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Mike Oxsaw 8:20 Fri Dec 22
Not the goalie, not the golf course component, but the colour.

This is just a "Hmmm..." moment while awaiting the traditional Xmas Early away nod from the office manager; nothing to get too excited about.

I've noticed that green is becoming a more "popular" colour in the kits of the top teams these days yet I'm struggling to recall more than a single incident of it among the colours of teams home & away kits in the pre-Premier league days. The shorts of Norwich is about as far as I've got.

It's obvious to me that I'm suffering a severe and terminal memory loss, so can anybody help remind me who had green as a component of their outfield kit in the days prior to the Premier league being formed?*

* - no shiny new sixpences for the winners, I'm afraid - cook's stuffed them all in the Xmas pud.

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Northern Sold 1:40 Sun Dec 24
Re: Green.
Goose = Wannabe Mafia

"Bon Jovi everyone"


goose 1:19 Sun Dec 24
Re: Green.
Soldo = Michael’s mate Tex in Alan partridge.


Northern Sold 12:56 Sun Dec 24
Re: Green.
Celtic play at home in green and white horizontal hoops shirts, socks and white shorts.
Lokomotiv Moscow don deep green shirts and socks with a touch of red, while their shorts are purely red with green designs beside.
Ludogorets Razgrad play in all-green kits from top to bottom.
Palmeiras play in deep green shirts and socks, accompanied by white shorts.
Panathinaikos rock green and white stripes on their shirts, complete with green shorts and green and white socks.
Real Betis play in green and white shirts, black shorts and black and green socks.
Saint-Etienne don all-green kits with white on the necks and arms.
Sassuolo play in green with black stripes shirts, black shorts and socks.
Sporting Lisbon wear green and white horizontal stripes on their tops and socks alongside black shorts.
Werder Bremen play in white and green shirts and socks, accompanied by green shorts.
Wolfsburg play in all-bright green kits, with a coastal blue design on the arms.
Cameroon play in green shirts, red shorts and yellow socks.
Mexico rock green shirts, white shorts and red socks.
Nigeria play in green and white shirts and socks, with green shorts to match.
Northern Ireland rock all-green kits, with a touch of blue atop their socks.
Republic of Ireland play in green shirts and socks, and white shorts, with orange on the sleeves and at the tip of their shorts and socks.

Pretty big in US sport...
Green Bay Packers - NFL
Philadelphia Eagles - NFL
Miami Dolphins - NFL
Boston Celtics - NBA
New York Jets - NFL
Oakland A's - MLB
Minnesota Timberwolves - NBA
Minnesota Wild - NHL

Shit loads in US Collegiate
Notre Dame
Michigan State
North Texas
North Dakota
South Florida

Kaiser Zoso 9:33 Sun Dec 24
Re: Green.
Been on the chisel, Cat son?

yngwies Cat 7:36 Sun Dec 24
Re: Green.
Currently coughing up a load of the stuff.

Fauxstralian 12:19 Sat Dec 23
Re: Green.
Team called Celtic seem to like green
Plymouth Argyle have usually been green I think
Probably a Premier league era thing but Liverpool often have a green away kit
And of course Newcastle now sport Saudi Sportswash Green away

I wouldnt be against a British Racing Green away kit
Far better than that orange abortion we won in Europe in

zico 12:12 Sat Dec 23
Re: Green.

cygnet 3:46 Sat Dec 23

Many thanks, as simple as that,..

wanstead_hammer 11:44 Sat Dec 23
Re: Green.
Goose green.

goose 10:34 Sat Dec 23
Re: Green.
Villa had a crazy red & green striped away kit back in the day.

I don’t understand fans who are protective over away kit colours. I’d happily have a green, not an Irish green mind you.
Khaki or British racing green.

BRANDED 10:15 Sat Dec 23
Re: Green.
Forrest GREEN Rovers

Kaiser Zoso 9:36 Sat Dec 23
Re: Green.
Chelsea away strip was Norwich style for a couple of seasons then a bit later they had a green strip

RBshorty 8:37 Sat Dec 23
Re: Green.
Green is popular throughout Asia. (Especially is East Asia.) Makes sense from a business perspective.

cygnet 3:46 Sat Dec 23
Re: Green.
Re Zico. 1980 Cup Final. There was a toss of a coin to decide first choice for the kits a couple of weeks before the Cup Final. West Ham won and chose to play in all white as it was deemed to be their 'lucky kit' that they wore several times during the 1975 Cup run.
The sleeves on Arsenal's red and white shirts were deemed to be too similar so they played in their yellow and blue kit instead. Subbuteo released a special FA Cup double team set which had the colours completely wrong. Pictures are easily found on the net.

wanstead_hammer 1:54 Sat Dec 23
Re: Green.
Stepney Green
Bethnal Green
Green st.

Gary Strodders shank 1:26 Sat Dec 23
Re: Green.
Liverpool had that dark green away one (Candy sponsored I think) in the mid nineties.
I remember a fat bloke who used to turn up for our five a sides wearing one and looking somewhat like a poor man's Razor Ruddock.

charlie paynter 4:59 Fri Dec 22
Re: Green.
Newcastle away kit in the 70s had a splash of green, in a Norwich meets Brazil kind of way.

stewey 4:31 Fri Dec 22
Re: Green.
Big bill green

Swiss. 4:14 Fri Dec 22
Re: Green.
Do people have a problem with the term “pre premier league”

Swiss. 4:07 Fri Dec 22
Re: Green.
Yeah Chelsea early 70s. Quite cool and very contrasting Red shirts, white shorts and green socks .

zico 3:42 Fri Dec 22
Re: Green.
Not green but a kit question anyway. Anyone know the reason as to why both West Ham and Arsenal both wore away kits for the FA Cup Final in 1980?

Mike Oxsaw 3:19 Fri Dec 22
Re: Green.
David L 12:55 Fri Dec 22

Ah! Green & Black stripes!

Had a Subbuteo team in that kit - always thought it was a "made up" strip.

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