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Queens Fish Bar 6:57 Sun Dec 17
Public opinion on immigration

The most important charts for understanding public opinion on immigration in the UK today


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goose 1:13 Mon Jan 15
Re: Public opinion on immigration

Girls were 'left at the mercy' of paedophile grooming gangs for years in Rochdale because officials failed to act on 'compelling evidence' - as whistleblower warns abuse is 'categorically' STILL happening with 96 men deemed a potential risk to children

Far Cough 3:28 Sun Dec 31
Re: Public opinion on immigration
riosleftsock 11:33 Sat Dec 30
Re: Public opinion on immigration
I hear your a racist now, Father Mallard!

Hahaha nice one, lifted from Craggy Island of course.

Fifth Column 12:46 Sun Dec 31
Re: Public opinion on immigration
Eritrean embassy is in north London so not there. Something to do with Eritrean politics though.

It's on the BBC Website. Hardly national news so not surprised it's not on their homepage.

Kaiser Zoso 10:27 Sun Dec 31
Re: Public opinion on immigration
A riot in Southwark yesterday, outside a ‘private venue’. Possibly the Eritrean embassy?

8 people arrested

Not worthy of making the BBC News or Home page though, coma.

riosleftsock 11:33 Sat Dec 30
Re: Public opinion on immigration
I hear your a racist now, Father Mallard!

mallard 10:46 Sat Dec 30
Re: Public opinion on immigration
‘ Hassan Jhangur, 23, has been charged with the murder of Chris Marriott, who was hit by a car after he went to the aid of an unconscious woman in Sheffield on Wednesday, South Yorkshire police have said.

Earlier, Marriott’s family said the circumstances of his death “show the sort of man he was”.

In a tribute released through South Yorkshire police, the family of the 46-year-old described him as a “wonderful husband, dad, brother, uncle – and friend to many”.

On Friday night, police said that a 32-year-old woman remained in hospital in a serious condition after the incident.

A police statement said: “Hassan Jhangur, 23, of Whiteways Road, Sheffield, was arrested and has since been charged with murder and five counts of attempted murder.

“He remains in police custody and will appear at Sheffield magistrates court tomorrow.”

riosleftsock 10:45 Sat Dec 30
Re: Public opinion on immigration
Side, yes. One 'man' has been arrested and charged and remanded in custody.

At the time of me posting the BBC report below, the name was not released (to my knowledge). But that won't stop yorkie from howling at the moon and seeing the far-right bogeyman everywhere.

Side of Ham 10:43 Sat Dec 30
Re: Public opinion on immigration
Have they announced who did it then? As I can only find the age and gender of the culprits?

riosleftsock 10:21 Sat Dec 30
Re: Public opinion on immigration

Only a lefty, globalist idealogue would draw that conclusion.

I actually posted it to demonstrate the bizarre use of words by the BBC.

But if you want to see racism everywhere, so be it.

Yorkammer 9:37 Sat Dec 30
Re: Public opinion on immigration
riosleftsock 9:19 Sat Dec 30

You know you only posted the story because of the name of the scum that committed the crime. If it had been someone called Smith or Jones you wouldn't have mentioned it because it wouldn't have supported your racist agenda.

riosleftsock 9:19 Sat Dec 30
Re: Public opinion on immigration
Swiss. 9:00 Sat Dec 30

What on earth is racist about my post (which was made with zero comment from me, just a straight c/p from BBC)

Dwight Van Mann 9:13 Sat Dec 30
Re: Public opinion on immigration
Swiss. 9:00 Sat Dec 30

you're the biggest racist on here you daft cunt

goose 9:06 Sat Dec 30
Re: Public opinion on immigration
Don’t cry Swiss

Swiss. 9:00 Sat Dec 30
Re: Public opinion on immigration
I see Dwight and Riosleftsick the racist bigots on here trying stir racial hatred.

Mods ban these cunts.

Dwight Van Mann 8:31 Sat Dec 30
Re: Public opinion on immigration
was hoping to see the old bill take a bit of a slap. Pathetic cunts need livening up

goose 8:03 Sat Dec 30
Re: Public opinion on immigration

London is a 3rd world city.

Mike Oxsaw 6:43 Sat Dec 30
Re: Public opinion on immigration
I've been mulling the idea that for several years now, those who wish to replace the west's social values with there own have come to realise that "Big Ticket Terrorism" (eg 9/11, hijacks, suicide bombs at large public gatherings) is no longer having the desired impact and the "modern" strategy is "Terror in the Community" - little, seemingly isolated events that keep everybody on tenterhooks.

Basically the west has willingly imported - in it's drive for cheap labour - 5th columnists/sleeper cells all quietly waiting for an individual calling; no mass killings, but just enough impact to guarantee a prime slot on the 6 o'clock news.

