Franny Lee.

martinbritt_63 9:56 Mon Oct 2
Re: Franny Lee
He also saddled 181 winners as a racehorse trainer - he had a remarkably diverse carreer as well as being a successful business man.


RIP Mr Lee

Percy Dalton 8:05 Mon Oct 2
Re: Franny Lee
Another of the old stalwarts leaves this world which reminds me that I'm so glad to have seen the best times following this great football era.

Too Much Too Young 8:05 Mon Oct 2
Re: Franny Lee
This is the winning punch, not in the first link.


Lee then goes windmilling in without landing.

Timmy Breacker 7:52 Mon Oct 2
Re: Franny Lee

Love this clip when he thought George Best was diving.

Fauxstralian 7:46 Mon Oct 2
Re: Franny Lee
One of the great commentary moments

Reckon he won the punch up with the Leeds thug Hunter

An inspiration to tubby footballers everywhere

New Jersey 7:45 Mon Oct 2
Re: Franny Lee
I thought he edged Hunter on points.

RIP Franny.

lab 7:43 Mon Oct 2
Re: Franny Lee
I think I saw him miss a penalty for England v Portugal or maybe Italy at Wembley . I may be wrong .

Chairman Alf 7:35 Mon Oct 2
Re: Franny Lee
The first time I saw Franny Lee in the flesh was when he beat Mervyn Day with a looping header to put Man City 1-0 up in 1973. Thankfully, we came back and won 2-1. I believe he also had the record during the early 70’s for scoring the most penalties in a season.


only1billybonds 7:34 Mon Oct 2
Re: Franny Lee
Part of a very good City team and did ok at Derby as well.

Glad I'm old enough to have seen plenty of games from that era, really was a different game back then, full of characters and nutters.


Far Cough 7:18 Mon Oct 2
Re: Franny Lee
A few clubs had a Holy Trinity, ours was Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters, Man U had George Best, Denis Law and Bobby Charlton, Everton had Colin Harvey, Alan Ball and Howard Kendall, City had Franny Lee, Colin (Nijinsky) Bell and Mike Summerbee

WHU(Exeter) 7:10 Mon Oct 2
Re: Franny Lee
Cough, no, the other one they had.

I’ve just googled to try and find out what happened to it, whether it ended up on E-bay, maybe bought by a rich Arab for 20k or something, but all I can find are obituaries for Colin.

terry-h 7:08 Mon Oct 2
Re: Franny Lee
When he played for Bolton he broke Laurie Leslie’s leg and Greenwood bought Jim Standen as a replacement.
Standen went on to become a double cup winning legend.

twoleftfeet 7:06 Mon Oct 2
Re: Franny Lee
That punch up with Hunter absolutely sums up 70s football for me, love it.

RIP Francis Lee.

Far Cough 6:55 Mon Oct 2
Re: Franny Lee
Colin Bell?

WHU(Exeter) 6:54 Mon Oct 2
Re: Franny Lee
When I first got into football, very young kid, you always remember certain standout things about other clubs. With Man City for me that was Francis Lee and that bell they used to ring at Maine Road.

I bet someone’s still got that bell somewhere.

They had one at Torquay Utd too.

Mike Oxsaw 6:45 Mon Oct 2
Re: Franny Lee
Guy could take it as well as hand it out.

I recall times when he'd exchange quips with people on the West Stand, by the tunnel; some one would pipe up a slur and he'd bounce it right back.

Proper footballer for proper football fans.


Sxboy_66 6:38 Mon Oct 2
Re: Franny Lee
Met him a few times. Really nice bloke.

RIP Franny.

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