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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

claret on my shirt 1:24 Sat Oct 7
Hamas attack Israel
Or should i say they are attacking to get THEIR land back. Good luck to them. The World will watch and do nothing to help them as they always do, shame on us.

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ForeverHammers 12:10 Mon Apr 15
Re: Hamas attack Israel
Disagree Alfs Iran launched drones, cruise and ballistic missiles far from handbags. It was the Israeli air defence and allied interceptions that ensured that last night horrific loss of life didn't occur.

Alfs 10:17 Sun Apr 14
Re: Hamas attack Israel
It was a bit handbags by Iran. They'd have known that the drones would be shot down and even gave Israel a couple of days notice that they were on their way.

ForeverHammers 9:58 Sun Apr 14
Re: Hamas attack Israel
Israel has 'approved operational plans for both offensive and defensive action' - IDF

frank_booth 9:21 Sun Apr 14
Re: Hamas attack Israel

The self-proclaimed Zionist Biden has already lost the muslim vote.

Nutsin 8:43 Sun Apr 14
Re: Hamas attack Israel
If you were Israel would you let it go? 

If i were Nentenyahu, I would do whatever the fuck I wanted because it's pretty clear that they can and in fact are doing whatever they want and the world just says "Poor Israel, we support you in all these unprovoked attacks."

The Fonz 2:27 Sun Apr 14
Re: Hamas attack Israel
No other country has to put up with being attacked time and time again and being told not to do anything. By not dealing with Iran it is just delaying the inevitable cycle repeating.

Honestly, you could make some serious cash posting all your delusions. Why don't you join the IDF? It's pretty safe. You could make TikToks of you dancing with the other IDF soldiers or sniffing knickers or whatever they do. You make it sound like Israel hasn’t been killing Palestinian’s all year - particularly in the West Bank - before Oct. 7th. Let me guess, all your claims were backed up by an independent investigation only Israel can see the results of?

In a way, I kind of respect Netanyahu. He’s been trying to get the US to wipe out Iran for decades. In case you don't believe me, specific examples were right after 9/11 when he said Iran needs to go. Most recently he was asked what are the biggest threats to Israel. He gave 3. Iran. Iran. Iran. And now he’s goaded them into a fight and again it’s “what? What have I done guvnor? Weren’t me guvnor?

stewie griffin 1:32 Sun Apr 14
Re: Hamas attack Israel
There's no version of this where Trump is a worse option than Biden unless you stand to profit from war.

Unless you're Palestinain. His Zionist son in law has proudly stated that Israel should never recognise Palestine because that would be giving in to terrorism. And he was the one heading up the middle east peace plan.

Now Israel attack and the responses are unprovoked?

It's all just bizarre.

My favourite bizarre moment, that I'm sure The Fonz gave a like on Twitter, was at last year's Berline. A film co-directed by a Palestinian and an Israeli won an award and a German politican clapped after their speech. Her office had to come out and clarify that she was ONLY clapping for the ISREALI and not the Palestinain.

This world is mental.

Nutsin 8:12 Sun Apr 14
Re: Hamas attack Israel
I agree, it appears that Netanyahu is ignoring Biden and is willing to go it alone.

Can’t blame him really, Biden is only worried about the Arab vote in Michigan, Netanyahu knows it.

Barty 8:07 Sun Apr 14
Re: Hamas attack Israel

Seems like the Israelis are bracing their nation for a full scale war with Iran

Nutsin 8:02 Sun Apr 14
Re: Hamas attack Israel
People are spending more money to buy less goods Pickle.

Hammer and Pickle 7:51 Sun Apr 14
Re: Hamas attack Israel
That's right, you can't have rising consumer spending without inflation, hence it would be foolish to attempt any rate cut prior to the election. I'm confident Biden won't make that kind of mistake at least.

Nutsin 7:39 Sun Apr 14
Re: Hamas attack Israel
As for consumer spending the US consumer now for the first time in history has amassed over 1 trillion in credit card debt. When rates rise so do the payments on their high, compounding interest credit cards so they’re getting double fucked.

Nutsin 7:34 Sun Apr 14
Re: Hamas attack Israel
No Pickle you are factually incorrect again.
CPI numbers came out last week higher than expected for the 3rd month in a row.

So now inflation is trending in the wrong direction, explains why the Dems have stopped talking about Bidenomics.

