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northbankboy68 4:31 Thu Nov 23
Net Migration 745000
Just think how bad it would have been without Brexit. Thank you Priti, Suella and most of all, Rishi Sun*k

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Takashi Miike 11:08 Sun Dec 3
Re: Net Migration 745000
all these cunts they're putting up for free in five star hotels will also be known to the authorities, what's unknown as yet is why they're being brought here. I have my guesses why, but that might upset the delicate open borders cunts on here

Willtell 10:44 Sun Dec 3
Re: Net Migration 745000
I read that story on the BBC News website and had to read 10 paragraphs before they mentioned the man You have to read 10 paragraphs describing the attacker as a "French National" before they mentioned that he was chanting "Allahu Akbar", Arabic for "God is greatest" and that he was known to have suffered Psychiatric disorders.

The attacker was also known to French authorities and had served a 4 year jail term "for planning another attack in 2016 and was on the French security services watchlist."

goose 10:18 Sun Dec 3
Re: Net Migration 745000

Religion of peace getting stabby again.

Mike Oxsaw 1:25 Sat Dec 2
Re: Net Migration 745000
Could you imagine the mayhem if Muslims realise en bloc that there isn't one, let alone 72, virgins/olive trees waiting for them in the next life?

Health services the world over would be inundated with gender reassignment demands.

Side of Ham 11:51 Sat Dec 2
Re: Net Migration 745000
How is it a religion of peace if the peaceful majority can’t speak out for fear of being killed?

Willtell 11:43 Sat Dec 2
Re: Net Migration 745000
Europeans want to be inclusive out of respect for our civilisation that was built on democracy, freedom of speech, equality of opportunity and respect for religious beliefs and minorities. It makes us attractive to emigrants from 'backward nations' that want a better life.

Muslims make up a large part of those numbers coming into a free west. Islam was built on obedience to their religion which has a dislike of leavers, non-believers and especially anyone that speaks out against their religion or prophet. The penalties are often death. It also makes restrictions on their choices on foods, drinks, sexual leanings and culturally favours misogyny.

The majority of Muslims are peaceful and not a problem. However, it only takes a handful of fundamentalists to cause problems. Whatever the number, peaceful Muslims are not allowed to speak out against Islam without risking their own existence. Rather like the people of Germany under Nazi rule, they acquiesce.

So, I see Islam as a massive problem for the west. The majority of politicians have buried their heads in the "diversity is good" argument. When was that ever proven? You can't change what has already happened but it needs to stop being ignored by politicians...

goose 10:05 Sat Dec 2
Re: Net Migration 745000

Europe is waking up.

joyo 4:00 Fri Dec 1
Re: Net Migration 745000
BBC = Building Britain's Caliphate

Eerie Descent 12:15 Thu Nov 30
Re: Net Migration 745000
"I take it though that he was referring to"

That there is all anyone needed to read to know exactly what your true thoughts are on it, you fucking weasel.

, 12:00 Thu Nov 30
Re: Net Migration 745000
It is patently untrue to say that there was no linkage of the Dublin riot to the earlier stabbing by the BBC News website. The very reason the riot took place was due to the horrendous attack

By all means take issue with the BBC but make sure that you are accurate about it.

Naturally my regular follower on this Board would seek to make capital out of my post but as sometimes happens he lies to try and score a point.

Lee Trundle 10:40 Thu Nov 30
Re: Net Migration 745000
It was the same the day after the knife attack, Kaiser.

I said on here at the time that there was absolutely nothing on the front page of the BBC's news website about the stabbing. It was almost like it had never happened and the unrest just magically happened.

Of course, comma came running to the BBC's rescue immediately with some mealy-mouthed comment defending them.

Kaiser Zoso 10:31 Thu Nov 30
Re: Net Migration 745000
Not just the Irish Govt are at it

I watched a report on Sky about the riots, and they never mentioned any children being stabbed by an adult at any time.

They then reported on a murder trial in Nottingham and showed the three white victims, but didn’t show any sort of photo of the black bloke who is on trial.

goose 10:21 Thu Nov 30
Re: Net Migration 745000
The Irish government are desperate to focus the narrative on the people who got pissed off about Algerians stabbing kids, not the Algerian stabber himself.

They’re desperate not to use the words Algerian or immigrant.

Mike Oxsaw 10:03 Thu Nov 30
Re: Net Migration 745000
Willtell 9:42 Thu Nov 30

No! No! & thrice No!

You've got it all wrong!

He was obviously (OBVIOUSLY) abused as a child and suffered a disrupted education which clearly prevented him from achieving a doctorate and his fully entitled position in society.

We must all (ALL) feel sorry for him, view him as the only victim in this and those he attacked merely as collateral, clearly privileged, damage.

The least he deserves (DESERVES) is a free villa, top of the range Lexus and 1,000 pounds per week for life.

Takashi Miike 10:03 Thu Nov 30
Re: Net Migration 745000
"I take it though that he was referring to people who rioted, visited violence upon the police, set fire to vehicles, damaged property and looted shops."

everything you didn't have a problem with back in 2020/21 in honour of Sir George, it's why you left wing cunts are the lowest of the low

Willtell 9:42 Thu Nov 30
Re: Net Migration 745000
"A suspect was detained by gardaí and taken to a Dublin hospital, where he currently remains after suffering serious injuries. The suspect was later reported to be a 49-year-old man, originally from Algeria, who had lived in Ireland for 20 years and had become a naturalised Irish citizen in 2014.

The suspect, who had been staying in homeless accommodation in Dublin's north inner city, had appeared before the District Court in June 2023, charged with possession of a knife and criminal damage to a car."

There you go Comma. Letting in and naturalising an immigrant who is homeless and out of work, costing thousands a year to keep and probably mentally challenged and just happens to be a Muslim is a recipe for disaster with the benefit of hind sight.

, 12:53 Thu Nov 30
Re: Net Migration 745000
You are first rate at totally misreading people.

Eerie Descent 12:47 Thu Nov 30
Re: Net Migration 745000
Sound like what happened in London a couple of years ago after a bloke in America was killed, coma son.

We all know exactly what you really think, you fucking minge, so stop pretending you think what he said is shocking. You agree with him, just man up and admit it you weasel.

riosleftsock 12:45 Thu Nov 30
Re: Net Migration 745000
Why is it shocking to you?

Its pretty normal if you have a shariah supremacist mindset. You should embrace it and welcome your new overlords.

They are still reacting to colonisation, its all our fault for being white and not liking our kids being stabbed, raped and killed. That's all.

, 12:26 Thu Nov 30
Re: Net Migration 745000
Shocking thing for the deputy mayor to say.

I take it though that he was referring to people who rioted, visited violence upon the police, set fire to vehicles, damaged property and looted shops. Saying people took to the streets does not sufficiently explain what happened in central Dublin.

Dwight Van Mann 11:33 Wed Nov 29
Re: Net Migration 745000
Sharia O'Law

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