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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

El Scorchio 8:25 Mon Oct 30
Mubama turns down contract extension?
Just saw on twitter. Don't know if at all accurate.

Unless he's had his heart set on a move regardless for some time and there's nothing we could have done anyway, then this is absolutely maddening. If it's down to not getting game time then i really don't blame him. On the face of it, it's an utter joke how little he's played this season.

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Lee Trundle 2:08 Fri Nov 3
Re: Mubama turns down contract extension?
I know. And he still thinks he'll have a better chance with City than he does with us.

It speaks volumes.

It didn't really need explaining, but thanks, comma.

, 2:06 Fri Nov 3
Re: Mubama turns down contract extension?
There is a Jamal Baptiste who is on loan at a Belgian lower league club, Lommel, and he has made one appearance for them so far.

This chap wants the chance of Premiership football and yet he can hardly hold a place in a minor Belgium team’s starting eleven.

Lee Trundle 1:08 Fri Nov 3
Re: Mubama turns down contract extension?
Insightful stuff there, comma.

There's a common factor with all the promising players that have left recently. Pretty much every single one of them have identified they'd have a much better chance of first team football if they left for another club.

Jamal Baptiste is convinced he's going to have a better chance of first team football at Man City, than he does for us under Moyes.

, 11:54 Fri Nov 3
Re: Mubama turns down contract extension?
Who knows what the future holds for Mubama, will he be as good as Rice, a one club man like Noble, end up playing intermittently for a club in a German regional league like Reece Oxford, get into the PL with a promoted team like Josh Cullen, or end up like Moses Ashikodi turning up at Hornchurch for a spell unable to seal a starting place?

dealcanvey 11:46 Fri Nov 3
Re: Mubama turns down contract extension?
Mubama knows he does not have a future here under Moyes.

It is a shame as I think he showed promise in the game time he had last season.

A Footballers career is short. Why should he stay if the manager is not playing him?

I'd be frustrated if I saw the likes of Antonio failing to perform week in week out and when he is subbed, you bring a midfielder on.

Funny how he is now seen as a big time charlie thinking he is better than what he is simply because he does not want to stay where he gets zero game time.

Mike Oxsaw 7:20 Thu Nov 2
Re: Mubama turns down contract extension?
What seems to be happening to a fair few of our academy products is that they have a difficulty distinguishing between confidence and arrogance (once they sense the gaffer has his eye on them).

I appreciate we're supposed to move on from Rice, but he really showed how to manage that aspect - OK, so Sullivan saved a few shekels on his pay, but Rice has stepped up to where he wanted to be, whether we like it or not.

If such an attitude was coached into him then questions need to be asked as to why other academy-produced players lack it.

I suspect - but don't know (KNOW) - that has a lot to do with society moving into a binary age and wanting instant reward/gratification for "success".

People don't even bother counting one swallow now - just give me the whole fucking summer; I've earned it through that one game.

Sydney_Iron 6:12 Thu Nov 2
Re: Mubama turns down contract extension?
Said it on the match thread, but get the impression he may have caught a dose of Billy big bollocks?

Didn't see a lot of him but TBH i didn't really get the hype when i did, reckon much of it was hope rather than this kid is mustard such is our desire for a striker.

We will see how he goes but if its anything like the other youngsters who have got stroppy and left then im not sure it will be a disaster, he is more likely to be pulling up trees in Div 1 than at the likes of Bernabéu or Etihad..........

Manuel 5:48 Thu Nov 2
Re: Mubama turns down contract extension?
He seems to have disappeared, can only assume he's done here now.

Nutsin 1:24 Thu Nov 2
Re: Mubama turns down contract extension?
If true then fuck the cunt off. He’s not that good any way.

Dandy Lyon 12:03 Thu Nov 2
Re: Mubama turns down contract extension?

daveyg 9:01 Wed Nov 1
Re: Mubama turns down contract extension?
During preseason Mubama was our star performer.
Out scoring Ings
Why he hasn't had a minute is scandalous. Must be something else.

Pee Wee 7:45 Wed Nov 1
Re: Mubama turns down contract extension?

, 12:09 Wed Nov 1
Re: Mubama turns down contract extension?

The problem with this type of debate is that we’re talking about the academy as a whole when it’s made up of individuals so what might be true in the case of some won’t be in the case of others.

Johnson has been given a chance and on balance probably has shown he isn’t quite up to premier league standard.

However most others haven’t been given even a fraction of a chance that he has. The games most get are played with other fringe players and often not many minutes.

We as a club just aren’t very good at blooding youngsters. Moyes is just the latest in a line of managers that have been particularly poor at it.

ludo21 6:52 Wed Nov 1
Re: Mubama turns down contract extension?
scott_d - you would like to think that Mark Noble, who apparently is tasked with taking more interest in the youth development, will begin to instigate an environment where younger players are integrated and given a chance.