Jamie Dimon the head of J P Morgan Chase is saying that the Fed may have to push interest rates up to 8% to try and quash the new increase in inflation.

The 10 yr treasury is up above 4.5% a major benchmark, the 10 year is the proxy for the 30 yr fixed rate mortgage market in the USA because it is measured against the ABS market. So no, the inflation Genie is not back in the bottle and the talk of the Fed lowering interest rates this year has gone away when for a while it was all the Dems were talking about.

You really are either misinformed or a flat out liar, probably both would be my guess.

Hammer and Pickle 7:07 Sun Apr 14
Re: Hamas attack Israel
*any rather than my

Hammer and Pickle 7:03 Sun Apr 14
Re: Hamas attack Israel
I actually have a lot of time for the view that Biden should have addressed the supply-chain issues stemming from Covid and the Trump trade war with China before attempting my big spending programme. However, this “war on oil” really is pure arse smoke, inflation has been a global problem and in the US it is now down to near sound money target levels, indicating consumer spending is not faring so badly at all despite all bullshit wriggling.

Nutsin 6:05 Sun Apr 14
Re: Hamas attack Israel
Yeah we know Pickle, it’s just another example if your bias how oil was at $30 per barrel just before Biden won the election and was much higher when he actually took office in Jan and has remained much higher since.

Same as inflation, you use the supply chain issues as an excuse but ignore Biden’s big spending bill while we are having supposed supply chain issues.

Truth is Biden’s war on oil and big spending is what has given us high inflation and his weakness on the world stage has brought us to the cusp of WWIII I’d rather be a worm than a maggot.

Hammer and Pickle 5:38 Sun Apr 14
Re: Hamas attack Israel
What you have done is taken the brutally mamed body of the facts and gang raped it.

But it is easy to verify the absurd claim Biden has given billions to Iran as a lie. As for high oil prices - it was actually Biden’s policy decision to release reserves that reversed the spike caused by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and absolute necessity to cease purchasing from Russia. Those are the facts, you disgusting little worm.

Nutsin 5:02 Sun Apr 14
Re: Hamas attack Israel
Stating facts Pickle, I know you are not one for facts but it is undeniable that what I posted is 100% accurate.

WHU(Exeter) 5:00 Sun Apr 14
Re: Hamas attack Israel
I haven’t said anything Biden has done has been good Mike? Nor do I care much whether the US is led by Republicans or Democrats.

Never mind proof reading, can you read at all?

Hammer and Pickle 4:58 Sun Apr 14
Re: Hamas attack Israel

“Biden’s given them (Iran) Billions of course and the price of oil has skyrocketed under Joe since he took office, so the answer is obvious and it’s not Trump”

And along comes SBT1 with bullshit too intense to allow any sort of sensible debate

Mike Oxsaw 4:53 Sun Apr 14
Re: Hamas attack Israel
So. Reality can go to hell in a handcart.

Everything bad is down to Trump and everything good is down to Biden.

Do you fucking muppets even proof-read, let alone question your personal political ideaology before posting?

WHU(Exeter) 4:46 Sun Apr 14
Re: Hamas attack Israel
Yeah, the Abraham accords have been a resounding success.

This from the Pentagon chief this time last year;


And there was lots similar, before and after.

Nutsin 4:42 Sun Apr 14
Re: Hamas attack Israel
I wonder where Iran is getting all this money from to fund all these Proxy wars?

Biden’s given them Billions of course and the price of oil has skyrocketed under Joe since he took office, so the answer is obvious and it’s not Trump.

To try and pin Russia’s move on Ukraine on Trump after he made sure that the NATO nations paid their fare share resulting in a STRONGER NATO is quite silly.

And to correct Exeter, Trump gave the world the Abraham accords, a huge step in the right direction for peace in the Middle East until the weak and incompetent Biden took office. Biden’s entire term in office has seen a complete breakdown of world peace to the point that we are in the brink of WWIII and yet they still support Biden….. It’s quite idiotic to continue to support such a colossal failure that is Biden.

Hammer and Pickle 3:53 Sun Apr 14
Re: Hamas attack Israel
Trump stabbed the Syrian and Iraqi Kurds in the back in a manner that can only be considered disastrous for the US interest in every manner possible. Today Syria is a hotbed of Iranian influence because of it and Hizbollah is a power rather than the lunatic fringe in Lebanon as well.

So would the resident Trump muscle mind like to show us how the Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus that has brought about this escalation been the result of Biden’s incompetence?

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