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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

easthammer 7:28 Thu Oct 26
Every Day is a Learning Day
I along with a handful of regulars do the daily quiz on here. Each day I learn something, true that by the end of the week, I have forgotten half of it!

Occasionally you come across things that truly surprise you. Not something you had forgotten it but something truly novel.

This week, courtesy Zico, one thing I learned is that a Cubit is based on the measurement from the length of the middle finger to your elbow ( around 18 inches). I just didn't know that.

That got me thinking maybe a thread to share just one interesting fact a day might be .... well interesting. Now it is not my suggestion to repost questions and answers from the quiz thread, nor to post pure opinions ( for example the other day I discovered that Tesco Finest Frozen Chips are far Superior to McCain's - now that is just my opinion and as is common practice on here writing FACT after that wouldn't make it one. And certainly don't post your opinion or what you think are facts relating other posters - there is at least 50 other threads where that is done...FACT (see what I mean ;)

Ok I'll start off with something I learn't from a crossword this week, and this in the light of me having a 46 year old daughter named Emma. Neither of us knew:

Pip Emma is slang for in the afternoon (pm) dating from WW1 signaling protocols.

Ok what have you learnt thats new to you?

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easthammer 1:00 Mon Nov 6
Re: Every Day is a Learning Day
Over the Week-end ( for reasons I won't bore you with ) I discovered that the

"Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta"

is arguably the smallest state in the world.

First formed out of the 11th Century Knights Hospitaller movement. It has no territory but it is considered a sovereign entity under international law. There are approx 13,500 Knights (members with various statuses) The three top people have citizen status and the very top man has sovereign status, it can issue passports, it has diplomats and "embassies, is recognised by 112 countries and it has observer status at the UN in a similar fashion to that awarded to the Holy See (the Vatican) and Palestine.

Its modern-day role is largely focused on providing humanitarian assistance and assisting with international humanitarian relations,

Mad Dog 1:49 Wed Nov 1
Re: Every Day is a Learning Day
Mcfarlane missed his by 10 minutes due to a hangover

Sir Alf 9:43 Tue Oct 31
Re: Every Day is a Learning Day
I suspect Mr Moyes is not a man who adheres to this saying ;-)

zico 9:03 Tue Oct 31
Re: Every Day is a Learning Day
I think Seth MacFarlane and Mark Wahlberg narrowly missed out on being on the planes that hot the WTC on 9/11.

Pee Wee 8:15 Tue Oct 31
Re: Every Day is a Learning Day
The Four Tops, John Lydon and Kim Cattrall were all supposed to be on the Pan-Am flight that exploded over Lockerbie.

John Lydon missed it because his wife was late getting ready.

Kim Cattrell decided to go shopping instead.

Once my wife found these facts out she whenever she's being late or other womanly stereotypes she reminds me she's probably saving my life.

zico 7:56 Tue Oct 31
Re: Every Day is a Learning Day
easthammer 5:36 Tue Oct 31

Seems a shame that the HPV vaccine is only available for certain groups rather than the whole population or rather and HPV cure so to speak, as obviously a vaccine wouldn't help if you already have HPV. Wonder if a tonsillectomy lowers the risk?

Pee Wee 7:44 Tue Oct 31
Re: Every Day is a Learning Day
easthammer 3:13 Sat Oct 28

It's known as the Birthday paradox and it's weirder than you suggest.

if you picked 75 at random, there is a 99.9% probability that two share the same birthday.


easthammer 5:36 Tue Oct 31
Re: Every Day is a Learning Day
Today's bit of knowledge resulted from watching Rhod Gilbert's "A Pain the Neck" SU2C Documentary on Channel 4

The HPV virus in men can lead to cancer and it is often sited in the tonsils

A recommended watch for all 40-something men

easthammer 3:13 Sat Oct 28
Re: Every Day is a Learning Day
Zico your sharing a "birthday" with West Ham is not as surprising as you may think. I long ago knew that there is a 70% chance that a group of 30 two will share the same birthday. ( Birthdays in classrooms taught me that!)

Using the same probability table you can be pretty certain (99.6%) that in a home crowd of 60,000, there will be at least 1,000 people with that birthday.

Darlo Debs if you were watching in the morning then it is

ACK. EMMA. Something else I just learned.

zico 12:16 Sat Oct 28
Re: Every Day is a Learning Day
easthammer 2:34 Sat Oct 28

Re Brazilian names It is still quite confusing to us who don't understand it. Obviously my favourite Brazilian player as a kid was Zico. Born Arthur Antunes Coimbra his nickname originated in Zico's own family from increasingly shortened versions of Arthurzinho ("Little Arthur") which then became Arthurzico, then Tuzico and, finally, Zico, a version created by his cousin Ermelinda "Linda" Rolim.