Very difficult with a manager like Moyes but I reckon that the next appointment, made by TS hopefully, will be more of a coach rather than a manager... transfers will be dealt with by MN and TS, the new (younger) coach will have less responsibility and will hopefully be encouraged to use all of those available to him.

Nagel 4:03 Wed Nov 1
Re: Mubama turns down contract extension?
To be fair to Moyes, Allardyce, etc, these days all managers are potentially only a few games away from the sack, so blooding youngsters who might only reach PL standard after a year or two will be no use to the manager as there's a good chance he'll be gone by then. It makes sense for them to prefer to rely on established players. A commitment to developing academy players would probably have to be within the manager's contract for that to change.

scott_d 2:56 Wed Nov 1
Re: Mubama turns down contract extension?
I do believe there have been some improvements in the way that the club has been run over the last 5 years but we are this is an example where we clearly (as mentioned before) do not have any idea what we are doing.

It doesn't seem to be an issue with the development of the youth players as we have had plenty that have shone in the U18 and U21 leagues, in cup and league winning teams.

But there is a distinct lack of ability to convert any of these players into premier league players (bar the obvious).

Could this be since Carr left?

We seem to only be prepared to give youth players a chance in the early cup rounds and european games that don't matter. Additionally they often end up playing in secomnd string teams so they dont get the benefit of playing alongside our better players.

I expect there is a difference for Mubama being given a chance in the Prem alongside Paqueta, Bowen, JWP, Alverez, Kudus etc compared playing in a Cup game at Kidderminster alongside Fornals, Bernhama, Cornet, Soucek.

Rarely will you get younger players given a chance to perform in our proper first team in the premier league. And if they do, and it doesn't work, it's hard for them to get a second chance whereas for the favourites, they could be shit week in week out and still be in the starting 11 the next week.

And there is only one man that you can blame for not giving them a proper chance.

Allardyce was the same too. Would much rather bring in a veteran journeyman to warm the bench on 50kpw than give the youngsters a chance.

threesixty 2:33 Wed Nov 1
Re: Mubama turns down contract extension?

What I've noticed is that the there is no planning to give players the minutes they need in the top flight to make them ready. We seem to rely on injuries to happen or meaningless cup games that have nothing to do with the type of proper PL action you need to progress.

We really should have youth players as the 2nd option in our squads, not another seasoned pro.

It really doesnt make sense to have Emerson and Creswell. Should be Emerson + Youth Player. Same with Antonio and Ings should be Antonio and Mubama.

I dont see why it's impossible to start every game with at least 1 youth team player playing 45 minutes minimum?

Stubbo 1:52 Wed Nov 1
Re: Mubama turns down contract extension?
Anytime Ings gets gametime ahead of Mubama or Marshall at this point is really pretty farcical.

He's proven himself totally unsuited to what we do and lacks the attributes (pace/strength/skill) to thrive in the Moyes team and arguably in the Prem as a whole.

It's a bad transfer we need to accept and move on from.

daveyg 12:29 Wed Nov 1
Re: Mubama turns down contract extension?
It's one of the main reasons why I despise Moyes.
We lose,play badly,have no striker.
Yet there are still many who are Moyes in. Unbelievable.
Usual suspects

ludo21 12:19 Wed Nov 1
Re: Mubama turns down contract extension?
the U21 won 0-1 last night at Newport, the only PL U21 side to win with Man Utd, City and Spurs all losing.

Callum Marshall didn't play so unless he is injured i expect he will be involved tonight, probably just sitting on the bench for 90 mins alongside Mubama.

, 12:09 Wed Nov 1
Re: Mubama turns down contract extension?
Pee wee 9.48 asks “How many would have thrived if given experience and blooded properly at a pivotal point in their careers”?

Good question. For me if a player is good enough it will be spotted and capitalised upon. Noble and Rice were both well thought of and one went out on loan before being gradually introduced the other was basically straight into the squad. It can be argued that Johnson has been given opportunity to become an established first eleven starter. He is not a first eleven regular so is it because he has not been nurtured effectively and lacking in opportunity, because of Moyes or the possibility that he is not up to the required standard?

Full Claret Jacket 9:58 Wed Nov 1
Re: Mubama turns down contract extension?
Academies are really expensive to run so I doubt there is much profit unless you are doing what Chelsea and Man City have done and hoover up talent early to loan and sell all over Europe for big fees. Let's face it a lot of our youngsters leave on frees or nominal fees, even the better ones.
I get that not many will actually make it to the top level but who knows maybe Rice wouldnt have if he wasnt given that opportunity. At least let's see whether an attribute they have fits what we need, even if it's just raw energy and passion.

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