Of course the (western) authorities will kill stone dead such an idea as they would never be able to cope with the repercussive uprising that would quickly follow such revelations, so even if their security services have uncovered a connecting pattern, it will be suppressed in the same manner as the cultural identity of many of these johnny-foreigner-come-lately tentative "tiny terrorists".

It's not a "rule" though - the UK has plenty of "home grown"nutters that can be rolled out and paraded for similar activities should the authorities feel that the general public are starting to put 2 and 2 together correctly.

riosleftsock 12:00 Sat Dec 30
Re: Public opinion on immigration

Sheffield murder inquiry: Crash victim devoted his life to others, say family
2 hours ago

Chris Marriott with his wife
Image caption,
Mr Marriott's family said he devoted much of his life to helping others
By Tim Dale & David McKenna
BBC News
A man who was killed when he was hit by a car as he was helping an unconscious woman in a street had "devoted his life to others", his family said.

Chris Marriott, 46, described by police as a "Good Samaritan", was helping the woman in Sheffield on Wednesday when he and several others were hit by the car.

His family have urged anyone with information to contact police.

Two men have been arrested in connection with the incident. One has since been released on bail.

In a statement, Mr Marriott's family said: "Chris was a wonderful husband, dad, brother, uncle - and friend to many.

"He devoted much of his life to helping others.

"The circumstances of his death, although tragic and unfathomable to us his family, show the sort of man he was - to go to help rather than to turn away."

'Unbelievably awful'
They said he was a "man of faith" who wanted others to experience the "joy he had found trusting in Jesus".

They urged anyone with information to contact police so that they could "understand better the circumstances in which he died".

Mr Marriott was a member of Sheffield City Church, which said: "Chris died doing what so many will remember him for - helping others."

His death was "tragic" and the "thoughts and prayers" of church members were with his family, a spokesperson said.

"This is an unbelievably awful situation and we are heartbroken for the family," they added.

Presentational grey line
At the scene: Oli Constable, reporter, BBC Yorkshire
Floral tributes
Image caption,
Floral tributes have been laid close to the scene where Mr Marriott died
There's glass sprawled across the road, near to where Chris Marriott was hit and killed.

Flowers are propped up against the mangled street sign, on the corner of College Close and College Court.

On Wednesday this was a scene of utter devastation.

A man who came to lay flowers stood for a couple of minutes, looking at the spot where Mr Marriott died, before silently walking away with his head bowed.

Presentational grey line
Mr Marriott worked as an IT manager for the Community Money Advice (CMA) charity and its chief executive Heather Keates said the whole team was "heartbroken".

"It genuinely feels like we've lost a family member," she said.

She said the fact he was helping someone when he died was "Chris all over".

"He saw someone that needed some help, he didn't put his own safety first. It was typical of who he was as a man."

Ms Keates said what had happened was an "absolute tragedy" for his young family.

"They are going to need their community. In the way that Chris helped his community, the community are going to need to gather round and help that family."

Aftermath of incident
Image caption,
The scene in the aftermath of the incident was described by one eyewitness as a "disaster"
South Yorkshire Police said Mr Marriott had been out walking in the Burngreave area of Sheffield on Wednesday afternoon with his sons, aged six and eight, when the incident happened.

He was among several people injured when the car hit them, including an off-duty midwife who had also stopped to help, the force said.

A police spokeswoman said the woman Mr Marriott had been helping remained in hospital in a life-threatening condition.

The off-duty midwife had suffered minor injuries in the crash, while another man had received serious injuries which were not believed to be life-threatening and four other people - three women and a man - suffered minor injuries, she added.

Among those injured was a 19-year-old man who suffered stab wounds, police said.

He was treated in hospital and later discharged. A knife was recovered at the scene, the force added.

Police at scene
Image caption,
South Yorkshire Police said there would be increased patrols in the area
Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner, said Mr Marriott's death was a "heartbreaking tragedy".

"He died as he sought to help another person," Dr Billings said.

"We all need to reflect on how violent behaviour brings grief and misery. It never solves issues, but only makes matters worse."

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, the deputy leader of the city council Fran Belbin wrote: "Those of us in the Burngreave community and across Sheffield who knew Chris are devastated by his loss.

"He was a kind and generous neighbour who I also had the privilege to work with in recent years, tackling food poverty during the pandemic."

A 23-year-old man arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted murder remains in police custody.

A 55-year-old man arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted murder has been released on police bail.

Increased patrols would take place in the area as investigations continued, the force added.

Bonds78 1:02 Sat Dec 23
Re: Public opinion on immigration
Matt Goodwin gives a great interview to Brendan O' Neil on this subject (among others).


RM10 10:13 Fri Dec 22
Re: Public opinion on immigration
We have lost our values in this country so not as attractive to live in for those skilled migrants we need.

Sydney_Iron 9:56 Fri Dec 22
Re: Public opinion on immigration
You couldn't make this up! FFS Asylum seekers going home to see their families at Christmas! so much for fleeing persecution etc etc.


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