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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

ludo21 6:48 Wed Jan 3
This site
It has got to the stage now where I practically can't access this site anymore... I have given up trying from home and my mobile as I just get the message that the Page cannot be found 95% of the time.

At work it's only 60% of the time!

Anyone else having this issue... been like it for the last couple of weeks?

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J.Riddle 6:17 Sat Apr 13
Re: This site
Wils 12:40 Sat Apr 13

Thanks, it's gone! After I posted the flashing letter thingy disappeared then came back? Seems to have gone for good now hopefully. Sorry to put you to any trouble.
I'm not going all doolally honest, just saying :-)

Wils 12:40 Sat Apr 13
Re: This site
J.Riddle wrote...

"I have 1 small issue though in that the whomail envelope notification is flashing, yet when I open the whomail there is nothing new received in inbox?"

Thank J.Riddle. I have seen this happen too. It's becuase of the way it's caching the page, If the person whose request to the server refreshes the cache has a whomail alert, it caches that alert icon for about a minute until the next request is cached.

You won't be able to see anyone else's mail, so don't worry. But I will adjust the caching algorythm so it won't cache responses from users that have a whomail alert.

Will update in here when I have fixed it.

Alfs 2:35 Sat Apr 13
Re: This site
Had no idea about the .co.uk alternative either. So much quicker.

Too Much Too Young 9:06 Fri Apr 12
Re: This site
I thought the server was the bastard child of a old Fax machine, stolen from the Zen desk in the 90's.

Some say it needed feeding a $100 Travellers Cheque every full moon.

Sir Alf 7:01 Fri Apr 12
Re: This site
This site is powered by the latest “Potatoe Salad” web server technology which is responsible for its response speeds. All sits in the “cloud” along with Moyes head. Hardware must be a 286 machine circa late 80s?

J.Riddle 6:30 Fri Apr 12
Re: This site
Wils, thanks as others said. Great work.

I have 1 small issue though in that the whomail envelope notification is flashing, yet when I open the whomail there is nothing new received in inbox?

I can try ignoring, but it is a tad irritating, and I keep wondering if an old Wes Ham mate is trying to contact me to share his lottery winnings:-)

gph 12:22 Thu Apr 11
Re: This site
a zillion times quicker than .net = a thousandth of the speed of continental drift

riosleftsock 8:03 Wed Apr 10
Re: This site
Wils 1:49 Thu Feb 22

Cheers mate! Keep up the good work. I agree with you re the mods here, they're like wasps, unpleasant, vicious cunts, but an essential part of our ecosystem.

Matthew Holmes 7:39 Wed Apr 10
Re: This site
Thanks for your work on rescuing the site Wils son!

Kaiser Zoso 7:27 Wed Apr 10
Re: This site
Yeah, funnily enough colly son.

He must be signing up to world class porno sites

collyrob 6:39 Wed Apr 10
Re: This site
Anyone else getting spam emails from dusty Defjam?

mashed in maryland 11:00 Thu Feb 22
Re: This site
Had no idea there was a .co.uk site

Just tried it and runs about a zillion times quicker than .net

Willtell 7:50 Thu Feb 22
Re: This site
Thanks Wils for your efforts but WHO is a long way from being fixed yet. Some days it’s fine and others not so much…

charleyfarley 6:51 Thu Feb 22
Re: This site
Nurse you have WHOmail

Nurse Ratched 3:11 Thu Feb 22
Re: This site
Thank you, Coffee

You're stuck with me for a while yet. I keep getting banned from Reddit subs due to my habitual...exuberance.

Hammer and Pickle 3:01 Thu Feb 22
Re: This site
Maybe not the kind of thing to be discussing in an open thread at this stage, William

Wils 1:49 Thu Feb 22
Re: This site
I can give you some insight from my side as a relative newbie that has administered first aid to the site and is happy to do more.

I can only see the traffic to .co.uk site and have no idea of how that compares to the traffic hitting the .net site. But here is what I see:

Averaging around 2,000 unique visits per day. That has grown (on the .co.uk) from 600 per day about 2 months ago. The trend is upwards and as the .co.uk is more reachable and loads quicker than the .net site, Google has been slowly moving the site up the rankings for search results like "west ham forum" which is sending more traffic.

From the logs and the feedback I got from the emails when the site went down I can see the ratio of lurkers (those coming to see what we have written but not posting themselves) to more regular posters such us is quite high indeed. So don't think that the relative few posters is indicative of decline, I don't think it is.

I would say it's clear most of us are older. I am 50 and my son 15-year-old son wouldn't be seen dead on here, it's all West Ham YouTubers for him.

I am not a mod so have no idea of how many are applying to sign up etc. Someone else would have to comment.

As for the future, I have a site half-ready closely modelled on this site (with three forums and live match day page plus the ability to post richer content etc), that will completely fix the slow problem on match days and I am confident that I can migrate the users across. Once finished the advert revenue would not only cover the cost but the excess could be scrapped into the WHO fund, which I think is an excellent part of this site. I believe it would continue to survive and could still attract new blood to keep it alive.

What's slowing this down is organising the people. North Bank has been in touch and I have spoken to a few of the mods buts it's been a bit difficult progressing it from there.

In my view this site is nothing without those mods (love them or loathe them) continuing on the new site and North Bank staying as owner. I am reluctant to spend too much time taking it further if there isn't consensus or the will.

The other option is I continue with the new site and launch it anyway whether you all migrate across or not, as no one has access to the .net site it might not survive much longer anyway. I would much rather go for the continuity option and keep all the people in charge who are currently in charge of things.

Lee Trundle 1:46 Thu Feb 22
Re: This site

Nagel 1:45 Thu Feb 22
Re: This site
Sorry, meant Cough.

Nagel 1:45 Thu Feb 22
Re: This site
Couldn't agree more, Coff.

Far Cough 1:40 Thu Feb 22
Re: This site
*Sticks fingers in mouth and vomits*

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