Pele was a interesting one if you look it up.

One interesting fact I did find out recently whilst researching a quiz is that West Ham were founded obviously as Thames Ironworks and this was announced by Arnold Hills on 29 June 1895 which ironically is my birthday (not the 1895 bit!) Never knew that but found it a bit freaky.

Darlo Debs 4:16 Sat Oct 28
Re: Every Day is a Learning Day
Actually it was morning TV on britbox znd I'd popped it on to help me get to.sleep after a nightshift.

bruuuno 3:11 Sat Oct 28
Re: Every Day is a Learning Day
I’ve not learnt anything because I know everything . Yfcs

easthammer 2:34 Sat Oct 28
Re: Every Day is a Learning Day
Thanks to PeeWee's post I have today learned about the complexity. Of Portuguese and Brazilian naming conventions, which cause them to have such long official names. It is very complicated as the following cut-and-paste indicates:

"Ok, so here's the "standard" naming convention for children of heterosexual couples:
Everybody has a given name (also called "baptism name"), a matrilineal family name and a patrilineal family name, in that order. Each of these can be either a single word or a composition of words : your patrilineal name could have three words, for instance, and your given name could be a composition of two names.
When having a child, both parents pass on their patrilineal names only, so, for example, let's say your name is [João Pedro] [Gomes] [de Souza], where J. P. is your given name, G. is your matrilineal name and de S. is your patrilineal name, and you intend to have a baby with [Maria] [dos Santos] [Costa e Silva], where, similarly, M. is her given name, dos S. is matrilineal and C. e S. is patrilineal. Your son, whom you decide to name José, will then take both of your patrilineal names, starting with the mother's, so he shall be called José Costa e Silva de Souza.
The reason Brazillian names can get so big is that, following this scheme, everyone will have at least three names, but if one of your family names is composed of multiple words it can only get bigger. Still, it's very rare for people to have more than five names total.
Of course, that's only a tradition, not a rule, so parents will often change the order of the names to sound better, or leave out some of the names to avoid making it too long"

Even so not totally clear how

Lucas Tolentino Coelho de Lima,

becomes Lucas Paqueta

Think Paqueta is the name of the island where he was born

Bondholder 12:23 Sat Oct 28
Re: Every Day is a Learning Day
The New Stadium is an anagram of West Ham United

Pee Wee 11:09 Fri Oct 27
Re: Every Day is a Learning Day
Cristiano Ronaldo Was named after Ronald Reagan as his dad was a huge fan, no of his politics but his acting.

zebthecat 7:32 Fri Oct 27
Re: Every Day is a Learning Day
You'll love it Nurse.
In a similar vein are the books of John Lewis-Stempel.
They are mostly about simple thinks such as oak trees, ponds and farming but are wonderful.

easthammer 7:25 Fri Oct 27
Re: Every Day is a Learning Day
Darlo Debs wrote...

"Not an amazing fact but just yesterday.I.was watching an old Miss Marple that had two.of its main characters called Pip and Emma to.pay a nod to.that bit of slang"

Must have been Afternoon TV. :)

ray winstone 6:34 Fri Oct 27
Re: Every Day is a Learning Day
Alfs 1:39 Fri Oct 27, that is a great doc, how anyone can eat Octopus after watching that is beyond me, plus the fact, it tastes like shite.

Far Cough 6:02 Fri Oct 27
Re: Every Day is a Learning Day
Due to their intelligence, octopuses are listed in some countries as experimental animals on which surgery may not be performed without anesthesia, a protection usually extended only to vertebrates.

Nurse Ratched 5:58 Fri Oct 27
Re: Every Day is a Learning Day
Zeb - my son loved Other Minds. He gave me his copy but I haven't read it yet.

zebthecat 5:33 Fri Oct 27
Re: Every Day is a Learning Day
Alfs 1:39 Fri Oct 27

I have but my interest was piqued by reading a book review of Other Minds by Peter Godfrey-Smith.
It is fascinating and there were loads amazing tidbits.
Octupuses can recognise individual humans and, in some cases, take an avtive dislike. In one lab an animal had taken against a particular worker and squirted him every time he came into range. In an aquarium the staff could not figure out why the lights kept going out overnight and, after installing some cctv, they found out that an octopus was switching them off presumably to have a better sleep.
The main thrust was the we diverged from them in body plan so long ago that they as close to a totally alien intelligence we will ever find on this planet.
The bit that tickled me the most was an octopus that had a well decorated den with shells and bits of coloured plastic (which is sad in a way) and had also put in a perspex skylight to fill a hole in the rock roof.

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